BSNL’s Broad “band” seva

A few days back I put BSNL broadband seva in my home PC.There is so much said about the BSNL offers and service but I was shocked to see the poor service in terms of clean finishing of the job.

The Telephone box was left open.Even with a slightest stronger wind blow or any rodent happens to step on it the whole set up might collapse.

I think the only way BSNL is able to rule the telecom market is because of political backup and early start-up, otherwise BSNL is one of the WORST telecom company in the world.

If Private market has not be suppressed by our beureaucracy backed BSNL, BSNL would have long back been extinct.

Broad Band sevatchu tchu tchu


3 responses to “BSNL’s Broad “band” seva

  1. Just to add on to the blog.I am not blaming the BSNL network (which is actually brilliant) but i am telling about the poor service.

  2. BSNL services are quite good these days. The poor service is more because the local line-men don’t feel much like working. In our area, the work is somewhat ok. I’ve seen a couple of places where the service is excellent. And few places where the service is horrible. I guess you are one of those unlucky people. 😀

  3. HI dear…i am working in the bsnl in rajsthan circle…and i am shoed to know that you have suffer a lots due to the bsnl broadband service..we are here having nealry 300+ braodband connection with me..and all are workign fine as me and our staff alwys with the customer complains rectifications….more ever here we have trained our cunstomer that how to dealt with the day to day faults which are generally caused by the lack of little knowledge….any way tell me where are you ? may i help you as i have friends all over the country… the bsnl….and one thing more you can book your fault at the 1500 or the 198 or the local exchange incharge….fell free to share with me…..mine id is

    pinastro : Thanks Rajawat for showing concern.The problem is with the line men who do the work unclean , but as far as service of modem and line is concerned they are relatively good ..infact far better than Tata Indicom and Airtel.

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