Integration Button for Agile Projects

I am posting another post on Agile …

This time it is a pictorial representation of Continous integration testing best suited for the Agile projects.I have read so much about Agile projects but hardly seen anything in practice.

But I am quite proud to say that,I have implemented something from what I have read.

Generally there is always a headache of integration very often at the end of each iterations which hardly last for 4 weeks.In the modules which I was handling , I noticed similar problems coming again and again in every iteration.

So I took efforts, painstakingly to list out every problem in spreadsheet and in word documents.

By listing the problems in an invertory the integration become like “Pressing a Button” and nothing else….

So the integration in subsequent iterations were just like pressing the below button..(the project was scrapped though due to unavoidable reasons) and we received appreciations as well from the clients.

So Agilites make sure integration looks like this in your projectIntegration button


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