Enterprise 2.0 is NOT Web 2.0

Those were the bad days of my software career when I was in a project that was having more than 45 defects open in the system testing.My lead was sitting on me “why this much defects?”.The problem was,in those days, I was NOT having the BIRD’s EYE view of the project requirements( as I call it) which is the key for becoming an important person in any software project.But still I was a devastated person without any appreciation for the stupid Hard Work I used to do.

Well this blog is not about my Stupid Hard working days but about the new Web 2.0 addiction I got into during those days.

Orkut - India’s best Social networking site

I do not smoke , nor do I drink , nor I have any girlfriend to relax with …So I got addicted to the one of the most happening Social Networking sites in India “Orkut”.I also got into “Facebook” but really did not get well with that because most of the Kendriya Vidyalaya students in India are in the Orkut.So my relationship with Orkut Tribal family grew stronger.I have borrowed the term tribalism from the site http://www.blonde2dot0.com/blog/2007/08/13/web-20-and-the-new-tribalism/

I started loving Orkut because I found many …many of my old school friends.

The problem was Orkut was forbidden in my company and since Information security is very important for the company I work for, all the popular web 2.0 sites were a big “No”.

So I started leaving the office at 6 PM even when there was a huge defect on my name.Of course ,a huge loss for my boss who had to stay till 12 at night to fix the defects in the project.Had my company not banned the Orkut I would have stayed till night and complete my work properly and then leave.

Reasons to Worry :

Reasons Enterprises to worry about

Next Generation is a Web 2.0 generation

The point I am trying to make here is that more and more people are now getting connected to the internet and the next batch (freshmen) from college are going to be people WHO DO NOT REMEMBER ANY DAY IN THE COLLEGE(best days of their lives) WHEN THEY WERE NOT ONLINE.

Imagine if those freshmen enter into the companies for work they might feel like all the fun in their lives have gone.So we will be having an UNHAPPY workforce.And Unhappy workforce means less productivity.That’s why the Enterprises have to do something about the Impact of Web 2.0

Employee Satisfaction Infrastructure

Just like we have Table Tennis courts , Badminton courts , Swimming pools , Gym and sometimes Discotheque for the employees so that they can feel comfortable the Enterprises had to include one more thing to the list of Employee Satisfaction Infrastructure and that is Enterprise 2.o (Enterprise version of Web 2.0)

Tricky Web 2.0 – Web 2.0 Deals with Information unlike the Table Tennis
The reason why Enterprises are skeptical about allowing Web 2.0 sites to be accessed within the companies is because it deals with information.Table Tennis , Swimming pool kind of infrastructure never dealt with information.Web 2.0 , social networking sites always have a fear of Key information being leaked away.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention So what the enterprises should be doing is that instead of allowing the Web 2.0 sites to be accessed they should be creating ARTIFICIAL Web 2.0 ‘ish sites within the organizations that will have features like Blogging, Wikis , Photosharing , Q and A etc.

But what the Enterprise 2.0 Engineers and Architects in the organizations need to understand is that Enterprise 2.0 is NOT exactly Web 2.0.

Key things to be remembered for Enterprise 2.0 engineers

  • Enterprise 2.0 is about “work while you play” unlike Table tennis or Web 2.0 for that matters is only”Play”
  • Web 2.0 is only about play and there is no limit to creativity need not care about privacy and security whereas Enterprise 2.0 is a different species altogether which should have “concern for Security” in it’s DNA

The Secret which organizations should understand about Enterprise 2.0 is

Enterprise 2.0 is just an articifial Web 2.0 within the organization which will serve three purpose:

  1. Cater to the Web 2.0 Addictions of the Employees and keep them happy. statistics of Web 2.0 Addictions
  2. Use Web 2.0 addiction for company’s benefit ( Wiki model, Answer site(yahoo answers) etc are excellent models for capturing the Tacit Knowledge).
  3. Information Security

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