What the hell is this?

Actually this blog is the result of possibly a normal Virus commonly occuring.

But I would like to get the in and out of this virus and first of all is it really a virus??

Virus - What to do with this

I am not able to clean this virus nor able to quarantine the same.I suppose if I remove this virus I will get a big error message saying “Syshost.exe not found”

Give me a Solution Guys….


3 responses to “What the hell is this?

  1. My system was full of viruses and spywares, till a couple of months back. I tried antivirus programs, which removed few of the viruses. I tried anti-spywares, with little success. I reinstalled windows after formatting, but they came back for me. Finally, i gave up windows and turned to linux…and lived happily ever after!!! 😉
    Its worth a try.

  2. Well I really liked the expression , ” lived happily ever after!!! ” …..but I have a query …………

    If I want to work on Maya (3D animation software) do I have to get the Linux version exclusively .I suppose there are huge number of softwares without the Linux version…the only OS Maya or VB for that matter knows is Windows

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