CHUCK DE for hockey !!! CHAK DE for Cricket

After a series of Geeky blogs now I want to take a break and post something which many people around me (my sister and friends) really understand and are interested in.This post is about a thought that’s in my mind for quite a long time ever since India won the Twenty 20 cricket world cup.

Yes this post is on SRK, strangely the sweetest boy of India ( as per the die hard female fans of SRK).I admire him for his acting and great personality.

Just a few months back I was watching Shahrukh’s latest bollywood hit movie “Chak De – India”.The movie has few references to glorification of Hockey and sometimes sarcastic comments on the game of cricket itself when he says “….Kyunki hamaarey hockey mein CHAKEY nahi hotey ..” (because , our hockey doesn’t have chakeys [pun for Sixers in cricket and Gay]).The movie was such a hit inspite of showing few sarcastic comments on a game that the country loved so much.Still the movie was a big HIT.

Just few months later When India won the 20-20 cricket, it was SRK , who first congratulated first.Probably SRK did not know Indian Hockey team won a major title during that time 😀

hmm ... Cinema man CinemaICC VIP

Perhaps SRK himself forgot the dialogues which was for sometime thought to be the liberating words for the downtrodden Indian Hockey from the blinding halo of Cricket craze.

SRK seems to be CRICKET CRAZY and no where near the HOCKEY.I doubt if he remembers the hockey rules he learnt during the movie shoot.

My thoughts: Once again Cricket has won the battle against Hockey in India , this time it has won more comprehensively by winning the popularity along with it’s liberator SRK and the famous words ” CHAK DE” itself.

Cartoon by Satish Acharya

Cartoon by Satish Acharya

genuine comments …are welcome !!!!



14 responses to “CHUCK DE for hockey !!! CHAK DE for Cricket

  1. This Blog is nothing against SRK …..:D

  2. I am just taking your words my dear sister
    There is no support from audience ….that means People flocked to see the movie just for SRK and not for Hockey’s spirit.

    Anyway,nothing wrong on SRK as well he likes cricket more than Hockey just like any other person in india. ….if we extrapolate things SRK also probably knows it’s Cricket that fetches money ..not Hockey.

    I am not blaming SRK nor Cricket…just my thought on SRK’s passion and job.

    Playing Hockey was part of his job in the film but Cricket is a passion for him in real life..That’s it

  3. This is a nice one… karthik…. but i have no other go… jus to go by your words….. meaning.. i hav to agree with u… Hockey when compared to cricket is not a crowd-puller…. though we need to accept the fact that it is out national game…. In this world of hectic schedule, people want to gain more money in quick time… I guess… SRK is no exception to it… And if we go by his statement too.. “If IPL is not doing much, then I’ll return back to the films” confirms the same.

  4. well , hockey is anyways lagging far behind in terms of money as compared to i think it was gud of SRK to support hockey , as it can act as a promotional stunt for the ignored sport.

  5. It’s really strange to see that very few are getting the NPOV (nuetral point of View) of the blog.

    Kindly , do not take blogs also to be as publicity stunts.

    This blog is definitely not for SRK fanatics

  6. Why confuse profession with business , As an artist SRK played hockey – no to promote it i guess but to make give a super hit movie.As a business man he is investing in cricket, no manager wants his money to decrease .

  7. thanks selva …after a long long time I got a “Olimayamaana’ sayings

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  9. look mate, the equation is simple. given a chance to meet either a prabjyot singh or yuvraj singh for a free lunch, whom would you prefer to meet? what have we done for the game of hockey? probabaly, we swap channels when we see empty stands during hockey matches and dismiss those matches as boring. the problem with the national game begins with us and ends with us. i, personally, have followed, liked and played cricket more than hockey. so, i’ve always been more biased towards cricket over hockey. ands the case with a million indians. if you, as an individual, think that something has to be done for the national game, do it. start something and see the support you get. i’ll be the first to help you out. but take the initiative atleast and see how difficult it is to motivate your own self. on the other hand, try and collect 11 men for a game of cricket, you’ll get a hundred.

  10. Errors & their respective corrections

    1) ‘probabaly’ to be replaced by ‘probably’
    2) ‘ands the case’ to be read as ‘and thats the case’

  11. I am big fan of cricket (like most of the Indians)e…But i do watch Hockey matches..I have nothing against Hockey…But in CHAK DE INDIA, cricket is unnecessarily been dragged and Insulted…You can never see such Insultings to other sports in Cricket related movies ( Lagaan, Hattrick,Iqbal etc etc)..

  12. In my opinion Lagaan is far more entertaining than Chak de India(Despite SRK & Short skirt girls!!)…

  13. hey my bro…… nice comments ….. but finally i won 🙂

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