We always have a choice – AAD NARI or MORE AAD NARI

For the past few days I have been thinking hard.Thinking about almost everything.As this is my second nature to draw whatever I think / imagine or extrapolate about.I have some sketches but this time using the Third Tier tool.My brain lies in the first tier and my Hand is my Second tier and the third one is Photoshop tool.

Well, this blog is also dedicated to some of my friends who have insisted to write a blog on life of an IT consultant.

Statuary Disclaimer:Any similarities in the imagination work written (or typed or painted) below with the the lives of any individual is merely a coincidence.
Actually in every profession we find two kinds of people

(A) Ordinary (AAD NARI)

(B) Extra-Ordinary ( MORE AAD NARI)

To view clearly click on the images to get an enlarged view

Now coming to the real deal.Below is an tree view of an ordinary IT consultant.


Whereas the Life of Ordinary consultants is like below.The life looks the same till he is a Project Lead but then he makes a choice.Choice between taking life as a Subset of Career or Vice versa.

Those who take Life as a subset of Career are Ordinary men and the others (i.e. who think Career as a Subset of Life) are those who Change the World.


Well , Where I am now here.Since the Designation difference between Module Lead and Team Lead is vague in my project , I myself do not know what I am ; A Module Lead or a Team Lead.

But looking at the steam coming out of my head and hair still firmly rooted on my scalp, I think I am in the stage of Team Lead.Now I want to take a Jump from Team Lead to LXG who can change the world.Of course I am not an AAD NARI man.

So here is my career path as Software Consultant.


Now , There are some exceptions though.Do not come to the conclusion that the LXG has only people with Long hairs.There will also be people who look like the Bright guys.After all Hair problem runs though generations as a genetic problem.Sometimes Manda Soodu (Head Heat) is not related to Smartness.


So make a choice today , You want to be AAD NARI or MORE AAD NARI….I have chosen to be MORE AAD NARI


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