“20-20 sirf Saandon ke Bal par nahi jeeti jati”

Above is perhaps the best moments so far in the IPL tournament so far.

Well this is not the serious one about how the IPL works like this one.I am just writing a simple Layman’s opinion on what makes a Twenty Twenty cricket team apart from High Profile players and the Girls.

Perhaps the most overrated team in the IPL competition is the Deccan Chargers.The reason was successfully fishing all the Beasts of the Cricket World like Gilly(Gentler of all the beasts only in body language),Symonds(Australian Monkey God),Afridi and Gibbs during the Bid.

Gilly - a Gentle BeastAustralian Monkey Godafridi

But what the Deccan Chronicle Group made mistake was that T20 is not won only with the Beasts.In an team game we need a the right mix of Youth and Talent which should be a 80-20 combination.In Deccan chargers we have a little more of the experienced players.The problem with experienced players is that they do not allow their sphere of Influence to be bothered by another player , hence Ego problems.

The Deccan Charger’s problems are simply huge , they lack a steady Captain. Laxman has always been shaky throughout his career and IPL needs cool captains , whose veins are flowing with blood as cool as ice. I have to remind that Ganguly may be a suitable captain as he is no more a Hot Blooded captain as he used to be.Look at Ganguly’s face in every cricket parties , how sad he looks; all blame on BCCI who ruined Ganguly’s passion for the game.He is on a Job of being a captain of a fanatic cricket loving state.

Coming back to the Deccan Chargers, my prediction about the course the IPL going to take is that Deccan Chargers are going to be the first to go out of the competition after charging up every team that’s lagging behind.

They have already charged up the Devils day before yesterday and Rajasthanis today in the 9th match of IPL.The other teams who desperately need to be charged up are Mumbai Indians and the Punjab Kings.

Rajasthan cavalry of a Brave KnightShane Watson

Definitely, the Rajasthanis started as Underdog , but now they too are the list of the probables who can win the IPL.I cannot bet for Rajasthans because they have got more to prove against the Kolkatha, Mumbai,Bangalore and the Chennaites.Even if they lose but able to make the games close enough, they can be the potential IPL winners once they reach the next stage of the tournament.After all, this extremely young team is lead by one of the greatest motivators of all times(as said by Steve waugh in his book – Out of my comfort zone).

I wonder somehow the name “Deccan Chargers” is very much suited to the Team of Beasts…How ??? See the below pictures which best exemplify the Deccan Charger’s role in IPL.

Deccan Chargers

If a team’s spirits are low and the players are demotivated , atleast play a friendly match with the Deccan chargers to get your batteries up.

Till Now the “Deccan Chargers” have charged up the following teams

Knight RidersIt was Shewag who got charged up

And today it was the Rajasthan Royals , probably the least rated team which have now all the batteries up after playing with the Deccan Chargers

Rajasthan Royals


4 responses to ““20-20 sirf Saandon ke Bal par nahi jeeti jati”

  1. I think, more than the Deccan Chargers, Mumbai Indians need to reinvent themselves, rather than being named as ‘Indians’ they could have been named something more suiting. They it seems have taken the mantle of being called the only Indian team around… as if all others are playing in ‘International Premiere League’.

    The blog has more a tinge of humour and the same appeal of ingenuinity that Pinastro has trademarked now. The sad part was that it ended too soon. Well the exitement was built up but ended without a climax. But beware, there are many more games to go. Leaving out Lax-man, the rest of Chargers are no where near laccadaisical.

    The cheerleaders included, IPL carries all the elements of entertainment that we Indians are craving for.

  2. “Laccadaisical” …hmmm …very much of Englipish

    Anyway ,I have a soft corner for Mumbai Indians ….I think they need to reinvent themselves…May be Mumbai Indians can do some miracles during the end of the tournament.Then you will get to know why they named themselves as Indians (Miracles during the End)

    Unfortunately they lost today by the Preity Zinta Motivated Punjab Kings 😦

    And Yes IPL is pure Entertainment…dude..including the Girls …
    I think the best of all the girls are the White and Brown clad Cheer girls of Deccan Chargers.
    May be my next blog on “Who’s having the best cheer girl team”

  3. funny that most south indians, particularly those who happen to reside in the south of india, refer to ‘Sehwag’ as ‘Shewag’

  4. Point taken ….I wil correct it

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