Upcoming Blogs in June

* First Edition of Enterprise 2.0 Chronicles

It will contain few unchangeable laws of creating an Enterprise 2.0 Solution which might become the ‘Essential Guidebook for Enterprise 2.0 solutions’

* My Thirumala trip

My trip [ordeal] to Thirumala on-foot.And some deep thoughts over religion and the meaning of broad classification of MASS and CLASS in Telugu industry

* Corporate Pillayar and some say there is someone called VISA pillayar too

Corporate Pillayar

* I am a defect in the Code written by God

Ofcourse !!! Matrix Story is not repeated over here, but it is about the series of events that happened in my life where I was able to influence the outcome of events in the universe around me by just thinking about it ( No Mere Coincidences)…Watch out for this blog if you are an atheist.

* Web 2.0 , History now also belongs to the losers

What Web 2.0 has done to the History of World.Will the History written till now be considered a Pre-Historic era from which no records of Loser’s thought process are found ?
Is Humanity moving towards a giant Collectively thinking system where NETWORK is more important than the individual ? Does Web 2.0 has any Apocalyptic consequenses……..Web 2.0 evangelists Watch out for this blog..

All this Coming Soon in the month of June


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