Anonymity in an Enterprise 2.0 environment

Since the nature of these series of blogs are going to be ‘Vettu One – Thundu Rendu’ type[ tamil slang meaning Very Objective nature] , I am not going to drag the discussion too long by giving strange weird theory names which even the DOOM 2 playing Geeks can’t understand.

Enterprise 2.0 Kural

Let’s split the great phrases of Pinastro into two.

“There’s no doubt of the impossibility of Anonymous user in Enterprise 2.0…”

The reason for the above statement is because Enterprise’s value the brand image , reputation and security unlike the Open Consumer Internet which has never cared about security and privacy kind of stuffs.

Kinthu [ But ] , in the name of security we may loose the very essence of the Collaboration as people tend to be more HONEST, CREATIVE and UNTOUCHED BY THE GROUPISM as explained here by Brendan Peat.A very popular website which supports the secret identity of it’s users is, of course in the name of creativity and honesty.

But, this site claims that anonymity causes in us a “Spoiled Child Syndrome”.People start doing things which their parents wouldn’t allow them to do nor they wouldn’t like their own children doing.Krish Ashok has given a very creative depiction of Anonymous Profiles on the internet here.People tend to DOCTOR the internet content, like in Wikipedia , by the corporates and some counsellors ,according to this news report

In order to benefit from the Creativity generated out of anonymity , John. M. Grohol , suggests something called ‘Pseudonymity’ in his blog..Please do not skip this hyperlink, because it is a must read:)

Now coming on to the second part of the Kural.

“…but will that be ever possible on Web 2.0”

Probably, nothing has been thought in this regard because NO ONE ACTUALLY CARES about the Internet.May be at some point of time when Communism again rises and this time successfully, we might have a world where every single person will have only one Profile with the SSN number.The reason why communist government of the World( if at all……. take it easy buddy !!! ) might not completely ban Social Networking and Web 2.0 is to avoid an uprising against them by the Web 2.0 addict people or to keep the room for innovation open ( of course in a nursery ).

Again, ‘Pseudonymity’ could be an answer where same profiles can be allowed to have multiple identities so that people feel free to realsise their different faces.

May be we need to ask Plato’s Soul wandering somewhere in the intergalatic space to clearly decide if we really need “Anonymity in Web 2.0 world that is causing Internet Porn traffic”.It was he who told that “‘prostitution’ is a neccessary evil”.

For more of Enterprise 2.0: please visit this Header Blog


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