Enterprise 2.0 series – Saga begins

I am a person who has always been infected with questions that has troubled the people around me.After a long struggle I have finally reached a place where I (think) can be myself ,question and most importantly innovate freely. Of course, I still have to learn a lot of Wizardry the people in my new workplace do.I feel like Harry Potter in the Sorcerer’s stone ,who initially marvels at the wizardry performed by his classmates , Hermoine and others.

Harry Potter learning 4rth Gen Languages

With the tech. upgrades I have been going through I need to keep my mind sharp enough to generate new ideas.Therefore, I am starting a series of blogs that will have some of the key questions in front of Enterprise 2.0.

The series will not contain the ultimate questions I am looking for like “What is the ultimate Goal of the Human Civilization: “UTOPIA – A JUST SOCIETY” or “INTER-GALACTIC COLONIALIZATION” or “STOPPING THE UNIVERSAL CLOCK THAT’s TICKING TOWARDS THE ‘BIG CRUNCH’.

Ultimate question

Nor is it any stupid kind of questions I get every now and then like the current one , which asks “Why does this bag which I use for office, in Bikini Blue color , looks feminine to me ?”

Bikini Blue bag

The series is about the real world problems and perhaps quite important in the modern context of Money Driven world.Ofcourse the answers to these questions are going to be my bread winner in future, other than that perhaps I have got nothing to with these questions.

Here we start:

Anonymity in Enterprise 2.0

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Return of Hippies

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