AJAX eludes Harry Potter , XML bludgers cause serious injury

Potter in pursuit of the AJAX snitch

For the past three days I have been struggling hard to master the Game of Quidditch.

This blog post is the result of the frustrating chronic pain in my ears due to continuous exposure to electrons coming out of my computer monitor and the Whoofer sound waves from the U2 and Bon Jovi songs I have been listening to.I have slept for only around 15 hours in the past Three days.I didn’t go for morning walks which I usually go during the weekends.

I aspire to be in the role of a ‘Seeker’ who is supposed to carry the elusive Golden Snitch,catching which completly overturns the result of the match , just like it has done to the internet.Professor ‘Lockhart’ wants me to concentrate more on the Wizadry of JQuery , but I am yet to get my hands on it.He must be definitely be upset with me.

Confused about what I am talking about ??? Is it Web 2.0 or Wizadry ???

For me of course , it looks like wizadry that has changed the face cof internet over a very short span of time after 2005.

AJAX kit

They say ‘Rome was not built in a single day‘.Even Hogwart’s would have definitely taken some time to build.It’s just two weeks in the Web 2.0 labs for me.There’s a lot to learn and even more to ‘THINK’ and ‘INNOVATE’.

My goals for this week would be to catch the Golden Snitch(AJAX) that is refusing to surrender to me.What’s causing the problem is the XML’s Quaffle balls and Bludgers that has hit me under the ears.

I am struck up with the basic XML example of converting XML data into a HTML document.What I am getting is a blank page…..Grrr..Not even the famous page that has been created with a PUNny intentions… ‘PAGE NOT FOUND …PAGE’.

Maga Janagaley !!! Maga Janagaley ,( meaning Great people who are reading this Blog) if you know something about the basics of XML, please tell me why the code in this page is not working for me.

Potters love for AJAX

VICTORY is not about the Destination , it’s about the JOURNEY

In these three days I have definitely learnt a great deal eventhough I have failed to meet the targets of “Misson Pinastro 1.9”.

Err , Sorry folks … I forgot to tell you about the “Misson Pinastro 1.9”.The purpose of this self induced misson was to get Pinastro ready to be baptised by the Web 2.0 labs and really start working on some projects.Right now I am still in the process of learning and almost starting to discover that learning never stops.

The conclusion at the end of the Weekend (which also includes the Friday) is that “There has been a successful tech. upgrades to Pinastro’s skillset and they include Javascript , DOM , WAMP , PHP and the theoretical XML, inspite of the mission’s failure”.

Upgrade Update

I Still believe FAILUREs are the stepping stone for SUCCESS…I will not stop and am going to continue this.

===========ALL THE BEST TO ME=============

P.S.Above blogpost is only for fun, and there is nothing malicious intended 🙂


5 responses to “AJAX eludes Harry Potter , XML bludgers cause serious injury

  1. buddy u sure got a lot of attitude to learn …. keep the engine running it helps u conquer huge unexplored land too….

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  4. harry potter your the best

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