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W.T.F. is Sita – Pinastroboy Slim

I am now forced to write this blog because the continued support provided my my blogreaders which averages only 32 per day(thanks to Tabular stats released by WordPress).

I remember my Dad talking to my Mom , commenting on Deepika Shaw on seeing her in a bath tub (on some Doordarshan’s Sunday evening 6 PM movie,long before the timings were changed to Saturday 6 PM and long before we had strict censor rules when we did some glimpses on our Doordarshan itself) saying that “Deepika wah ithu ? Sitaiah nadichava thaney ?? ava poi ippadi nadikira !!!”

Now there are talks on Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai and some talks on even Nicole Kidman or Eddie Mirman to do the role of Sita.No matter who acts in the Hollywood version of Sita , because the Acting is a profession and a good actor should be ready for every role,be it Katrina’s role in the movie Boom or it is of “Sita mata“.

As usual , I never come to the real stuff early , I have probably wasted time worth 3 paragraphs of my dear blog readers without saying anything sensible.Coming to the reason for writing this blog…which is some introspection of one of the greatest hits among my blogs..

Hollywood Ramayana – already made but never projected as an epic?? here

which was my eccentric comparison between the greatest epic of Indian culture , Ramayana and the movie “10000 BC“.

I get a lot of hits atleast 20 hits to this blog , out of which 10 of them are coming from the following keyword searches:

10000 BC – 7 hits

10,000 BC – 5 hits

sita – 3

Hanuman – 2

Hampi empire – 2

sita mata – 0.5

Sita Sita Sita

Sita Sita Sita

What surprises me is that who is doing this research on Sita and if it is the director of the Hollywood Ramayana himself doing and research and hitting on my page almost everyday , there are two things that I can be sure of :

(A) The Director “Yugo Sako” doesn’t know about bookmarking a webpage

(B) The Director is still confused about the character of Sita , as Rama himself was that lead to the Deergha Ramayana ( or Sampoorna Ramayana) which was written as a sequel to the epic smash hit of Valmiki(the first one to pen down the orally translated legacy of the Dasyus( among the Aryan population to keep the mutiny among the Aryans ruled Dasyus under control)

Whatever be the reason, I am almost sure now that the movie “THE RAMAYANA” that is going to come out from Hollywood will definitely have some imprints of my thoughts (may be infinitesimely small) on Ramayana..that’s the beauty of Blogosphere…everybody has there part in the collective thinking of the planet earth ruled by species with a large organ that actually started as a processor for the light particles falling on the retina.

After all , it was me and this blog(my only SMASH HIT – 500 hits in just one day) on IPL that helped Namitha Kapoor to get a fairly proper wiki page within two days, just because I gave a hyperlink to the malformed wiki page of Namitha.

Also read this Indiatimes blog which manages to be just above my blog in terms of number of hits on typing “Hollywood Ramayana” on Google.


If Evangelists were Gods !!! but…they are not , they never were

I can’t take anymore.I am already feeling very small while comparing myself to the answers I am getting from the universe around me.The questions which were nurtured from my childhood starting from “Will the small toys playing cricket come falling out if I thrash the black and white Mitshubishi TV(actually Philips Picture Tube inside) , we used to own in Delhi ?” and till the question of “Why only Sex,if not War ?”.While the answers to all the questions I had till now are someway taking it’s place in the giant Jigsaw puzzle I am trying to solve , ever since , I started thinking “Why , was I sent to Earth ? ” i.e. when I was 8 or 9 years of age…..It’s not a surprise I am these days trying to answer my Manasatchi why I put a lot of groundnuts , when I used to be a ..”Girls ah …uuuaackuu” kind of boy ..even in the college days..Well it would be premature to arrive at any conclusion what life means to me and the whole humanity or any species for that matters, because , life is like a Hollywood movie,you will understand the real story only in the end.I don’t know how it feels like when you are at the death bed , but I am sure I would feel that I want to live the life again , just the kind of feeling you get after finishing Arundhathi Roy’s “God of Small things”.I will definitely write all my experiences in my Auto-Biography.You would probably have to wait for that some 30 years from now.But wait I hope I will be able to complete my current book titled ________ (top secret) in atleast 5 years from now.Actually speaking it should not take that long,but I am currently caught up in settling my life and the people around me …..and finding THE PERSON for the rest of my life. Though , I am already on my way to satisfy my self-realization needs , even before the some of the needs that occupy the middle of the Maslow’s needs pyramid are yet to be satisfied.

Life is like a Hollywood Movie

I still have a lot to achieve,unfortunately girls do not like boys with ambitions larger than life,but it’s okay.I have many scripts waiting to be made into films that can inspire the next generation,even more dreams (that I remember) that can be converted into scripts.I have one pseudo-scientific theory waiting to be proved ….Probably if my son(..why only son ??..why can’t it be my Daughter…may be because girls don’t think much and they don’t make a good scientist) becomes a scientist in his lifetime , I would definitely inspire him to pursue the research on deriving the equation for ESP(Extra-Sensory Perception)..If space travel becomes affordable within my life time and coincidentaly I become one of the few billionaires in the year 2035…I will definitely go on a vacation to Mars or Moon to have a look at the stars …more clearly…as I used to do during the summer vacations in my village Alakkudi.Currently , I am seriously into do something different that changes the world forever …. I hoped Web 2.0 is the answer for all my questions…but I am starting to realise that Web 2.0 is just a phenonmenon and is nothing when compared to some of the real questions that are beyond the human being’s capacity to imagine…like “What was there before the EMPTINESS of SPACE was created during the Big-Bang?” ………..”Are there parallel universes ?”……..”What will happen if the whole humanity reaches the saturation point where every person achieves the Self-Realisation needs quite easily …just like the Food , shelter needs have reached to an equilibrium (atleast in the Developed countries)…?”

“Will we become god after we reach a stage where the whole society becomes an Utopia?” …”even if we become Gods…what next….will we be spawning another worlds from scratch …just like our Gods created our worlds ?” …or “Is the whole creation , we live in is just a huge code, written by the programmer hired by God ?”…If my last thought was real ….”Is the thought about what the hell the universe is meant for ? is a bug in the code written by that programmer?”…..”Is my life , all about creating a DENT in the universe that makes you to run according to it’s own rules, right from the name you get , say Karthikeyan , is something which has been issued to me …like a Library card that issued to you when you join a new school…whether you make good use of that card or not?”

I bet very few of my blog readers will actually understand what I meant in the above blog..but those few who understood what I meant will definitely will have this question in mind…Why the Title is “If Evangelists were Gods..” – – – – – Probably you will understand only after reading my Auto-Biography which I will be writting 30 years from now..but if are really interested ..I really can’t help you..It just means ..whatever I am doing now is all part of the Code written by some cheap programmer hired by God …and the code works really well…it definitely is not like Windows.

Why the movie “Singh is King” is topping the charts ?

Last week I got to see two movies in a row.Singh is King and Mummy 3.None of them were good but when compared between these two movies Mummy 3 was far better than the former.I was wondering why the audience in the theater were laughing at Akshay’s cranky smile and jumps (like a monkey).Javed Jaffrey’s blind comedy , Snoop dog’s remix song and  Neha Dhupia’s bouncing assets were of some consolation in the end, otherwise the film in overall has all the makes of a flop.But still the movie claims to have collected over 30 crores in the opening week when compared to “Om Shanti Om” which had only 25 crores in the opening week.

The reason is not the quality of the movie  nor Akhshay’s acting…it’s Time when the movies got released.Om Shanti Om released somewhere in  the December which had a lot of festivals.Now When the “Singh …” got released there are no festivals which is why people out of boredom are flocking to the theatres and find Singh is King as a better option after being disappointed by not getting the tickets for “The Dark Knight”.

For me “Singh is not the King”…’s just fluke , luck

Freedom is not being another brick in the Wall

It should be very modest in accepting the fact that I am not a frequent blogger.Sometimes a complacent blogger too , who doesn’t blogs about the things that really matter , like I wanted to write about DASAVATHARAM movie review(Five Hour movie cramped into Three hour), Hancock Movie Review(the most unexpected flop from Will Smith),Yelagiri trip (where I discovered that my Inspirational Boss loves Volleyball very much, probably more than his Violin ….) and recently on Abhinav Bhindra (actually didn’t want to say , “India needs sportsmen like Abhinav” but wanted to say “India needs sports culture”.This was the same statement I made in my 12th standard on Extempore competition about Karnam Malleshwari and Kalpana Chawla,who are being worshipped as quality products of Indian beareucratic system that produces atleast one Medal in every olympics.After reading this beautifully written blog,I felt one needs to have had a proper English teacher in your high school , in order to express one’s thoughts with inexplicable expressiveness).

Anyway,I blog to vent out my random thoughts that occur to me.Today I wanted to blog something related Independence.I have , in the initial days of my life , been inquisitive and very disruptive , a kind of Trouble maker… precise words Independent.Then started a 16 year plan to restrict my imagination , control my thoughts and learn to live like others and be a “Brick in the Wall”.After a zombie four year course in Engineering , I was a perfect flawless product , just as intended be the Indian Education System.I am not blaming the system here , infact the Indian Education system , encourages self-made personalities and those who are not ready for this , are made a part of the system.I would be happy if that system works …but it’s not.Even after my education was over , I was into another trap which many Indian IT professionals fall prey to……..Onsite Assignment,even if the nature of job sucks.I feel proud of myself that I have somehow taken intial steps towards the real Independence every human being deserves.I am no longer in the RAT RACE to onsite assignment.Most of my friends have already travelled the foreign lands and regulary update the orkut albums with photos taken with wax figures of George Bush, Micheal Jackson, Mahatma Gandhi ….

From the day we are named by our parents we hardly introspect “is this the life you were sent for ?” “Are we free?” “Are we independent?” “Is our imagination free or controlled by the whims of peer pressure?”

I believe Independence is not physical , it’s spiritual.

We got independence from the British , 61 years ago.I think we are still a long way to achieve the real independence.

Remember , We still have to fill the caste column in the school admission forms.We are still having small kids working to win bread for the family instead of getting the basic education.We still feel proud to say my “shoes are imported”.

It would be too futuristic to say the international boundaries will fade away and the whole Earth will be ruled by Google and of course Web 2.0 will be the answer for all the challenges in ruling such a huge planet.For now , I am still proud to be an Indian though not to the extent I used to be during my school days when I used to hoist hand made paper flags on my table on Independence day and think “How lucky I am , that I am born in India”… I think “What if I was born in some parallel universe as a female Anopheles Mosquito? “

Web 2.0 Evangelism – 4 [ Connecting with your employees ]

web 2.0 evangelism

web 2.0 evangelism

WHAT WOMEN WANT ? – An attempt to find Answers from Evolution

Earlier Title of this blog:“Shopping Instincts,From STAG HUNTING to GIRLFRIEND HUNTING”

Simply removed because the Title “WHAT WOMEN WANT?” definitely will fetch me more hits per day 🙂

This blog definitely is an effort to increase the Readership of my blog among the female population of the blogosphere which I have noticed to be far below the male Readership of my blog.I know nothing can be done to attract the X only chromosomes because for some reason blogosphere is more attractive to the Y chromosomes, just like Stamp Collection has failed to attract women.For some strange reason , photo sharing in social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook seem to attract more of women than men ( men are on Orkut only because of women , Intelligent Men).In a way , everyone is involved in the Web 2.0 revolution.

So ladies who are looking for real intelligent men , look at the Blogosphere not the social networking sites.

Now for the Real content…

A few days back I was with my family on a Shopping spree in T-Nagar.I saw one social phenonmenon which I saw years back in Discovery channel , in Action.



Our Forefathers were (only) HUNTERS and Out Foremothers were GATHERERS and Today’s DUDES are still the HUNTERS and GALS are still the GATHERERS

And HUNTING – GATHERING was not just the way of life , but an Attitude which is why , the HUNTING – GATHERING instincts are still visible in us ….while Shopping.Yes !! You will get a better picture if you spend a complete day in NORTH USMAN ROAD, T – Nagar , which would be a paradise for a social behaviour research scientist.There are only two kinds of people who shop here – people with the following combination of chromosomes

(A) XX and

(B) XY

Women just enjoy shopping . They do not bug their mind with what are the things to buy.It’s the shopping experience they enjoy the most.

Men come to shopping only if they are Single, either to Hunt down products from Saravana Stores or to …well understood.(CAUTION : Nothing malicious intended).But those who are Married , are just doing the job of HUSBAND..escorting to T.NAGAR

Shopping instincts

Shopping instincts


If we see clearly, we (men) have not changed over the thousand years of evolution, though our (men) needs have changed a lot.They are steadily rising on the Maslow’s pyramid , but where are women ??

Maslow's Need Pyramid

Maslow's Need Pyramid

The only change is the target for which Men used to Hunt.In Good old days men used to hunt the STAG which basically came under the category of FOOD , SHELTER and CLOTHES (roti , kapda aur makaan).In the Modern era when these basic needs have been fulfilled or gets fulfilled in earlier part of their lives and world economy also booming the second level of requirements pyramid have also been quite stabilised.

[[ Considering the American , European and the Asian economies in general, The Basic needs are still a big UNAVAILABLE in African countries.I am sure they(Africans) will also catch up ]]

So we are now, in the third level of the pyramid.Dudes want GIRLFRIENDS.Do you know Facebook revolution was a by-product of this need ? Huh ?

So we can say the current generation of men are trying to achieve the Third Level of Needs Pyramid but the Technique is the same , HUNTING.

But what the women are trying to do…They are still GATHERING ( sexy name would be SHOPPING) but what’s the target they are trying to achieve.They are the species who really live the moment unlike the male species who are built for CROSS-TIME thinking (PAST , PRESENT and FUTURE).

So , Men (collectively) are definitely moving up in the Needs Pyramid , but , What I am really not able to make out is that where are Women in the Maslow’s pyramid.

Is Maslow’s needs pyramid is a male only scale?

Is a Female version of Maslow’s Needs Pyramid yet to be defined ?

What women want exactly ?