WHAT WOMEN WANT ? – An attempt to find Answers from Evolution

Earlier Title of this blog:“Shopping Instincts,From STAG HUNTING to GIRLFRIEND HUNTING”

Simply removed because the Title “WHAT WOMEN WANT?” definitely will fetch me more hits per day 🙂

This blog definitely is an effort to increase the Readership of my blog among the female population of the blogosphere which I have noticed to be far below the male Readership of my blog.I know nothing can be done to attract the X only chromosomes because for some reason blogosphere is more attractive to the Y chromosomes, just like Stamp Collection has failed to attract women.For some strange reason , photo sharing in social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook seem to attract more of women than men ( men are on Orkut only because of women , Intelligent Men).In a way , everyone is involved in the Web 2.0 revolution.

So ladies who are looking for real intelligent men , look at the Blogosphere not the social networking sites.

Now for the Real content…

A few days back I was with my family on a Shopping spree in T-Nagar.I saw one social phenonmenon which I saw years back in Discovery channel , in Action.



Our Forefathers were (only) HUNTERS and Out Foremothers were GATHERERS and Today’s DUDES are still the HUNTERS and GALS are still the GATHERERS

And HUNTING – GATHERING was not just the way of life , but an Attitude which is why , the HUNTING – GATHERING instincts are still visible in us ….while Shopping.Yes !! You will get a better picture if you spend a complete day in NORTH USMAN ROAD, T – Nagar , which would be a paradise for a social behaviour research scientist.There are only two kinds of people who shop here – people with the following combination of chromosomes

(A) XX and

(B) XY

Women just enjoy shopping . They do not bug their mind with what are the things to buy.It’s the shopping experience they enjoy the most.

Men come to shopping only if they are Single, either to Hunt down products from Saravana Stores or to …well understood.(CAUTION : Nothing malicious intended).But those who are Married , are just doing the job of HUSBAND..escorting to T.NAGAR

Shopping instincts

Shopping instincts


If we see clearly, we (men) have not changed over the thousand years of evolution, though our (men) needs have changed a lot.They are steadily rising on the Maslow’s pyramid , but where are women ??

Maslow's Need Pyramid

Maslow's Need Pyramid

The only change is the target for which Men used to Hunt.In Good old days men used to hunt the STAG which basically came under the category of FOOD , SHELTER and CLOTHES (roti , kapda aur makaan).In the Modern era when these basic needs have been fulfilled or gets fulfilled in earlier part of their lives and world economy also booming the second level of requirements pyramid have also been quite stabilised.

[[ Considering the American , European and the Asian economies in general, The Basic needs are still a big UNAVAILABLE in African countries.I am sure they(Africans) will also catch up ]]

So we are now, in the third level of the pyramid.Dudes want GIRLFRIENDS.Do you know Facebook revolution was a by-product of this need ? Huh ?

So we can say the current generation of men are trying to achieve the Third Level of Needs Pyramid but the Technique is the same , HUNTING.

But what the women are trying to do…They are still GATHERING ( sexy name would be SHOPPING) but what’s the target they are trying to achieve.They are the species who really live the moment unlike the male species who are built for CROSS-TIME thinking (PAST , PRESENT and FUTURE).

So , Men (collectively) are definitely moving up in the Needs Pyramid , but , What I am really not able to make out is that where are Women in the Maslow’s pyramid.

Is Maslow’s needs pyramid is a male only scale?

Is a Female version of Maslow’s Needs Pyramid yet to be defined ?

What women want exactly ?


8 responses to “WHAT WOMEN WANT ? – An attempt to find Answers from Evolution

  1. Some might be tempted to think this blog as a Male chauvinistic one.But it’s just my honest views about the Mystery of “what women want” and Maslow’s gross mistake in formulating a theory about “Needs Pyramid” which is grossly male biased

  2. I think it could have been more substantiative. I rather found it more to the flavour of the pro female lobby aka the mahila mukti morcha…

  3. Point taken … I will come with a Sequel Blog to this

  4. Womens are bugs in our life man – “one of my great frens Quote” LOL ! u can attempt to fix a bug ! but getting in deep ! huh useless ! Gud analaysis ! i thing ur system(ie u) have lots of bugs !

  5. @selva GK ..Kindly do not be so harsh with women…

    I only attempted to tell that both men and women are from the same planet called Earth (not mars nor Venus) but the difference is all in the social conditioning

  6. pinastro.. i accept ur point.. but spending time on useless stuff.. is really ment a nonsense to me.. Dude..its my personal opinion !

  7. Hmm..interesting analysis….i never knew Women blog less than men….


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