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I am now forced to write this blog because the continued support provided my my blogreaders which averages only 32 per day(thanks to Tabular stats released by WordPress).

I remember my Dad talking to my Mom , commenting on Deepika Shaw on seeing her in a bath tub (on some Doordarshan’s Sunday evening 6 PM movie,long before the timings were changed to Saturday 6 PM and long before we had strict censor rules when we did some glimpses on our Doordarshan itself) saying that “Deepika wah ithu ? Sitaiah nadichava thaney ?? ava poi ippadi nadikira !!!”

Now there are talks on Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai and some talks on even Nicole Kidman or Eddie Mirman to do the role of Sita.No matter who acts in the Hollywood version of Sita , because the Acting is a profession and a good actor should be ready for every role,be it Katrina’s role in the movie Boom or it is of “Sita mata“.

As usual , I never come to the real stuff early , I have probably wasted time worth 3 paragraphs of my dear blog readers without saying anything sensible.Coming to the reason for writing this blog…which is some introspection of one of the greatest hits among my blogs..

Hollywood Ramayana – already made but never projected as an epic?? here

which was my eccentric comparison between the greatest epic of Indian culture , Ramayana and the movie “10000 BC“.

I get a lot of hits atleast 20 hits to this blog , out of which 10 of them are coming from the following keyword searches:

10000 BC – 7 hits

10,000 BC – 5 hits

sita – 3

Hanuman – 2

Hampi empire – 2

sita mata – 0.5

Sita Sita Sita

Sita Sita Sita

What surprises me is that who is doing this research on Sita and if it is the director of the Hollywood Ramayana himself doing and research and hitting on my page almost everyday , there are two things that I can be sure of :

(A) The Director “Yugo Sako” doesn’t know about bookmarking a webpage

(B) The Director is still confused about the character of Sita , as Rama himself was that lead to the Deergha Ramayana ( or Sampoorna Ramayana) which was written as a sequel to the epic smash hit of Valmiki(the first one to pen down the orally translated legacy of the Dasyus( among the Aryan population to keep the mutiny among the Aryans ruled Dasyus under control)

Whatever be the reason, I am almost sure now that the movie “THE RAMAYANA” that is going to come out from Hollywood will definitely have some imprints of my thoughts (may be infinitesimely small) on Ramayana..that’s the beauty of Blogosphere…everybody has there part in the collective thinking of the planet earth ruled by species with a large organ that actually started as a processor for the light particles falling on the retina.

After all , it was me and this blog(my only SMASH HIT – 500 hits in just one day) on IPL that helped Namitha Kapoor to get a fairly proper wiki page within two days, just because I gave a hyperlink to the malformed wiki page of Namitha.

Also read this Indiatimes blog which manages to be just above my blog in terms of number of hits on typing “Hollywood Ramayana” on Google.


5 responses to “W.T.F. is Sita – Pinastroboy Slim

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  2. This post is too complex to read for mortals da. Keep the language plain and simple please.

  3. The title of the blog leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Given that Sita is a revered figure in Hindu culture and belief.

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