Ravana’s pyre found in srilanka

I am not sure if this information is true.But I saw some news on television about this.This may prove my theory of Egyptian lanka completely wrong.

Egyptian Ramses — Rama

Pyramid — Temple Gopurams

all might be just a coincidence…….hmmmm

Read more about Ravana here


5 responses to “Ravana’s pyre found in srilanka

  1. this is all rubbish hows that possible .the empire of ravana was demolished 10,000 yrs ago.not even his generation haved been alive today.

  2. just read abt rawana’s mummy in newspaper and do remember that there was an article abt this few years ago, is there anyone that knows abt this?

  3. even i heared about this in the news but i think so it must be true that they found the mummy of ravana,they wont simply release it in the news if it is not true

  4. Surprisingly what we forget is that Ravana by the scriptures was a Devout Brahmin. It means that his body will be burnt after death and not preserved. Also what we call as Treta Yuga When Sri Rama Walked the earth, is supposedly more than a few lakh years before if not crores. Either the dating is wrong or there might have been another king with a similar name who was mummified. In my opinion, this is definitely a good deiscovery but I some how dont agree that it is of Ravana.

  5. Krishnarao Varanasi s.i anakapalli town vizag a.p India since ravanasura was a brahmin, his dead body might be burnt to ashes, more over, his regime about one lakh years back there might had not such advancement of mummy packing need chemical process

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