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After a very long time…

Well , there is a very few blog following for this average blogger.But those who follow “pinastro” might have already lost hopes what happened to this guy called pinastro.People might have thought pinastro is dead.This blogpost comes in the right time to say that pinastro is alive.

working hard (in the right arena ,I guess)

working hard (in the right arena ,I guess)

Well, I do not blog much these days as I am busy with “surgeries” on PHP code, thanks to my friend from  medical field ,I am talking all medical these days.I have come a long way from wondering about Krish Ashok’s fantabulous blogs to actually creating websites with some of the cutting edge technologies like RAILS,wordpress,bbpress,buddypress and now also JOOMLA along with weekend freak-outs with friends not to forget the regular BOOZEMASTER sessions with the office-mates.Ofcourse,I have been investing a lot of money too in my ideas.I really hope for the best after all the turmoil in my recent past ,personal and professional life combined.

I am soon coming with a revolutionary text editor about which I will be blogging soon and subsequently with the product itself.The idea was born out of the ashes of my washed away R and D dreams of Comic Book Mark-up Language.Not only that I am coming up with many killer ideas these days,thanks to removing my long-term nagging,complex,sick,confused girlfriend out-of-my-mind.

As my BBPRESS coding is calling me,can’t blog much now but I can say one thing.I am definitely on the right track and the greatest strength I have is IMPULSIVE CREATIVITY and the greatest drawback that keeps me away from comprehensive victories is IMPULSIVE OPTIMISM and IMPULSIVE PESSIMISM toggling and sometimes even LAZINESS to CODE.

And for the die-hard fans of pinastro’s blog, this blog happens to be my anniversary blog.I have completed one year of blogging 🙂