My Options

They say we can never have a new begining but we can always have a new ending. Let me see what are my options from here on.My career has come to a grinding halt after the great recession and the great pallam thalifying event.I really do not know where I am going and sometimes it’s so frustrating that I long for taking my bike and go for a trip to GOA from CHENNAI.

Today I got some stupid work to upload data to the production database.I could never have imagined after 3 years of experience in development I would end up in production support project with absolutely no incentives.I do a lot of planning , and most of the plans succeed only 75 % .The problem with my plans is that all of them demand a new plan once 75%  of the plan is completed.I think it’s due to uncertainty of the situation,so no worries.

I have the following options:

(A) Finish two three websites like and and present it in front of the interviewer while going for a new job.

(B) Start the old muttering of ONSITE to my manager ,but this time I have got a new strategy.Let’s see if it works

(C) Keep quite and do the production support and enjoy the enormous free time you get and start studying for the NID and CEED exams in Janurary.

(D) DO NOT ASPIRE for anything and you will be happy.

I am trying for all the three options except the fourth one.Somebody said :

“Never quit trying lest you will be repenting at your death bed about the things you didn’t try than the things you achieved”


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