Techworld in an ‘insane’ Vanity URL mob

If you are a regularly following technews , you must have heard about the Vanity-URL release by Facebook.It has been described as a Land-Rush by Techcrunch.I wish people could see the real thing happening here;somehow everyone is missing the point that this URL mob is marketing/publicity stunt by facebook.

Let me give an intro about myself  before I go further.I am a web 2.0 enthusiast and a half-geek trying to get away from mainframes background.I am currently working among a set of people who don’t understand “2.0terms ,I speak.Some people go mad when they hear the hottest word in the silicon valley.For those who are still not able to figure out what is the hottest thing in silicon valley,click here to know.Nothing wrong on their part,it’s a production support team and they need not know , what’s latest in Technology.

BLISSSSSSSSS ful indeed !!!

Now what it has got to do with this blogpost on VANITY-URL release by facebook.

I was reading through various techblogs as usual in the office when I read this on Techcrunch.I felt sick about myself.How could I have missed this opportunity who always keep thinking of ways to get out of my stagnant career ,  by either becoming rich over-night somehow or find a giant patron for my ideas in the techworld.

How did I miss this chance ??

What did I miss ?

A chance to become rich over-night by registering my facebook account’s vanity URL as some big  company or celebrity name and selling it over I had done so the celebrity/company might have approached me to buy their brand which I have taken.This link sparked the above idea.But I went with my usual online name ‘pinastro’.

My Facebook URL

My Facebook URL

But when I read the mob kind of squattering over the vanity-URLs , I felt , did I miss a huge opportunity to become rich over-night.(just an expression..I use often).I felt so dejected that it was reflecting on my face.My collegue who goes mad when he hears these Web 2.0 terms asked me sarcastically , “Why are you so dull, Is Twitter dead?”.I explained him about the vanity-URL.He used the word MOB for the craze over Vanity-URL.

I too agree with him,it looks like a crazy MOB.Think clearly

Is such a named-URL a new thing to social networking ?

Absolutely No. It’s already there on Twitter.

Facebook could have released this feature silently.To add fuel to this fire companies like Assetize and SocialToo are jumping on Facebook’s vanity URL band wagon.

What’s ridiculous is this shift of attitude of any new user who registers to a new social networking site:

Attitude of a New User before the Vanity URL:

“I really hope my name is the unique one and I need not add confusing and difficult to remember numbers as part of my username.Afterall my online identity is so important”

Attitude of a New User after the Vanity URL mob (fueled by

“I will create a username of some well known celebrity or company so that they will buy the domain from me.Who cares about identity”

I say it’s just another popularity stunt masterminded by Facebook and Assetize.What made it sensational was the time constraint within which the URLs could be created.

Thank Goodness, I did not sacrifice my Facebook URL  for some cheap brand  just for the sake of money.I have my online identity safe 🙂


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  1. Ellarum(facebook) Orra emathuranga..! LOL

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