Obama was probably looking at …

I was browsing through the internet when I saw this story which caught my attention.“Where was Obama Looking?”it’s really funny juxtapose indeed.But I think,even if Obama was looking at the Mayora Tavares’s bottom,he can be forgiven.It’s a normal reaction of any straight male on seeing stunningly beautiful women 🙂

Here’s is the picture again that made all the uproar for your viewing pleasure.

Obama looking at a girl? what's wrong ?

Obama looking at a girl? what’s wrong ?

Pictures can be deceiving…so take a look at the video here

I tried searching her face in close-up on the internet but i got only her back.I even tried searching her on orkut as she is from brazil(orkut dominant country) but in vain 😦

This is what I got,hope her pics start appearing on internet soon

The Girl

The Girl

This is a trivial thing so forgive the American president,he has got a lot of other things to do.This is not the first time Obama has been associated with a girl.Remember, Obama Girl Video by Amber Lee Ettinger produced by barelypolitical.com


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