The Recession is in your mindset … it’s not real

It occured  to me during the IPL season 2 when I was asking my friends in an excited mood :

“Which team you are supporting ?”

The response I got from most of the people was

“I am not interested in IPL,there are even bigger issues to be resolved like Recession”.

It is really sick that people,companies and nations tend to brood over recession and instead of coming out of it they fallback into the vicious spiral of negative thinking.


Even my bosses are uttering the word ‘Recession’ for any new proposal I suggest.What the companies are not realising is that recession is the time when world needs people to take risks…ofcourse Innovation is a child of crazy risks taken.I am getting sick of the people’s sick attitude towards life,people becoming more and more defensive and hence giving way for more recession.We will never be able to fight recession if we continue like this.

I remember a story which I read in my 11 th Grade namely “The Man who saved Pumpelsdrop”.I believe the world today needs this story to be read and understood so much.For those who don’t remember this story or have never read this story :

The story goes like this

  • The City of Pumpelsdrop was once going through a Terrible Economic Crisis
  • The people stopped celebrating their birthdays and there were no festivities.They didn’t celebrate christmas for two years.
  • One day a newbie to the town of Pumpelsdrop visited a car dealer and ordered for a pair of Rolls Royce car to be delivered on the eve of Christmas.One for her daughter and another for her wife.
  • The car dealer was elated since , it was the first time in years when a customer has visited his showroom.
  • The car dealer was so happy that he gave the part of his saved money to his wife to buy a pair of necklace.
  • The diamond merchant was so happy that he gave his wife a lumpsome money to buy furniture for the house.
  • Hence the Furniture merchant became so happy that he ordered white-washing to his old house.
  • Like this ,within two weeks the whole town came alive and was bustling with economic activity.People were now even ready for celebrating the Christmas this time.
  • On the Eve of the Christmas, the car dealer was waiting for the Man who has ordered  the Rolls-Royce car.Instead a truck from a Lunatic Asylum came to the showroom and some men from the truck said “Did you see a lunatic man, who was ordering two Rolls-Royce car”.

The Moral of the Story is If you continue to be in Negative Thoughts you will never come out of it.Start taking real calculated risks if you want to reverse the bad times.

The above story is in the context of a small town and may not be an exact analogy for the current recession(as it involves various micronomies invloved) but the point we need to understand including the companies which cribble in the name of Recession and get away from giving it’s employees promotion and various other incentives is that never live in Negative thoughts about the current or past failures, try to come out of it;Even if the risks you take sound CRAZY.JUST DO IT.


3 responses to “The Recession is in your mindset … it’s not real

  1. Hi….Thanks a lot, I remember reading this story in my school and was desperately searching for it and stumbled upon your site

  2. Same here was searching for this story and google lead me here.

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