History of Search Engines

It’s second time since this blog that I am trying to consolidate whatever i read about past , present and future of something.I chose search engines this time because search engine wars and most importantly the interesting (well partial)mergers have captivated me for the past few weeks on Techcrunch.We are really at a very interesting juncture where we will see some quality duels between the internet giants.

It’s Really interesting to know that Yahoo once was powered by Google search (somewhere between 2003-04) but now it will be powered by Microsoft’s Bing

I have Gimp’ed (created an image using GIMP) , rather a timeline of search engine history.Please read the image below and any genuine comments are welcome 🙂

Search Engine Timeline

Search Engine Timeline


2 responses to “History of Search Engines

  1. Hey..thanks for so much information. I knew only few of them. Keep up the good work….

    pinastro : thanks

  2. Microsoft’s desperate attempts to find search algorithms to beat were very ambitious. Finally it had done it by releasing bing. Everyone in this world knows that Google beats bing in searching any kind of stuff. Every search engine tester had proved this. I proved it on Day1 to my friends by searching for keyword ‘vinaylakkam’.

    One good thing is, the release of Bing would definitely make Google to be awake all the time to find more innovative things in searching to keep their hand on top.

    Pinastro.. Nice summary of search engines.. And as u GIMPed, Let Bing and Google fight and let us enjoy the benefits.

    pinastro: the future of search is secure now , as there will not be monopoly.

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