The curious case of Demand Draft at SBI

Today I saw the shocking behaviour of an SBI bank employee at, Ansari Nagar branch, who was supposed to process me a Demand Draft.I have taken many DDs for organizations in Ahmedabad , Mumbai and all.Today I was to take a DD for an organization in Bangalore.The DD was for Rs.600/- and the exchange amount was Rs.30/-.Since there was no TOKEN SYSTEM as in other banks the customers have to stand in a Queue.(God knows why such a busy bank is still without the token system).I filled all the details properly and waited in the queue as usual.It took nearly 1.5 hours to reach the counter.

On reaching the counter the employee told me ,I can’t make a DD with cash amount unless until I have an SBI account in that Branch.I told him I have an account with SBI but not in that branch.Then he said I can make the Demand Draft only if I give him a Cheque.

SBI employee :“With Cash amount we won’t make the Demand Draft for you if it is outside Delhi”

me: why ?

SBI employee: The rules have changed.

me: What rules ? I have made scores of DDs with you in the same counter some for Ahmedabad and some for Mumbai.Then why not now ?

SBI employee : [showed me the counter where the DD are printed] Go ask that lady !

I went to the DD printer and asked the person printing the DD’s.She said,yes the rules have changed.

But I wanted to confirm this from another customer.I asked a customer if I can make DD with cash amount for outside Delhi.He said YES ! Of course you can make.

Then I went to Branch Manager.

Branch manager said “What the counter guy said?”

I said about the new rule which the SBI employee at the counter was saying.The Manager started telling some banking terms which I didn’t understand and asked me why I am coming to the branch manager directly instead of asking others.I told him,you are the fourth person I am asking this,and this is only to confirm if the new “system” or “rule” whatever the employee at the counter was telling is true or not.I demanded the answer in YES or NO else I said I am going to complain about this.

The manager asked me to repeat my question again and he now retreated and told that “DD is for sending money outside cities,so you should be able to send the same”.He asked for the DD form and signed at top of the form and asked me to give the form back to the same counter and said “He will do it now”.

When I went to the SBI employee at the counter (counter 7,where he usually sits) he said he will do it but asked me to stand at the end of the queue once again.I explained him that I have enquired the branch manager and resolved the issue…

the employee said: “Go to the next counter”

I was infuriated and decided to get out of the Bank Premises when I saw the branch manager talking to the SBI employee.The Employee was now asking me to give him the money and DD form and said he will make it.I waited for 10 minutes and after that the lady at the counter where the DD were printed said …it is a system we have made for convenience..


WHOSE CONVENIENCE … it’s upto you to decide.I am demanding the SBI to answer to my question …why was the SBI employee not responding properly to me ? I want an Answer to this question else I will complain to RBI.

I want the State Bank of India to answer this question :

“Why did the SBI employee bluntly said ‘making a DD outside Delhi with cash amount is no more in the system’ ?

If  I do not get the answer ..I am taking this to RBI


19 responses to “The curious case of Demand Draft at SBI


  2. SBI is a crap my friend. Something made up of our own money and some ************* are sitting over there just take their home a big salary. Today we went to get a DD for 10 lakhs at Mavelikara branch in Kerala, we were treated like we have just robbed some bank and then came to make a DD. First they were saying We don´t have an account . Then we told them, we are going to start an account then later issue a DD. Then again they were saying they cannot. We have all the documents of the money as it is taken from a loan from another bank which don’t have a branch in Hydreabad, and we were ready to give all the papers, in case the income tax or other problems is there, but still they were kind of … Oh.. Man i´m like **** them all and not anymore into that crap SBI in my life and also I will tell all my friends to not to start anything with such a bullshit organisation, instead go to some new generation banks like HDFC or ICICI etc.
    thanks, freinds get yourselves aquainted of this national nemesis.

  3. This is modern India no cares about you though these people are getting paid from our pockets …..

  4. I will start this conversation from a good word that is **** SBI, they are good for nothing they show that they are a government employee slow working, not aware about latest technology using the same old system, long queue, no coordination, bad customer service, many more…. there is no single good thing they have left for them to say. Even the higher level manager dont have manners to speak with customers. i got lot to say but nothing is going to work beacuse they will continue doing the same thing.

  5. SBI Employees show their frustration on the customers and behave as if its their mandate that the customers are cumin to the branch. And its under their discretion whether they would help or serve the customer or not… Some of them have forgot that they are getting paid to serve and not to sit on those reputed seats..

  6. All government agencies ask for DD from Nationalised banks. Why? Because only this way they get to torture us like sadists. :))

  7. Such incidents should be reported to SBI chairman with copy to Governor RBI. Also
    mention name of all employees involved.

    Wonderful effort to write this on net. Such activism is necessary to bring efficiency.

    Well done

  8. frustating SBI i made 20000 dd from one branch in saharanpur and next time i went to gorakhpur SBI branch for a dd of rs 560 they replied “no such facility is here if u have an sbi account of our branch only then we can “…..
    poor service
    attitude factor
    arrogant behaviour just like manmohan government…
    improper sheduling
    intolerent behaviour of employees…
    late comers

    **** ** sbi………tumbs down..

  9. Sobhana Rajan

    We also have the same experience from Kalkaji, New delhi branch. They denined to make a DD by paying cash. They said you have to have a account with them. Is there any rule like this.

  10. There is no rule like that friends….I am also a nationalized bank officer….it
    is because of our laziness we are saying like that…DD is a time consuming job…also irritating one….only rule is that no cash DD more than 49999 including commission…once if customer shows their courage to point out the rules then even chairman of the bank will come to serve you…..and dont ever xpect any empathies from these peoples…..u have to fight…

  11. I faced a similar case in SBI saket district court banch and also Bank of Baroda,even in bank of baroda,saket branch, the asst. manager was pleading with me.After repeated request manager given the permission but Asst. manager rejected saying I have no account in the branch.Is there any way to get read of these situations in New Delhi

  12. Not a surprise to me. This is a common story in almost all sarkaari offices in India.

  13. In India its usual …we get wrong information orally …so keeping our head cool ,we should ask them to give and in writing so that they become responsible s for their statement …yeda banke peda khana is normal in our country

  14. SBI and SBH are very poor in their customer service and more over they do not even know how to speak. They think that they are doing charity for the people. We had similar kind of experience with them. Escalated to higher officials and then it got resolved. They do not even understand any kind of technology. The employees behave as though they are not educated and footpath sellers. We have closed the accounts with them. Opened with other corporate banks and could make a large difference with respect to cutomer service. A dedicated relationship manager would be given and they come to our office or home for our requests. A simple mail would be enough for them to process our request.
    I suppose SBI and SBH are reading all this otherwise they would become history.

  15. you have to have an account with the bank(any branched),As per latest anti money laundering norms,you have to mention your account number. If you are not having an account with the bank,you can submit a KYC form so that they can create a walkin id and issue dd.since creation of walkin id and issuing a dd is a time consuming process,banks tries to avoid by simply saying Rules.

  16. A few years back, I along with my friend went to issue demand draft for both of us at Jawaharlal Nehru university Old Campus branch. We had to line up the whole day as the previous day was a holiday. Around three when we reached the counter the staff at the counter denied us issuing DD by saying that “the time is up” but issued the same to me when we complained to the branch manager. But now the ground was that I have an account with the same branch but denied the same to my friend as he does not have an account there. As the approach of most of the govt. officals towards the people are almost like this, SBI can’t be an exception to the ‘rule’. By dictating rules in their own way and by distancing from the ordinary people the ‘Brown Sahibs’ want to continue the British colonial rule in the largest democratic country in the world.

  17. dhyanpal singh rajput

    Its my humble request to all that please try to understand the rules and staff age group. The new generation in bank do not denied for any work but dd takes at least 20-30 minutes for printing because of passing to another counter and printing in another counter. Sorry for the customers who have not the account in SBI but the customers whose account is in SBI can opt for Internet Banking and can apply for demand draft. Also they can deliver at their address or at branch. This is the technology which SBI gives to their customer. I know some sort of problems are there in SBI but customers have to make patience with us that we can do the better for them with their satisfaction. In regard for this SBI has taken many initiatives like INB, E-Corner, Swayam etc. And SBI can’t change rapidly because it has many burdens of govt. schemes many targets and many more. So please cooperate with us so that we can provide better service to you. Its not easy to retain and maintain lacs of accounts with zero balance (ofcourse Jan dhan accounts). Private banks opens 1% accounts of dat jandhan. So its a big thing dat we are serving zero balance accounts to crores balance accounts.
    Please give us chance to serve you well and we will definitely do our best to serve you well.

    • Bullshit, Your employees do not care what ever urgency and importance customer facing. On line application is good initiative but you expect that i apply DD online from another city and wait for 7 days to get it received or travel many km to collect it. Beside matter of govt burden i think you are forgetting that bound in every govt. circular mentioning that “DD from nationalised bank” is bliss for you that getting a large chunk of business (SBI biggest nationalised bank) without any marketing and promotion effort in comparison to corporate banks. Instead giving excuse it will be better to use your instrument on your lacs of employee to change there attitude orientation. Customer is god is saying, at least teach them basics . I personally curse sbi that it sinks one day.

  18. can i get money for sbi dd in bank of baroda

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