Alice in Wonderland

I usually do not like reading reviews before watching a movie but I do read some reviews before watching the internationally appreciated movies.This time I heard the reviews from my friends who said what their friends say “Alice in Wonderland” got 4.5 rating.

Alice in Wonderland(2010)

I went to the movie with my one of my old office friend.She is a Delhite and didn’t meet her for a long time since she left Chennai.I met her yesterday and went for a movie “ALICE IN WONDERLAND”.The movie is surely entertaining  and doesn’t really drags things around except in the end(but that was only a little bit).The movie backdrop has been amazingly faithful to the book “Alice in Wonderland” except the story. The movie however is successful in maintaining the same genre as intended by Lewis Caroll.The movie story is a sequel to the original story.Somehow I felt the Prequel for this movie would be awesome.

Here’s my ratings for the movie:

Visual Treat : 3.5/5  The graphic work of the movie is definitely good but not the best.After seeing ‘Avatar’.

Storyline : Could have made a Prequel for the movie before making this movie,so 2 out of 5.


Entertaining the Audience : The theatre was full of kids.Seemed like the whole class of some kindergarden had come to watch the movie.There was a birthday party during the interval.The kids were awesome and they were really enjoying the Dragon Wackeloquee’s defeat in the hands of Alice and Mad Hatter’s (Johny Depp) dance in the end.So 4.5/5

Best scenes in the movie: I always believe there is something good to be learnt from every movie.I am always on the lookout for such scenes in every movie I watch .In this movie when the MAD HATTER asks Alice “Am I going mad” Alice says “Every best people in the world are”.It really touched me.The following is the last scene in the movie after the slaying of the Dragon of Wackaloguee (sorry abt the spelling) which everyone in the theatre enjoyed including me.

Alice in Wonderland is an amazing classic indeed which continues to entrall the kids over different generations.


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