Gandhi + Cool = GOOL

Last week I was flying all over India.My dream of flying all over the places finally came true ..partially of course.I always dreamt of becoming a High-Flying-Official having breakfast at Delhi , Lunch in Paris and Supper at NewYork and Dinner (with Old Monk) in Easter Islands and sleep under the starry skies….Huudududdu…Coming to Reality.I did had similar experience last week.I had breakfast at Chandigarh,Lunch at Delhi and Snacks in Flight and Dinner in Mumbai.Above all it was all a “business + fun” trip.Today I landed at Mumbai Airport after a two day visit to my hometown Chennai.I saw one common thing at many places …The TRICOLOR.I thought I am hallucinating.It could be because the Independence day was just two weeks back but this time the colors of tricolor have stayed.I even saw few foreigners at Qutub Minar last week wearing tricolor badges.BEING INDIAN was never so COOL.Thanks to Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption.It could be completely my perception alone ,  forgive me for my late awakening.

I heard this song on my laptop throughout the Trip I made last week.

Certainly GANDHIGIRI has come of age and the Naysayers of Gandhian Philosophy don’t have anything to say now

NOTE: I still have neutral views about the JAN LOKPAL BILL.But the so called JASBA which I am seeing all over India is Gandhian.People who support the JAN LOKPAL BILL please read this


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  1. goool 😛

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