how to connect a layout to an eventsheet (construct2)



it took three hours for me to figure out such a simple concept.I found the solution and hence my first mathematic game 🙂




how can i retrieve values in the adjacent matrices ; construct2



Matrix Generator – How to achieve this in Construct2

Please see the below two images and tell me how to achieve this.The numbers in the matrix are randomly generated one and the size of the matrix is based on the text boxes at the top



DEVIGN : Construct2 query : Having a uniform Walk Cycle

I am not able to find a way how to have a uniform walk cycle.Seems like the code below works everywhere except on Solid objects.


What mistake I am doing ?

Another attempt at Devign,the Game,Level 1

This is another fresh look at the game I have been making.

I felt the top view is not really a good idea since it’s outdated.Hence,I was trying some front view with inclusion of physics elements.Here is how it looks like


and I wonder if the ground below can move up along with the player who has a behaviour or SCROLL TO.

The trees and bridges between the trees has been given JUMP THRU.

Something like this:


So when the player scrolls above it looks something like this…All trees and bridges going down but the Ground and water moving along with the player ? Is that possible ?


UPDATE : Cool.Found the solution myself. It was silly of me.Actually,I should have applied PINned the Ground to the PLAYER and then applied SCROLL-TO LAYOUT for the ground.

DEVIGN : Construct2 query : Assign a path to AI creature

I have been working on Construct2 recently.Want to know how to achieve the following:

(a) Player to move in any direction ( 8-direction movement)

(b) Bad guy (AI) to follow only the path defined say on the bridges and the trees

The images below might explain my query clearly


Hence, the player stays safe as long as he is away from the tree and the bridges


more queries ?

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