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Upcoming Blogs in June

* First Edition of Enterprise 2.0 Chronicles

It will contain few unchangeable laws of creating an Enterprise 2.0 Solution which might become the ‘Essential Guidebook for Enterprise 2.0 solutions’

* My Thirumala trip

My trip [ordeal] to Thirumala on-foot.And some deep thoughts over religion and the meaning of broad classification of MASS and CLASS in Telugu industry

* Corporate Pillayar and some say there is someone called VISA pillayar too

Corporate Pillayar

* I am a defect in the Code written by God

Ofcourse !!! Matrix Story is not repeated over here, but it is about the series of events that happened in my life where I was able to influence the outcome of events in the universe around me by just thinking about it ( No Mere Coincidences)…Watch out for this blog if you are an atheist.

* Web 2.0 , History now also belongs to the losers

What Web 2.0 has done to the History of World.Will the History written till now be considered a Pre-Historic era from which no records of Loser’s thought process are found ?
Is Humanity moving towards a giant Collectively thinking system where NETWORK is more important than the individual ? Does Web 2.0 has any Apocalyptic consequenses……..Web 2.0 evangelists Watch out for this blog..

All this Coming Soon in the month of June


The best day ever ; thanks to IPL

Hello to everybody,

Probably this is my worst blog ever.Worser that my first blog on Mandira’s Cricket.But I can’t stop thanking IPL which is such a Hit and also making small time bloggers like me also a Hit.I have tried big topics like Enterprise 2.0 ( a Geeky topic) and then tried to create a controversy about SRK’s passion and acting career in CHUCK DE blog and the ultimate about the Hollywood Ramayana which got comments from the Hollywood actor Ian Roberts himself.

May be all my previous blogs were qualitatively good (since , no negative remarks so far ; so must be good indeed ) but did not do well Quantitatively. I am talking about the Number of Hits.

My addiction to Hitz : You can see the number of Hits as “Scene” as said in the local slang of land of Chennai Super Kings , for anything stylish. [ “Scene” is not related anything to “matter”. ] Everyday I whenever I open the WordPress.com I regularly refresh the page to see the counts of Hits increasing.

Over the past few days I have noticed the number of Hits have definitely increased.Thanks to the movie 10000 BC and the IPL.I had the best day ever till now ….Today it’s 72 hits on 25 April alone.The last time I had the maximum number of Hits was on March 11, 70 Hits.

Just look at the graph, the graph is awesome ………WOW

I hope more visitors to come again and again…I would also like you to give me ideas how I can increase the popularity of my blog. 🙂


Post script :

good number in increase of hits

Increased Average Hits Everyday