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Dhoni’s compilers didn’t work well this time,that’s it

India did not win this world cup.They said it was a big lie that was covered up by Dhoni’s men.It’s true that Men in Blue were fatigued and most of the key players including Dhoni and Yuvraj were unfit for playing this worldcup.But what could have we done , the schedule was way too hectic.Immediately after IPL the worldcup started.Even if the injured players were rested we would have lost this world cup.I think it is a waste of time complaining about

Rewind into past

‘Glorious moments are often hidden among the Shittiest of times,You just need Guts to find those’

Navjot Sidhu

“Remember the 1996 Word Cup Quater-Finals,there was a media news that Navjot Singh Sidhu was suffering from viral fever.The team management asked sidhu if he was okay with playing the game.It was sidhu who took the gut decision to play the game and he won the match for India.This is an example of ,NOT allowing fitness reasons to stop your spirit of sportsmanship”

Wasim Akram

“Another instance, was India’s match against Pakistan when Wasim Akram was suffering from some injury I guess.He played the game still and pulverised the Indian top order.Akram won that match at Sharjah single handedly for Pakistan.Sportsmanship”

I am sure Playing irrespective of the injury was again one of Dhoni’s Gut decisions like the one I noticed from other players in the past.If we had won, the media would never have cribbled about the loss.

We can’t expect success all the time.Failures do come very often,and they are very much necessarry only then we understand the value of success.This time we didn’t succeed , so what !!

For Fuck sake , stop complaining about India’s poor performance

There was another intance when Saurav Ganguly failed in the so called fitness test on the day of match.The match was the final of a Triangular series between INDIA/ NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA.The Aussies were the clear favourites to win the final as they had been on top form and had dominated throughout the series.The venue of the final was in Eden Gardens the home of fanatic Indian cricket fans.Nobody wanted to repeat the 1996 Semi-final.And it was Saurav’s first final on his home turf.The flash news on NDTV read

“Saurav fails the fitness test ; Rahul leading the Final”

It might have been true, or it could have been like this as well.We wanted just good cricket and do not want any mob in Eden Gardens, that too.The history said Indians have never lost any final in the Eden Gardens.Still the Aussie storm was so strong that the mob looked inevitable.

So,what happened was,a Drama of fitness test and Saurav failed in the fitness test (strangely ,the coverage was shown on all TV channels) and the local fans were saved from watching their own lad being pulverised by the Aussie turf-rollers on their own soil.

The cricket community either managed the media very well by not letting them know the real reason or even the media was an accomplice in this lie for a greater good.

So, What you need to do now…

Sit back and enjoy the final on Sunday.Have a Gala time with friends…it’s WORLD CUP final between PAKISTAN  and SRI LANKA.

Update: Pakistan won the Final of the T20 World cup England.Who’s next time Sri-Lanka ??


Congratulations Warne , Well Done Dhoni

I didn’t feel dejected after the final match in the IPL . It was a dream final.Could have been even better if it had gone for the BOWL OUT. Warney , you too have done a great job.I will remember this match for a long time as both were the captains I respected a lot.

Dhoni, has won in many ways.He has once again proved that he is the number one and the success he gets is not a fluke one.He deserves all the success he gets.May be this time , success didn’t hit him at the middle of the bat but he has done it again.

Apart from the results , Dhoni has proved a lot in team building as well and fairplay.A lot of character indeed at this young age.

Will Kings be Royal enough to beat the Rajasthan Royals

Captain MarvelChennai CSK

Just a few more hours to start the biggest Final ever staged in the history of cricket not in terms of stature but in terms of quality of cricket,money and of course prestige.

The Trophy might not be as good looking but winning the tournament definitely meant a lot to all the players in the beginning of the tournament and still means a lot even after it.

Let’s see what winning the IPL means to Dhoni

Dhoni has once again proved to the world and most importantly to his critics that the success he gets is not a fluke one.Be it 148 against the Pakistan or 183 against Sri Lanka or the T20 World cup or VB series against the Mighty Austrailians in ODIs and now in the IPL.For Dhoni , the exam is almost over.He has thwarted the impending danger from Yuvraj , whose father Jograj singh , claimed his son to be the better contender for the Captaincy.Who knows if Preeti’s men had won last night , we Indians would have again started doubting Dhoni’s leadership qualities (just like we have been doing for all the ex-captains of India).Being a captain of a side whose audience is so cruel as the Indians is a tough job.Dhoni has been successful till now.

In today’s match , Dhoni has got nothing to loose as he has proved once again that he is ‘Captain Marvel’ indeed.Even if Chennai looses the final , it would be a loss against a Retired Foreign Captain.Imagine if Kolkatha Knight Riders.The media would definitely ask questions like ‘Would it be wise to give the captaincy back to Ganguly?’.

Not only this , IPL is going to have a huge impact on the future players.It is a huge opportunity for new players like Rohit , Asnodkar and Gowswami to emerge from nowhere. It could also break the player’s careers who have just started their careers and yet to become a part of the team, like Nehra , Sreesanth , Zaheer , Irphan Pathan and Praveen Kumar.

And for Captains, it is the real test of character every year.Dhoni has luckily cleared all the exams but they are saying IPL is going to be conducted every year.Either the Media has to get mature enough or the Captains have to take this as fitness test every year.

Definitely one thing is sure, the future of Cricket is definitely brighter and the standards on the rise.

All the Best , Kings and Royals 🙂

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IPL trophy is as butiphul as Mallika Sherawat’s Nose

IPL Trophy

What a waste of money and time.Probably SRK and Vijay Mallya now would have convinced themselves about the old indian proverb “Jo hota hai ache key liye hota hai” [ Whatever happens , happens for the good] after seeing the IPL trophy.

SRK’s diplomatic response after looking at the Trophy for the first time

Heyyhey !!! What a Sexy Trophy.I love the trophy but I love my Wife even more.

Mallya’s Candid reply to the media about the Trophies BEAUTY

Modi has been fooled by the Belgians , just like Dravid fooled me during the Auction.

Preeti’s (My Favourite actress) Response

Wow !!! it’s amazing ………What a Momento…..I never expected this just for reaching the semi-finals.Hey! where is the trophy you were about to show (looks around).

And for the captains who reached the finals of the IPL tournament it would be the ‘Karma’ for which they are fighting for,Dhoni for proving himself that T20 World cup victory was not a fluke and for Shane Warne it’s time to prove that Australian Board that he too could have been a good captain for Australia , certainly not for the Trophy.

It’s difficult to hold !!! man !!!

Cricket is a Men’s sport !! and Men like Curves …Smooth Curves….where are the curves in the trophy.The first time when Shashtri was describing about the trophy during the Rajasthan and the Delhi semifinal , I got excited to see the trophy.But when they were showing the trophy on Television, I literally vomitted just like the feeling I usually get on seeing Namitha’s potruding tyre shaped belly.I remember Ravi Shastri describing the trophy studded with Blue saphires.I couldn’t see any BLUE there.

Negatives in the Trophy:

The first thing I didn’t like about the India Map was it’s unfairness to the Game.IPL is a celebration of cricket by forgetting the political barriers we have during the international matches.We have seen some of the arch rivals in the game hugging each other during the matches.Putting the India map bluntly on a carved wooden board doesn’t really looks good even though the map is studded with diamonds.

Apart from that I have a personal guilt from my childhood about the Indian map.I always felt smooth structures and symmetry is the defining characteristics of any beautiful object.And also the right size.The IPL trophy is not only awkwardly huge but also has the asymmetry of our political failures of the past.I am talking about the gaps near Nepal , Bhutan and Bangladesh in the Indian map. They look like broken edges of a termite attacked bathroom door.Specially, Bangladesh reflects our political inability to retain the Original delta region of the Holy River Ganga. Pakistan is not an issue for me because , the map looks much better without pakistan. Also there is so much ambiguity in the map.We still claim parts of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan as POK. In future if any Pakistani player is a captain of any one of the Indian side and wins the trophy , there would be a huge media uproar in Pakistan , saying that the IPL has a wrong map of India , specially near the Kashmir border.

The only good feature in the Trophy that too short lived

The statue of a player smashing a ball ,square.But I think , I saw the face of the batsman in the trophy quite closely , but not for a long time.Ofcourse I tried searching for a close-up shot of the trophy on the internet but could get only the above pic with the broad smiling face of Modi behind it.I still think the facial features of the player immortalized could have been given more realistic look.

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