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Social Interaction on Twitter

I was busy consolidating all my works done from my childhood till today.It seems like I have ready done so much and sometimes I felt like I am born for design having wasted 4 years of my life in software(but it is not the case as everything in life is a dot and life is about connecting those dots)

While collecting I also worked on few more infographics one of them being an Infographic on Social Interaction on Twitter.Many of my friends find it very difficult to understand how twitter works and what is twitter for.Even the Orkut and Facebook generation of the my batch is not able to comprehend what’s twitter for.May be the next generation kids like @thirmurugan who will pass out in the coming years will be understanding twitter better.What am I blabbering !!!!

Coming to the point here’s a set of Infographics which clearly explains the dynamics of Social Interaction on twitter.I have missed out RT (RETWEET) ¬†and #Hashtags which I will do in the next edition of this blog.

Plain Tweets on Twitter



For those who are not able to make out what’s shown in the infographic here’s the Common Craft video