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Mc Guffin

This is something to really think about as designers beyond the curriculum and submissions.Innovation seems to be of two types :
(a) Sustaining and
(b) Disruptive
Even within the first category we have two more sub categories
(a.1) Evolutionary
(a.2) Revolutionary
Both the types of innovation Sustaining and Disruptive are about creating SYSTEMS for the betterment of people(or solving people’s problems or in more abstract sense FREEDOM from troubles).The Sustaining innovation has a natural tendency towards SYSTEMs and tends to retain the existing one and improve the current system. Disruptive innovation on the other hand has a natural dislike for SYSTEMs but in the end even disruptive innovation ends up making a system (with more degrees of freedom and bigger boundaries of destiny*).The picture here (which I took from a facebook meme), is a complementary to this argument.
If freedom is the ultimate goal, sustaining innovation and disruptive innovation are constantly working towards it though their styles of operation are different and sometimes even consider each other as their competitors (this resembles the conflicts between Gandhian style of freedom struggle and Bhagat Singh style of freedom struggle).
But FREEDOM (which can also be compared with SOLUTIONS to PROBLEMS), we might never be able to achieve that because it probably doesn’t exist at all.Even if we are free from the earth’s gravitational pull we are bound by the gravity of the sun and even if we escape the solar system we are under the gravitational influence of the star cluster the Sun belongs to and even if we escape the star cluster we are under the influence of the Milky way galaxy probably it goes on like that forever.
The argument above might be sound too trivial for few, might even sound like my usual rant , might go above your head like a bullet and some might even label it as “Humbug” but believe me, I am kind of overwhelmed by the above argument which is probably the best thing that happened to be after coming to IDC. And I hope that this philosophy reflects in the games I would be making.
Why am I sharing this thought with everyone ? May be my “Throat Chakra(the chakra for expression)” is too active today that makes me to express the thoughts that implode inside my mind all the time.Had the “Third Eye Chakra” been active I would have felt the argument and kept quite.
It would be really great to have a constructive debate (newbies and veterans alike) over the topic  “Does design in India accommodates both the types of design innovation sustaining and disruptive ?”.The question is asked with an assumption that “Design is a wholistic approach to problem solving (or freedom from troubles)”
You must be wondering what doesn Mc Guffin mean ? I will be writing about it next week.

Anonymity in an Enterprise 2.0 environment

Since the nature of these series of blogs are going to be ‘Vettu One – Thundu Rendu’ type[ tamil slang meaning Very Objective nature] , I am not going to drag the discussion too long by giving strange weird theory names which even the DOOM 2 playing Geeks can’t understand.

Enterprise 2.0 Kural

Let’s split the great phrases of Pinastro into two.

“There’s no doubt of the impossibility of Anonymous user in Enterprise 2.0…”

The reason for the above statement is because Enterprise’s value the brand image , reputation and security unlike the Open Consumer Internet which has never cared about security and privacy kind of stuffs.

Kinthu [ But ] , in the name of security we may loose the very essence of the Collaboration as people tend to be more HONEST, CREATIVE and UNTOUCHED BY THE GROUPISM as explained here by Brendan Peat.A very popular website which supports the secret identity of it’s users is postSecret.com, of course in the name of creativity and honesty.

But, this site claims that anonymity causes in us a “Spoiled Child Syndrome”.People start doing things which their parents wouldn’t allow them to do nor they wouldn’t like their own children doing.Krish Ashok has given a very creative depiction of Anonymous Profiles on the internet here.People tend to DOCTOR the internet content, like in Wikipedia , by the corporates and some counsellors ,according to this news report

In order to benefit from the Creativity generated out of anonymity , John. M. Grohol , suggests something called ‘Pseudonymity’ in his blog..Please do not skip this hyperlink, because it is a must read:)

Now coming on to the second part of the Kural.

“…but will that be ever possible on Web 2.0”

Probably, nothing has been thought in this regard because NO ONE ACTUALLY CARES about the Internet.May be at some point of time when Communism again rises and this time successfully, we might have a world where every single person will have only one Profile with the SSN number.The reason why communist government of the World( if at all……. take it easy buddy !!! ) might not completely ban Social Networking and Web 2.0 is to avoid an uprising against them by the Web 2.0 addict people or to keep the room for innovation open ( of course in a nursery ).

Again, ‘Pseudonymity’ could be an answer where same profiles can be allowed to have multiple identities so that people feel free to realsise their different faces.

May be we need to ask Plato’s Soul wandering somewhere in the intergalatic space to clearly decide if we really need “Anonymity in Web 2.0 world that is causing Internet Porn traffic”.It was he who told that “‘prostitution’ is a neccessary evil”.

For more of Enterprise 2.0: please visit this Header Blog

We always have a choice – AAD NARI or MORE AAD NARI

For the past few days I have been thinking hard.Thinking about almost everything.As this is my second nature to draw whatever I think / imagine or extrapolate about.I have some sketches but this time using the Third Tier tool.My brain lies in the first tier and my Hand is my Second tier and the third one is Photoshop tool.

Well, this blog is also dedicated to some of my friends who have insisted to write a blog on life of an IT consultant.

Statuary Disclaimer:Any similarities in the imagination work written (or typed or painted) below with the the lives of any individual is merely a coincidence.
Actually in every profession we find two kinds of people

(A) Ordinary (AAD NARI)

(B) Extra-Ordinary ( MORE AAD NARI)

To view clearly click on the images to get an enlarged view

Now coming to the real deal.Below is an tree view of an ordinary IT consultant.


Whereas the Life of Ordinary consultants is like below.The life looks the same till he is a Project Lead but then he makes a choice.Choice between taking life as a Subset of Career or Vice versa.

Those who take Life as a subset of Career are Ordinary men and the others (i.e. who think Career as a Subset of Life) are those who Change the World.


Well , Where I am now here.Since the Designation difference between Module Lead and Team Lead is vague in my project , I myself do not know what I am ; A Module Lead or a Team Lead.

But looking at the steam coming out of my head and hair still firmly rooted on my scalp, I think I am in the stage of Team Lead.Now I want to take a Jump from Team Lead to LXG who can change the world.Of course I am not an AAD NARI man.

So here is my career path as Software Consultant.


Now , There are some exceptions though.Do not come to the conclusion that the LXG has only people with Long hairs.There will also be people who look like the Bright guys.After all Hair problem runs though generations as a genetic problem.Sometimes Manda Soodu (Head Heat) is not related to Smartness.


So make a choice today , You want to be AAD NARI or MORE AAD NARI….I have chosen to be MORE AAD NARI