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Santhanu’s Chitra Vidyalaya

Today I went to a very different school ,of which ,I was part of during my childhood.I went to Santhanu’s Chitra Vidyalaya from where I used to get my postal course on Art.I have done two courses , one Children Art Course and another Commercial Art Course.My REAL GURU is Vijayasarathy the head of the school who used to single handedly correct all his student’s sketches coming from all over the country.The Sad thing is he is no more and I could just see his photograph.It’s a very sad thing that I have never met my REAL Art Guru who have guided me in drawing from the age of 9.

When I showed my sketches and my Guru’s correction on those sketches his son who runs the school now , felt very good and felt very nostalgic.He must have definitely felt very happy to see all his dad’s course material kept intact by me,which have always guided me through my Art career,including my recent success at CEED and NID entrance exams.

Nostalgic memories While I was doing my “Children Art course” with Santhanu Chitra Vidyala , I was studying in 5th standard,during which,my dad got transferred to Calcutta Army Hospital.I sent a letter to Santhanu Chitra Vidyalaya that please send the future lessons to the address in Calcutta.But since Santhanus had already sent me the Fifth Module to the Chennai address, they sent me another copy of the same with a personal note to me saying that since they are not sure if I got the Fifth module due to change of address,they are sending another copy of the same.This showed their dedication towards a student of hardly 9-10 years old.This created a huge respect for Santhanus Chitra Vidyalaya and Vijayasarathy sir.

I collected all the course material religiously

collection of all lessons-forever guide

Material is for all ages The course material sent by Santhanus is for all ages.I still use the material for some facial expressions , perspectives doubt etc.

Below is sketches by me (from age 9 to 15) and corrected by Vijayasarathy sir 🙂


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My First Oil Painting

Figure Drawing

Wash Drawing



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After a very long time…

Well , there is a very few blog following for this average blogger.But those who follow “pinastro” might have already lost hopes what happened to this guy called pinastro.People might have thought pinastro is dead.This blogpost comes in the right time to say that pinastro is alive.

working hard (in the right arena ,I guess)

working hard (in the right arena ,I guess)

Well, I do not blog much these days as I am busy with “surgeries” on PHP code, thanks to my friend from  medical field ,I am talking all medical these days.I have come a long way from wondering about Krish Ashok’s fantabulous blogs to actually creating websites with some of the cutting edge technologies like RAILS,wordpress,bbpress,buddypress and now also JOOMLA along with weekend freak-outs with friends not to forget the regular BOOZEMASTER sessions with the office-mates.Ofcourse,I have been investing a lot of money too in my ideas.I really hope for the best after all the turmoil in my recent past ,personal and professional life combined.

I am soon coming with a revolutionary text editor about which I will be blogging soon and subsequently with the product itself.The idea was born out of the ashes of my washed away R and D dreams of Comic Book Mark-up Language.Not only that I am coming up with many killer ideas these days,thanks to removing my long-term nagging,complex,sick,confused girlfriend out-of-my-mind.

As my BBPRESS coding is calling me,can’t blog much now but I can say one thing.I am definitely on the right track and the greatest strength I have is IMPULSIVE CREATIVITY and the greatest drawback that keeps me away from comprehensive victories is IMPULSIVE OPTIMISM and IMPULSIVE PESSIMISM toggling and sometimes even LAZINESS to CODE.

And for the die-hard fans of pinastro’s blog, this blog happens to be my anniversary blog.I have completed one year of blogging 🙂