Santhanu’s Chitra Vidyalaya

Today I went to a very different school ,of which ,I was part of during my childhood.I went to Santhanu’s Chitra Vidyalaya from where I used to get my postal course on Art.I have done two courses , one Children Art Course and another Commercial Art Course.My REAL GURU is Vijayasarathy the head of the school who used to single handedly correct all his student’s sketches coming from all over the country.The Sad thing is he is no more and I could just see his photograph.It’s a very sad thing that I have never met my REAL Art Guru who have guided me in drawing from the age of 9.

When I showed my sketches and my Guru’s correction on those sketches his son who runs the school now , felt very good and felt very nostalgic.He must have definitely felt very happy to see all his dad’s course material kept intact by me,which have always guided me through my Art career,including my recent success at CEED and NID entrance exams.

Nostalgic memories While I was doing my “Children Art course” with Santhanu Chitra Vidyala , I was studying in 5th standard,during which,my dad got transferred to Calcutta Army Hospital.I sent a letter to Santhanu Chitra Vidyalaya that please send the future lessons to the address in Calcutta.But since Santhanus had already sent me the Fifth Module to the Chennai address, they sent me another copy of the same with a personal note to me saying that since they are not sure if I got the Fifth module due to change of address,they are sending another copy of the same.This showed their dedication towards a student of hardly 9-10 years old.This created a huge respect for Santhanus Chitra Vidyalaya and Vijayasarathy sir.

I collected all the course material religiously

collection of all lessons-forever guide

Material is for all ages The course material sent by Santhanus is for all ages.I still use the material for some facial expressions , perspectives doubt etc.

Below is sketches by me (from age 9 to 15) and corrected by Vijayasarathy sir 🙂


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My First Oil Painting

Figure Drawing

Wash Drawing



71 responses to “Santhanu’s Chitra Vidyalaya

  1. Highly interesting post this one 🙂 so how do the art courses take place over correspondence ?? they used to give you tests and you would sketch??

    pinastro: yeah it was through correspondence and they used to give assignments and I used to complete them and a month’s time was given

  2. Excellent work…. Hats of to Vijay Parthasarathy sir….

  3. Hi Karthik

    Its wonderful to see your blog on our vidyalayam and particularly. THanks for your feedback- such words keep us going – and hope to live up to your expectations.

    NB: Dad’s name is Vijayasarathy – not vijay parthasarathy.

    Pinastro: It’s a kind of embarassment indeed , not knowing my Guru’s name properly.made correction now

    • I used to learn from Santhanu’s chitra vidhyalaya as a kid . Now would like to enroll my son for drawing class, however the website u have mentions isnt working. Is there a phone no or email id i could use?
      thanks in advance Pinastro


  4. Hi There.
    I have myself done this course and its really nice. Was wondering if they still send those art courses? I want to know the website where I can subscribe it for a cousin

  5. I am interested in the courses offered by your institute for my son. we are put up at Gurgaon. how soon can we know how to register to the course.

  6. Hi!

    Felt really good reading and seeing the drawings and the comments done so painstakingly!
    I came across this Vidyalayam when I found a book by Shantanu’s in my cousin’s old home. I wish to enroll for the course and while looking for the website on the net, came across your blog. Kindly let me know how to enroll for this as I don’t see their website up either! 😦

    Wish you good luck in your artistic endeavours!
    Cheers! 🙂

  7. nan 1989 il ungal tapal vazhi maanaviyaga padithen en 8986I.

  8. Interested in knowing more and subscribing for the same

  9. Can you please provide the contact no. or email ID of this institute? I am interested in a correspondence course in cartooning

  10. archana deepak

    Its nice to see this page. I like to know if you still have those art courses via post. I am an student of the institution, now staying in Mumbai.


    Old student

  12. Dear Sir, I want to do a diploma in fine arts to give new life to my hobby. Are there any correspondence course that you are conducting ? If so, please let know the conditions, so that I can apply at the earliest. May I request also your full postal address for correspondence through an email . Thanking you in anticipation

  13. I am a student of Santanu too….

  14. Dear,
    I was a correspondence student of cartoon course under sri. Vijaya Sardhy 25 yers back when I was 15yr.from kerla. now I m in Delhi. I got a certificate from Santhanus Chitra Vidyalayam for Cartoon. The course was very chepest in that time. I didn’t see my Guru.. I now understand he is no more ….really missed..
    Now I want to know the Vidyalayam is runnig if so please inform the about the courses
    S. Shankar

  15. Hi,

    I too completed a diploma in commercial arts from the same place it was a flash back to see the pictures and the principal vijayasarathy sir corrected every design personally with remarks mostly very good 🙂 . Thanks a ton for the link.

  16. Ashok kumar mahapatra

    I had taken admission in fine art course under postal mode in 1997. Now I want to take admission in the same course and I want the postal address of your institution. Thanks. Ashok Kumar Mahapatra, C/0- Sarat Mallick , At- Harachandi Sahi, P.O.- Chandpur, Dist- Nayagada, Odisha, PIN – 752024

  17. please, give me this art school adders & phone numbers.

  18. i want cartoon tutorials, books…

  19. जयदीप शेखर

    मुझे गर्व है कि मैंने भी इस प्रतिष्ठित विद्यालय से एक वर्ष का एक कोर्स (कार्टूनिंग) किया है. पार्थसारथी महोदय लाल स्याही वाले कलम से मेरे रेखाचित्रों को सुधारकर वापस भेजा करते थे. कोर्स पूरा करने के बाद मैंने सिर्फ तीन लाईनों से एक नारी आकृति बना कर (पोस्टकार्ड पर) उन्हें नये साल पर भेजा था- शुभकामना सन्देश के साथ. उन्होंने मुझे भी उत्तर में एक प्रशस्तीपत्र दिया था. यह 1988-89 की बात है…

  20. I want the postal address & telephone number of this institution , different art courses and course fee. Because one day I was a student of this instition.

  21. I too was a student of this institute. nice reading this page. I wish to enroll my children.

  22. @pinastro it would be very kindfull if you could please provide us with the contact details or address in chennai

    the website seems to b under construction and shows some error details

    thanking you

  23. I was a student of this institution . Everyone appreciated my paintings. All the credit goes to my Guru Vijayasarathy Sir. Thankyou.

  24. Thank you for writing this blog. I never knew who my guru was when I did the course-I was 8 years old then. But for years I have been trying to find the address to pursue from I left off. The website mentioned here is not working and I’ve called a number with an ad in hotfrog which rings but is not picked up.I will try again but was hoping if someone here knows of a better way to reach them.
    I am grateful to you Pinastro for providing this info which I’ve looked for years and grateful to the diligent, kind and patient guru-Vijayasarathy whose name I know today and shall remember.
    My experience was similar to yours. I feel amazed that an individual took extraordinary efforts to correct each piece of work that his students sent him which is reflective of his passion and dedication.God bless him!

  25. My dear Pinastro,
    This article is a Great Godsend !
    As most of the predecessors here, esp. Sri SOMA lamented, I too have not seen my Guru. A letter sent to him some 10 years back returned undelivered. The only luck I did have other than the painstaking support my Guru too k for me like for others was that he was kind enough to give me a photograph of his on my request.
    I completed the course under the Reg No. 1883 ES/1976 and the Certificate I received on completion is the only proof one could see in my apartment as proof of my intense passion and living as a walking caricaturist.
    I thank you once again Pinastro.
    I am also mesmerised how Sri Soma could parrot my own feelings in the matter.

    Email :
    Cell: 08547001001

  26. i am old student of thatschool wish you allthe best ,t.r.mohanan

  27. Its really amazing to see the blogs of so many students of this institute and am proud I was also a student of this institute in the year1996. I have kept all the test papers intact. I had done a commercial art course through correspondence and I am interested to do fine art now. The guidance I received from Guru Vijayasarathy has made me to take up a profession in this field and now I,am proud to say that I am handling art classes in a reputed school in Bangalore. I am happy to impart the knowledge imparted to me by my guru.

  28. want IGD-Bombay Art ……..
    Visit us at-
    E-mail id:
    contact- 09532262892

  29. Hi it was great to read about Santana art school. I also learnt from this school as a child, it was a wonderful experience. Iam saddenedt know that vijaysarathy master is no more. He will always be remembered by his students. Thank you.

  30. Sir I what to join postal art class in ypur school

  31. plz give the address

  32. what is the site address? I am looking for website.

  33. chitraviyalam pallanu vala valthukal.tamil buha,

  34. Hello friend
    Thanks for the info . I am from kolkata and would love to do a course from this school .
    Please let me know the procedure and where I can deposit the money .


  35. I also did the same course 0n1980. 8 months back I had given up all the materials for my sisters daughter. Nostalgic..

  36. i would like to do diploma i art in cores. kindly help me

  37. I had also learned it when i was 8 years old. Now for my son of 9 years, i am searching for an art school..nothing on internet is as good as what i had learnt at santhanus… missing such good quality ones. I have sent the email to the contact address given here. let me see

  38. I want to like to join my son at your school who study +2 Ist Year how can admission in commercial at course

  39. Beautful recollections !

    This , in fact, I wanted to reminisce in one of my online sites. Your words unbelievably echo my own heart on our Master and his methods ! I am sure, there was and can never be a teacher like him grooming Ekalavyas like you and me, postally !

    I was under him in 1976 as No.1883 ES ! I would like to talk to you.

    Sajjive Balakrishnan
    Cell: 8547001001

  40. This brings back memories from my childhood. I used to wait every month for the lessons. I was in Kuwait and sir used to send me lessons and corrections. I was about 30 years ago.

  41. I am overwhelmed by the response to this blogpost . Many have been asking for contact details of the school. It’s very unfortunate to say that the school which has left a lot of legacy is no longer functional .

  42. Manoj Kr Mehta

    I too was a student of this school way back in 1981. Will i get the postal address of the institute as its website is not functional.
    With regards,

  43. @pinastro : Hi, it would be really great if you can share us any teachers in chennai where this generation can learn the art of drawing like the one you had experienced!!! Please

    • Not sure if any correspondence schools such as Santhanu still exists. There are a lot of online courses available. There are apps like Byjus which teach regular subjects but not sure about the subjects

  44. hi
    cant find the website
    please anybody can let us know website/asddress/phone no , it will be very useful

  45. Hi, I red the after my search on Santhanu as I remember one of my friend did the course about 35 years ago. Now what are the options for my daughter to learn as you know?

  46. Resected sir/ madam
    I would like to ask postal drawing class are available .if its there I need information about that classea

  47. Resected sir/madam
    I would like to join my son for drawing class if postal drawing class is available
    and we need some information about that class too

  48. I did the Children’s Art course too from the same institute.How I used to wait for my lessons to arrive by post.
    Do they still conduct correspondence art courses?

  49. sir what are the course available i want to join i already did a course in my scool days and whats the fees

  50. Could you please share the website and any contact details of this school. I too was a student in early 90s. I searched a lot and see that yours is the only article so far about their school.

  51. please share the website and any contact details of this school- Santhanus Chitra Vidyalaya

  52. I tried several time and even been to the place in Chennai – I understand they have shifted and further no news…can the owners respond

  53. the owners i think are not in the same business anymore.

  54. I am a proud student as well. Will appreciate if someone can trace the school in chennai.

  55. Hi..I too have joined this course fine arts by post 20 years back..i could not continue my course due to some family issues. I just want to continue..can i

  56. sir, Any address of this intstitution.My mom did the course 30 yr back.Can I have any address please.Is this institution still continuing.

    going on?

  57. Hi! I’m Sujatha Pradeep. I had completed commercial art course with Santhanu’s Chithra Vidyalayam about 20 years back. I have all their study materials with me but for chapter 4. Is it possible for anyone to spare that alone so that I can take copies of that and return it to you safe. Please contact me in my email I’d if you have the same. Thanks 🙏

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