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Web 2.0 Evangelsim – 3

Wisdom of Crowds

Wisdom of Crowds


Web 2.0 Evangelism – 2

web 2.0

web 2.0

The coming generattion coming out of colleges will be a generation that doesn’t remember a day in colege life(best days of life) when they were not online or did not log into facebook.So suddenly if they are forced not to use facebook in the organizations they join…life becomes dull.Hence,orgnaizations have to adapt to the new Facebook culture that’s evident plus it also has it’s own advantages.Read more on this

1. Hippies inside organizations

2. Enterprise 2.0

3. Wild Web 2.0 needs to be tamed

Since this blog is just a sequel to “Web 2.0 Evangelism” blog , I recommend you to read it.And do read this blog which I found interesting specially the picture that explains so well “What is Web 2.0 (by the way)?”

Web 2.0 Evangelism

Today was a sad day for India and the people of this world.Indian Mujjahideens(suspected to be behind the blasts) set up 17 serial blasts in Ahmedabad just one day after 7 blast in Bangalore.I am a software developer and currently more of a social software developer and still believe I have a part in changing the world for better.I may not be taking on the “So Called Terrorists” directly but I do have a part in changing the world.

Following is also such an effort.May the souls of the dead Rest in Peace and for the culprits , may the Universe have mercy on them and save them from the Destructive path they have chosen

Please look at the pictures below and form your own story and tell me what is the best story line up for the comic strip below.Remember the comic strip is a collaborative one.The Keywords to be used are

Web 2.0 , Facebook , Insurance , Vacation

Agent and Customer1
Final one

Come On !!!! Use your imagination ..and keep the Keywords in Mind 🙂

How to change the current URL in an XUL file ?

I came across this strange problem .

When I used this line of code

var currentURL = urls[z(0,totalurls-1)]; ;
window.location.href = currentURL;

where z is a function that returns the function randomly.

The code is working perfectly fine and changes the URL of the current window itself…but the problem here is that we can switch websites only once as the object that invokes the random change of URL disappears with the first site itself.

The solution is a Custom Toolbar which will not go away even if the URL is changed….Something like STUMBLE UPON..



So , when this same code is used in an XUL file, another window is being created with the random URL, but I want the random URL change to happen in the same window.It is creating one more window at each click of the Stumble button.

Doubt in XUL

Doubt in XUL

XUL help needed

stumble try

stumble try

Is there any way to reduce the size of the png image or autoresize the same ?The Stumble Icon which u see is actually an image added to the toolbox item ….using CSS i.e. from the tutorial mentioned in this site

Comics 2.0 as a Learning Tool


In many ways Comics 2.0 is going to give comic art a new meaning perhaps never seen or visualized in the history of comics so far, in which comics have always been projected as time-pass materials whose bread, butter and jam would be Adventure , Humour and Fantasy.Unfortunately , the potential of comic books have not been realised by the educationists for a long time, probably due to “Superman” (the most shining example of fictional Super-Heroes).The halo effect created by Superman was so intense and blinding that comic books failed to diversify itself in scope and most importantly failed to have a place in Literature.

It is now in the internet age when self-publication has become very common and freedom to express has become more real , comic books have taken the form of WebComics.But the idea about comic books as Time-Pass materials is so HARD-CODED in the human mind that WebComics (Internet Comics) are more of just an advanced avataars of the fairly notorious form of comic art called UNDERGROUND COMICS.Other forms have really not taken shoots.

Things are Changing

As the Spell of Superman faded away from Golden Age of Comics in the 30s to the Bronze Age of Comics in the 80s,comic art itself faced a major blow from the electronic games that provided a more interactive forms of time-pass tools.

The major shift in mindset came when a Comic book was awarded a Pulitzer prize in the year 1992.The comic book name was ‘Maus’ and it was about a Nuclear Holocaust Survivor.

Although , many innovative teachers in schools have tried independently to use comics as a motivating tool for dull students, it is now that education organizations around the world are seriously thinking comics as a LEARNING TOOL and some thoughts are even about including Comic art as a “Unique form of Literature.”