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On Sachin’s 200


God - who made 200

Well, this is not one of those matches when I used to watch every ball.I have lost touch with cricket and do not follow cricket much but somehow stay in touch with it.I remember how I used to defend Sachin when many of my friends and colleagues criticise Sachin for his poor form.Yesterday was the end of that all.Last night,Sachin finally made the most elusive record in one day cricket..THE ODI 200.

Well there were always speculations about who is going to score 200 in a single innings in ODIs.When Shewag hit a blizkreig century against Lanka in his Sixth innings we thought it was Shewag , When Dhoni hit 183 against Lanka we thought it’s Dhoni and long back in ’99 World cup we thought it was Ganguly (when he scored 183 against … Lanka [WHAT A COINCIDENCE])

I watched all those innings LIVE and I remember how I was filled with JOY of an Indian cricketer scoring so many runs at the same time little uneasy about the fact that “WISH THIS WAS SACHIN’S INNINGS”.

Also when Anwar got out at 194 at Chepauk in 1997 against India,I was happy because Anwar didn’t reach 200 than being sad about India’s loss in that match.Same case,in a match against Lanka when Jayasuriya scored 189 against India.

Yesterday,I was satisfied finally after earlier disappointments against Australia (175) and New Zealand(186*).Actually,Sachin is the only player who reached beyond 150 so many times(not sure of the fact though)

Well done Sachin,you have finally sealed the dirty mouths of all those who doubt your talents.You are indeed God.You have always been my inspiration and will always be.


Adobe Cs4 not compatible with Windows 7 ?

Well, my second blog this year.This really shows that my mind still has some grey matter..jus kiddin

I have been quite busy these days working on the WEB from which I took a break few months back..but I am learning that CODING comes best to me , next to Sketching and Ideation.You won’t believe,I am also trying my (never-tested-before) acting skills in one of the plays organized by yavanka stage  drama group.Well, really do not know if I can make it to the final play whose name is “Bagiya Bancharam Ki

Coming to the point what prompted me to blog after a long time.I have been tinkering with my Laptop to set up a platform from which I can re-launch my software career..well..

I was facing this problem with ubuntu OS.I can’t install Adobe CS4 on it.So I installed Windows 7 on my laptop and on top of it installed Ubuntu on a different partition,thinking  I will be installing and working on CS4 on windows and doing my ususal RAILS ,coding and browsing stuff on Ubuntu..but then I discovered this

WTF - No CS4 on Windows 7

Then I read some forums which are little hazy about this problem.I am not good with reading forums due to the random nature of the discussions going on.But what I get is CS4 is not stable on windows 7 , though it is installed after some make shift changes .Some say it is Hardware issues and some even say it is absolutely no problem installing CS4 on Windows 7…I am confused..what’s the solution ? please contact me on or call me on this number 09871861699

Edit: Actually there is no problem shown when trying to install i.e. when I click on the .exe but nothing happens.And when I did the compatibility test it showed the message which I have shown in the screenshot above.