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Web 2.0 Evangelism – 4 [ Connecting with your employees ]

web 2.0 evangelism

web 2.0 evangelism


Web 2.0 Evangelism – 2

web 2.0

web 2.0

The coming generattion coming out of colleges will be a generation that doesn’t remember a day in colege life(best days of life) when they were not online or did not log into facebook.So suddenly if they are forced not to use facebook in the organizations they join…life becomes dull.Hence,orgnaizations have to adapt to the new Facebook culture that’s evident plus it also has it’s own advantages.Read more on this

1. Hippies inside organizations

2. Enterprise 2.0

3. Wild Web 2.0 needs to be tamed

Since this blog is just a sequel to “Web 2.0 Evangelism” blog , I recommend you to read it.And do read this blog which I found interesting specially the picture that explains so well “What is Web 2.0 (by the way)?”

Web 2.0 Evangelism

Today was a sad day for India and the people of this world.Indian Mujjahideens(suspected to be behind the blasts) set up 17 serial blasts in Ahmedabad just one day after 7 blast in Bangalore.I am a software developer and currently more of a social software developer and still believe I have a part in changing the world for better.I may not be taking on the “So Called Terrorists” directly but I do have a part in changing the world.

Following is also such an effort.May the souls of the dead Rest in Peace and for the culprits , may the Universe have mercy on them and save them from the Destructive path they have chosen

Please look at the pictures below and form your own story and tell me what is the best story line up for the comic strip below.Remember the comic strip is a collaborative one.The Keywords to be used are

Web 2.0 , Facebook , Insurance , Vacation

Agent and Customer1
Final one

Come On !!!! Use your imagination ..and keep the Keywords in Mind 🙂