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Web 2.0 Evangelsim – 3

Wisdom of Crowds

Wisdom of Crowds


Pinastro 1.9-A Stone Age man in the Web 2.0 world

Frankly speaking , this is what I am feeling like at the moment now , A man from Stone Age era , after getting released from my ex-project that was literally in the stone ages in terms of tools usage even the communication and collaborative tools were like Neanderthal’s “Hoo Hoo , Ha Ha “.Everything was in terms of word documents and spreadsheets.I am sick of spreadsheets that too in an Agile project.The ‘tasks’ allocated to my team were in a spreadsheet and never could be easily understood. It always took nearly half a day to read the spreadsheets and another two hours at the end of day to discuss the doubts on phone (with my boss at onshore).Gosh !!! then why did he create a spreadsheet if we could discuss it over phone.

Of course , I used to share my knowledge through e-mail (LOTUS NOTES) every week to everyone in the project, about what I discovered in the proprietary tool my project used to boost about.But the problem the probability of reading an “Information” mail is 1 in 100 , and the maximum people in my project was just 80.Nearly 30 mailboxes will always bounce back saying “The receiver’s mail box was full” and 40 of them will never read such mails and only 10 of them who read the mail were Testers who never used the tool. What was required was a Project level “Wiki” (a self correcting, self growing KM platform).We did had a KM platform but it always stinked due to the a huge repository of “Write-Only” and “Unusable” documents.

Why mails never work

Why Mails never work ??

I even went on an ambitious plan to eliminate spreadsheets forever but was held back by the project bureaucracy and politics.I had another plan to correct the flaws in appraisal system , not because I have got low ratings in early part of my career but due to my I belief in the possibility of an Utopian era.I must agree though that the steps I took for changing the work place was very crude and primitive.I myself needed to learn a lot which I am doing now.

This blog is definitely not mutterings of a frustrated IT guy like my previous blogs this , this and this one.This blog is about my conquest of AJAX. In fact, it’s a sequel to one of my favorite blogs

So Dumb of me

For the last few days , I have been single mindedly trying to catch the AJAX snitch.The reason I am calling myself as dumb is because this site has made me realise that I have actually caught AJAX nearly a week ago and have implemented some ten small programs with AJAX TECHNIQUE (to be precise) but never realised it.

Yeah ! AJAX is a TECHNIQUE not a Technology.

Done or Still More ??

Unlike it happens in the Quidditch, that Game is over once the Seeker catches the Snitch , the Web 2.0 actually begins after the conquest of AJAX snitch.Javascript is definitely fun but it is very tedious to develop big projects based on AJAX , Javascript , DOM alone.We need frameworks which make Javascripts so easy.Yes I need to learn frameworks now.JQuery ( a lightweight Javascript library) also makes life easier.Again my analogy of AJAX with Quidditch is very amateur.

Technology is about plumbing work and the Customers don’t really care about plumbers

Whenever my colleagues in my last project tell me that “Mainframes is cool yaar.You get billed higher in Mainframes than any other technology guy”.I say “CRAP”.These are some TABOOS in which techy guys live with.The customer wants solutions , and Simple Solutions , not the Complexity which every Development project Programmer aspires to work in.

And Yes !!! I have successfully achieved the target of mission Pinastro 1.9 🙂

though it shouldn’t have taken such a long time (two weeks)

Is “Enterprise 2.0” just a tamed version of “Wild” Web 2.0 ?

The earlier title of this blog was this “Is Enterprise 2.0 all about mimicking the success of Web 2.0 on the Consumer Internet? ” but since it was too long I changed it.I think the current title also doesn’t look short either 🙂

Well,this is yet another blog on Enterprise 2.0 , the font size of “Enterprise 2.0” in Tag-Megham (Tag Cloud) is growing bigger and bigger.

I am currently pursuing a crash course on Javascript,PHP,DOM,XML and the elusive “AJAX snitch”.Though I have already touched it’s wings for a couple of times,it is still refusing to surrender.It could be any one of the reasons:

(a) AJAX is really really really really tough to understand and learn


(b) I am the dumbest of all the “Geeks” who foolhardily jumps out of his comfort zones very often and claims that he has made a CHOICE.

Info:The XML bludger I mentioned in my previous blog was one of the dumbest doubts I have asked anyone.The mistake was in misnaming of the XML file.Phew…

Enterprise 2.0 , if explained from a reductionist’s point of view is something like a “Nursery” to protect the plants from the Harmful polluted atmosphere of the Internet due to the advent of Web 2.0.There’s again two different different schools of though (a) Optimistic Reductionists (b) Pessimistic reductionists

Enterprise 2.0Wild Web 2.0

Optimistic Reductionists are those who think the Knowledge , Business and Communication model that has been a big hit in Web 2.0 world should also be utilized to maximise the efficiency of the associates and make more profits.

A Pessimistic Reductionists would think Enterprise 2.0 as an “electronic Employee Satisfaction infrastructure” to keep the ever growing addicts to social networking sites who basically belong to a generation that never has seen a day without being online atleast for one hour a day.

But there’s really more to Enterprise 2.0 , beyond the Reductionist’s views(which are ofcourse true,but only for the starters).

I view Enterprise 2.0 as a separate species specially adapted to environments where Information security plays a key role.Ofcourse, both the species (Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0) have the same origins (i.e. the Internet) still they are going to have a separate history of evolution here onwards.

If we still continue to develop Enterprise 2.0 with a reductionist’s view point, the genepool of Enterprise adaptation of Web 2.0 may suffer a stagnation.

As somebody says web 2.0 is all about “PLAY” and Enterprise 2.0 is about “WORK”.So is true this statement “Enterprise 2.0 is a pet Version of Wild Wild Web 2.0”.Provided we agree to extend our views about Enterprise 2.0 beyond the reductionist’s point of view, we can see amazing things.Almost the same amazement comes when you discover that you too have the CHI power.

Here’s a brief idea about what are the possibilities that open up , if we start thinking beyond from a reductionist’s point of view.Following is just a few of the possibilities that is bugging my beautiful mind and spoiling my sleep cycles:

(A) APPRAISAL 2.0 – A completely new way of Appraisal that promises “A fair , verifiable and possibly an unbiased appraisal system”.For starters think Appraisal 2.0 as “360 degree appraisal system with a Web 2.0, sorry Enterprise 2.0, flavour”.I am stopping here about Appraisal 2.0 as I have to digg a lot about it.

(B) WebComics 2.0 – My Ex-Project Manager was insisting that I should stay in his project as I am a good performer and he didn’t want to loose me.When I asked “What about my career, The Technology ?”.He said , it is only the business expertise that the American and European clients are preferring more than the Technology.I really do not know how far he was correct but One thing is Sure – Developers these days are also expected to be well versed with business.

The problem is Developers who basically are Geeks and never care if Karnataka and Tamilnadu is fighting over the Cauvery issue find it difficult to concentrate on business.The IT managers force the developers to do Business certifications by putting it in their goal sheets.

And everybody knows HOW EASY IT IS TO GET CERTIFIED.In the end , very few developers out of all the business certified ones actually know the business.What is needed is a CHANNEL in which the GEEKS understand better…Yes Comics ……Comics strips to explain the complex business scenarios will have a special niche in the Learning and Development department , even though WebComics didn’t do well in the “wild” Web 2.0 world.

Both Appraisal 2.0 and WebComics 2.0 ,has got a lot of scope in an Enterprise 2.0 world.The former is perhaps does not exist in the Wild version of 2.0, except things like Star Ratings blah blah blah.The latter didn’t do well in Web 2.0 , the reason for which I am still doing a research, but has got a lot of scope in the Enterprise version of 2.0.

NOTE: I promise my next blog will start with the good news about the capture of the AJAX snitch 🙂

Anonymity in an Enterprise 2.0 environment

Since the nature of these series of blogs are going to be ‘Vettu One – Thundu Rendu’ type[ tamil slang meaning Very Objective nature] , I am not going to drag the discussion too long by giving strange weird theory names which even the DOOM 2 playing Geeks can’t understand.

Enterprise 2.0 Kural

Let’s split the great phrases of Pinastro into two.

“There’s no doubt of the impossibility of Anonymous user in Enterprise 2.0…”

The reason for the above statement is because Enterprise’s value the brand image , reputation and security unlike the Open Consumer Internet which has never cared about security and privacy kind of stuffs.

Kinthu [ But ] , in the name of security we may loose the very essence of the Collaboration as people tend to be more HONEST, CREATIVE and UNTOUCHED BY THE GROUPISM as explained here by Brendan Peat.A very popular website which supports the secret identity of it’s users is postSecret.com, of course in the name of creativity and honesty.

But, this site claims that anonymity causes in us a “Spoiled Child Syndrome”.People start doing things which their parents wouldn’t allow them to do nor they wouldn’t like their own children doing.Krish Ashok has given a very creative depiction of Anonymous Profiles on the internet here.People tend to DOCTOR the internet content, like in Wikipedia , by the corporates and some counsellors ,according to this news report

In order to benefit from the Creativity generated out of anonymity , John. M. Grohol , suggests something called ‘Pseudonymity’ in his blog..Please do not skip this hyperlink, because it is a must read:)

Now coming on to the second part of the Kural.

“…but will that be ever possible on Web 2.0”

Probably, nothing has been thought in this regard because NO ONE ACTUALLY CARES about the Internet.May be at some point of time when Communism again rises and this time successfully, we might have a world where every single person will have only one Profile with the SSN number.The reason why communist government of the World( if at all……. take it easy buddy !!! ) might not completely ban Social Networking and Web 2.0 is to avoid an uprising against them by the Web 2.0 addict people or to keep the room for innovation open ( of course in a nursery ).

Again, ‘Pseudonymity’ could be an answer where same profiles can be allowed to have multiple identities so that people feel free to realsise their different faces.

May be we need to ask Plato’s Soul wandering somewhere in the intergalatic space to clearly decide if we really need “Anonymity in Web 2.0 world that is causing Internet Porn traffic”.It was he who told that “‘prostitution’ is a neccessary evil”.

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Enterprise 2.0 series – Saga begins

I am a person who has always been infected with questions that has troubled the people around me.After a long struggle I have finally reached a place where I (think) can be myself ,question and most importantly innovate freely. Of course, I still have to learn a lot of Wizardry the people in my new workplace do.I feel like Harry Potter in the Sorcerer’s stone ,who initially marvels at the wizardry performed by his classmates , Hermoine and others.

Harry Potter learning 4rth Gen Languages

With the tech. upgrades I have been going through I need to keep my mind sharp enough to generate new ideas.Therefore, I am starting a series of blogs that will have some of the key questions in front of Enterprise 2.0.

The series will not contain the ultimate questions I am looking for like “What is the ultimate Goal of the Human Civilization: “UTOPIA – A JUST SOCIETY” or “INTER-GALACTIC COLONIALIZATION” or “STOPPING THE UNIVERSAL CLOCK THAT’s TICKING TOWARDS THE ‘BIG CRUNCH’.

Ultimate question

Nor is it any stupid kind of questions I get every now and then like the current one , which asks “Why does this bag which I use for office, in Bikini Blue color , looks feminine to me ?”

Bikini Blue bag

The series is about the real world problems and perhaps quite important in the modern context of Money Driven world.Ofcourse the answers to these questions are going to be my bread winner in future, other than that perhaps I have got nothing to with these questions.

Here we start:

Anonymity in Enterprise 2.0

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Return of Hippies

Enterprise 2.0 is not Web 2.0

The best day ever ; thanks to IPL

Hello to everybody,

Probably this is my worst blog ever.Worser that my first blog on Mandira’s Cricket.But I can’t stop thanking IPL which is such a Hit and also making small time bloggers like me also a Hit.I have tried big topics like Enterprise 2.0 ( a Geeky topic) and then tried to create a controversy about SRK’s passion and acting career in CHUCK DE blog and the ultimate about the Hollywood Ramayana which got comments from the Hollywood actor Ian Roberts himself.

May be all my previous blogs were qualitatively good (since , no negative remarks so far ; so must be good indeed ) but did not do well Quantitatively. I am talking about the Number of Hits.

My addiction to Hitz : You can see the number of Hits as “Scene” as said in the local slang of land of Chennai Super Kings , for anything stylish. [ “Scene” is not related anything to “matter”. ] Everyday I whenever I open the WordPress.com I regularly refresh the page to see the counts of Hits increasing.

Over the past few days I have noticed the number of Hits have definitely increased.Thanks to the movie 10000 BC and the IPL.I had the best day ever till now ….Today it’s 72 hits on 25 April alone.The last time I had the maximum number of Hits was on March 11, 70 Hits.

Just look at the graph, the graph is awesome ………WOW

I hope more visitors to come again and again…I would also like you to give me ideas how I can increase the popularity of my blog. 🙂


Post script :

good number in increase of hits

Increased Average Hits Everyday

Enterprise 2.0 is NOT Web 2.0

Those were the bad days of my software career when I was in a project that was having more than 45 defects open in the system testing.My lead was sitting on me “why this much defects?”.The problem was,in those days, I was NOT having the BIRD’s EYE view of the project requirements( as I call it) which is the key for becoming an important person in any software project.But still I was a devastated person without any appreciation for the stupid Hard Work I used to do.

Well this blog is not about my Stupid Hard working days but about the new Web 2.0 addiction I got into during those days.

Orkut - India’s best Social networking site

I do not smoke , nor do I drink , nor I have any girlfriend to relax with …So I got addicted to the one of the most happening Social Networking sites in India “Orkut”.I also got into “Facebook” but really did not get well with that because most of the Kendriya Vidyalaya students in India are in the Orkut.So my relationship with Orkut Tribal family grew stronger.I have borrowed the term tribalism from the site http://www.blonde2dot0.com/blog/2007/08/13/web-20-and-the-new-tribalism/

I started loving Orkut because I found many …many of my old school friends.

The problem was Orkut was forbidden in my company and since Information security is very important for the company I work for, all the popular web 2.0 sites were a big “No”.

So I started leaving the office at 6 PM even when there was a huge defect on my name.Of course ,a huge loss for my boss who had to stay till 12 at night to fix the defects in the project.Had my company not banned the Orkut I would have stayed till night and complete my work properly and then leave.

Reasons to Worry :

Reasons Enterprises to worry about

Next Generation is a Web 2.0 generation

The point I am trying to make here is that more and more people are now getting connected to the internet and the next batch (freshmen) from college are going to be people WHO DO NOT REMEMBER ANY DAY IN THE COLLEGE(best days of their lives) WHEN THEY WERE NOT ONLINE.

Imagine if those freshmen enter into the companies for work they might feel like all the fun in their lives have gone.So we will be having an UNHAPPY workforce.And Unhappy workforce means less productivity.That’s why the Enterprises have to do something about the Impact of Web 2.0

Employee Satisfaction Infrastructure

Just like we have Table Tennis courts , Badminton courts , Swimming pools , Gym and sometimes Discotheque for the employees so that they can feel comfortable the Enterprises had to include one more thing to the list of Employee Satisfaction Infrastructure and that is Enterprise 2.o (Enterprise version of Web 2.0)

Tricky Web 2.0 – Web 2.0 Deals with Information unlike the Table Tennis
The reason why Enterprises are skeptical about allowing Web 2.0 sites to be accessed within the companies is because it deals with information.Table Tennis , Swimming pool kind of infrastructure never dealt with information.Web 2.0 , social networking sites always have a fear of Key information being leaked away.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention So what the enterprises should be doing is that instead of allowing the Web 2.0 sites to be accessed they should be creating ARTIFICIAL Web 2.0 ‘ish sites within the organizations that will have features like Blogging, Wikis , Photosharing , Q and A etc.

But what the Enterprise 2.0 Engineers and Architects in the organizations need to understand is that Enterprise 2.0 is NOT exactly Web 2.0.

Key things to be remembered for Enterprise 2.0 engineers

  • Enterprise 2.0 is about “work while you play” unlike Table tennis or Web 2.0 for that matters is only”Play”
  • Web 2.0 is only about play and there is no limit to creativity need not care about privacy and security whereas Enterprise 2.0 is a different species altogether which should have “concern for Security” in it’s DNA

The Secret which organizations should understand about Enterprise 2.0 is

Enterprise 2.0 is just an articifial Web 2.0 within the organization which will serve three purpose:

  1. Cater to the Web 2.0 Addictions of the Employees and keep them happy. statistics of Web 2.0 Addictions
  2. Use Web 2.0 addiction for company’s benefit ( Wiki model, Answer site(yahoo answers) etc are excellent models for capturing the Tacit Knowledge).
  3. Information Security