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Seeing Kamal Haasan in Person

Yesterday I saw Kamal Haasan in person.He came to our college as part of the Avenues Event.He didn’t gave any lecture to us and asked us to ask questions and he replied to all of them.For me it was a dream come true to see Kamal,having grown up watching his movies.There were many strange , unique questions and equally unique and interesting replies from him.A girl was asking about the virgins in the film industry for which he replied

“I don’t take Tunnels,rather I take the path around the mountains since the view is nice from there”

Well I also asked a question.Following was the conversation between Dr.KAMAL HAASAN and myself :
Me: Sir , My name is Karthikeyan and I am from Chennai

Kamal: Alright

Me: I am a great fan of yours and I am going to ask you the same question which Madhavan asked you in Anbe Sivam and Asin asked you in Dasavatharam.Do you believe in GOD ?

Kamal: NO


Me: But sir you said you promoted Christianity in your youth and you also said you follow your religion.

Kamal :  I was wearing Diapers.I said I am a Rationalist.

Me: Sir, I want to show you something …(i was opening the poster I made)

Kamal : What you are going to show ?  GOD

Me : No sir ! I made a poster on Anbe Sivam

Kamal : Ohh it’s me …Very nice.

This was the poster I did

Anbe Sivam Poster

I felt like in Cloud Nine.Really amazing experience.I even tried my best to get the Autograph from him on the poster but couldn’t.He was taken away untouched by any of his fans.



Double Exposure Photography

Today I was able to achieve Double Exposure Photography in the IDC Photography studio.Thanks to my model Mohit.I kept the shutter speed as 30 seconds and aperture as 29 and ISO as 100.The technique is pretty simple.Keep everything dark , not even a single strand of light from anywhere,then click the camera in the dark , once done that click the flash once and once the flash has flashed ask the model to shift the location and change the prop in this case i asked him to change the shirt,once the model has done the changes in the dark flash the flash again…and u are done.I used a canon 500D camera.If u feel the exposure is not right ….flash the flash four times that is 2 times in the first position and 2 times in the second position,but make sure the model doesn’t move between the two flashes.

Sound of Freedom - with single flash (for each position)

Sound of Freedom - Double Flash (for each position)