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The best day ever ; thanks to IPL

Hello to everybody,

Probably this is my worst blog ever.Worser that my first blog on Mandira’s Cricket.But I can’t stop thanking IPL which is such a Hit and also making small time bloggers like me also a Hit.I have tried big topics like Enterprise 2.0 ( a Geeky topic) and then tried to create a controversy about SRK’s passion and acting career in CHUCK DE blog and the ultimate about the Hollywood Ramayana which got comments from the Hollywood actor Ian Roberts himself.

May be all my previous blogs were qualitatively good (since , no negative remarks so far ; so must be good indeed ) but did not do well Quantitatively. I am talking about the Number of Hits.

My addiction to Hitz : You can see the number of Hits as “Scene” as said in the local slang of land of Chennai Super Kings , for anything stylish. [ “Scene” is not related anything to “matter”. ] Everyday I whenever I open the I regularly refresh the page to see the counts of Hits increasing.

Over the past few days I have noticed the number of Hits have definitely increased.Thanks to the movie 10000 BC and the IPL.I had the best day ever till now ….Today it’s 72 hits on 25 April alone.The last time I had the maximum number of Hits was on March 11, 70 Hits.

Just look at the graph, the graph is awesome ………WOW

I hope more visitors to come again and again…I would also like you to give me ideas how I can increase the popularity of my blog. 🙂


Post script :

good number in increase of hits

Increased Average Hits Everyday


“20-20 sirf Saandon ke Bal par nahi jeeti jati”

Above is perhaps the best moments so far in the IPL tournament so far.

Well this is not the serious one about how the IPL works like this one.I am just writing a simple Layman’s opinion on what makes a Twenty Twenty cricket team apart from High Profile players and the Girls.

Perhaps the most overrated team in the IPL competition is the Deccan Chargers.The reason was successfully fishing all the Beasts of the Cricket World like Gilly(Gentler of all the beasts only in body language),Symonds(Australian Monkey God),Afridi and Gibbs during the Bid.

Gilly - a Gentle BeastAustralian Monkey Godafridi

But what the Deccan Chronicle Group made mistake was that T20 is not won only with the Beasts.In an team game we need a the right mix of Youth and Talent which should be a 80-20 combination.In Deccan chargers we have a little more of the experienced players.The problem with experienced players is that they do not allow their sphere of Influence to be bothered by another player , hence Ego problems.

The Deccan Charger’s problems are simply huge , they lack a steady Captain. Laxman has always been shaky throughout his career and IPL needs cool captains , whose veins are flowing with blood as cool as ice. I have to remind that Ganguly may be a suitable captain as he is no more a Hot Blooded captain as he used to be.Look at Ganguly’s face in every cricket parties , how sad he looks; all blame on BCCI who ruined Ganguly’s passion for the game.He is on a Job of being a captain of a fanatic cricket loving state.

Coming back to the Deccan Chargers, my prediction about the course the IPL going to take is that Deccan Chargers are going to be the first to go out of the competition after charging up every team that’s lagging behind.

They have already charged up the Devils day before yesterday and Rajasthanis today in the 9th match of IPL.The other teams who desperately need to be charged up are Mumbai Indians and the Punjab Kings.

Rajasthan cavalry of a Brave KnightShane Watson

Definitely, the Rajasthanis started as Underdog , but now they too are the list of the probables who can win the IPL.I cannot bet for Rajasthans because they have got more to prove against the Kolkatha, Mumbai,Bangalore and the Chennaites.Even if they lose but able to make the games close enough, they can be the potential IPL winners once they reach the next stage of the tournament.After all, this extremely young team is lead by one of the greatest motivators of all times(as said by Steve waugh in his book – Out of my comfort zone).

I wonder somehow the name “Deccan Chargers” is very much suited to the Team of Beasts…How ??? See the below pictures which best exemplify the Deccan Charger’s role in IPL.

Deccan Chargers

If a team’s spirits are low and the players are demotivated , atleast play a friendly match with the Deccan chargers to get your batteries up.

Till Now the “Deccan Chargers” have charged up the following teams

Knight RidersIt was Shewag who got charged up

And today it was the Rajasthan Royals , probably the least rated team which have now all the batteries up after playing with the Deccan Chargers

Rajasthan Royals

We always have a choice – AAD NARI or MORE AAD NARI

For the past few days I have been thinking hard.Thinking about almost everything.As this is my second nature to draw whatever I think / imagine or extrapolate about.I have some sketches but this time using the Third Tier tool.My brain lies in the first tier and my Hand is my Second tier and the third one is Photoshop tool.

Well, this blog is also dedicated to some of my friends who have insisted to write a blog on life of an IT consultant.

Statuary Disclaimer:Any similarities in the imagination work written (or typed or painted) below with the the lives of any individual is merely a coincidence.
Actually in every profession we find two kinds of people

(A) Ordinary (AAD NARI)

(B) Extra-Ordinary ( MORE AAD NARI)

To view clearly click on the images to get an enlarged view

Now coming to the real deal.Below is an tree view of an ordinary IT consultant.


Whereas the Life of Ordinary consultants is like below.The life looks the same till he is a Project Lead but then he makes a choice.Choice between taking life as a Subset of Career or Vice versa.

Those who take Life as a subset of Career are Ordinary men and the others (i.e. who think Career as a Subset of Life) are those who Change the World.


Well , Where I am now here.Since the Designation difference between Module Lead and Team Lead is vague in my project , I myself do not know what I am ; A Module Lead or a Team Lead.

But looking at the steam coming out of my head and hair still firmly rooted on my scalp, I think I am in the stage of Team Lead.Now I want to take a Jump from Team Lead to LXG who can change the world.Of course I am not an AAD NARI man.

So here is my career path as Software Consultant.


Now , There are some exceptions though.Do not come to the conclusion that the LXG has only people with Long hairs.There will also be people who look like the Bright guys.After all Hair problem runs though generations as a genetic problem.Sometimes Manda Soodu (Head Heat) is not related to Smartness.


So make a choice today , You want to be AAD NARI or MORE AAD NARI….I have chosen to be MORE AAD NARI

Hollywood Ramayana

Recently I saw a fresh flick by Warner Bros. , 10,000 B.C. It was really a mind-boggling movie after a long time that really challenged my imagination. It reminded me of the days when I was in 9th grade when I used to think seriously about the coincidences of possible UFO landings in the pre-historic era and the dawn of human civilization.It was Eric Von Daniken’s book “Chariots of the Gods” that time and this time it’s the movie 10,000 B.C. by Ronald Emmerich.Though the movie got a huge amount of negative reviews , for me , it recreated the same thrill which I got reading Danikken’s book back in 1997 (A.D.)

    Shtory:D’Leh the hero of the movie who is the son of the leader of a clan somewhere in the Russian (or Mangolian) snow desert during the time when last ice age ended;10,000 B.C. He loves a refugee girl from another clan whose members were killed by “Four Legged Demons” ( invaders from Egypt) who massacered the weak and took the strong as slaves for making them work in the Atlantian’s(Stranded Aliens on Earth who claimed themselves as Gods to the Human beings on Earth) effort to build huge pyramids that will serve as signs to their own kind on the other worlds beyond the stars.

Rama and SitaIndian version of Rama and Sita Indonesian version Probably the most famous - Ramanand Sagar\'s version

    The script is about D’Leh’s journey across Asia and the middle east till the Egypt to rescue his love Evolet where the first Pyramids are being built by the early Egyptians with the help of the Aliens(or Atlantians) who have taught the mankind the extraction of metal and various other things on which human civilization transformed itself from Stone Age to the Bronze age.On the way D’Leh meets Giant Animals(now extinct Moa bird,Saber tooth tiger,Mamoth) and Naku Tribe whose men later help him to raise an army against the Egyptians ruled by the Atlantians whom they considered as Gods.

    On the way he also discovers the secret of life, that will transform his clan’s lifestyle from Nomadic Hunters to Settled Farmers ,once he returns from Egypt.For more information on the movie see here. What really thrilled me was the script’s close resemblance to the most famous epic of South Asian cultures , The Ramayana.

Induction to the Original version of Ramayana

    As an Induction to the thought process of comparing Ramayana with the 10,000 B.C. I will be using the character names in both the stories interchangeablyYes Ramanyana . D’Leh resembles Rama , Evolet is resembling Sita , and the Last Atlantian(Alien) in the movie is Obviously Ravana and the Naku Tribe who helped D’Leh (alias Rama) in rescuing Sita (er Evolet) is the Vanar Sena of the Hampi Empire somewhere in Karnataka and Nakudu himself is Hanuman , D’Leh’s (Rama’s) best friend.

    NakuduHanumanVanar Sena

    Now for the Original Version of Ramayana what might have really happened

    Rama as a Leader of a Nomadic Tribal Clan:

    Phew !!! I just couldn’t sleep for two days at the discovery of probably the most important piece in the JIGSAW puzzle of UnRecorded Pre-History.Here is my description of What might have been the original version of Ramayana which got modified by the various generation of oral story tellers of the tribal groups that descended from the Rama’s tribal.Long after that when Valmiki first thought to capture the tacit legacy of Rama into written form , it became to be known as the original Ramayana.So Valmiki’s ramayana itself was a hugely tainted version of the original Rama’s Legacy.

First Kandam


third Kandam


I am not saying Robert has portrayed Ramayana in it’s truest form, nor I am saying that Ramayana in India is the original one because we have got so many versions of Ramayana in India itself, apart from the other south asian counterparts.

Here are some points to support the fact why 10,000 B.C. looks more closer to real Ramayana

(A) Rama’s legacy dates back long before Indus Valley Civilization , may be during the end of Ice-Age.

(B) There is a strong indication that Rama brought back a lot of happiness back when he returned from his epic journey for truth(perhaps not exile).That truth is the Agriculture.Imagine the stature of a man who would have revolutionized the lives of people by the discovery of Agriculture.He is like God.

(C) Rama’s culture and costumes as represented in Valmiki’s version resembles those of Aryans which is not true; Aryan getup was given to Rama just to keep alive the legacy of Ramayana even in the Post Dasyu period.

(D) Before Valmiki tamed the tacit version of Ramayana , it was told millions of time to each generation;In each generation the Ramayana got slighly modified to suit the tastes of the changing society.

Billa/Don Analogy why remix versions change the story line

Just like our Billa.The old Billa kept a “Billa Diary of Contacts” but if the same diary is used in the 2007 version, people will simply not accept.Also there were many many many many minor changes in the very nature of Don/Billa. SRK’s version showed the cruel Don winning in the end , exactly opposite to the other versions.Similarly , Ajith’s version was suitably modified due to Anbumani Ramadoss.In Ajith’s version Billa never smoked , whereas SRK and Rajini’s version “smoking was the secret of Don’s Energy”.



Regarding the exact location where Ravana (or the Last of the three Atlantian) lived is quite debatable.There is a strong evidence that the Atlantians landed from space on the somewhere in the mediterrainean.With the time passing and the access to the west beyond the Indus became difficult , the story tellers had started refering to the island nation of Lanka instead of the Atlantis or Egypt.

Rama\'s Trail

With so many versions of Ramayana , we also have that many versions of Ayodhya and Lanka like Authuya and Langka in Thai versions.The Lankan architechture probably never belonged to Sri Lanka but Egypt.

Chinese Lankan ArchitechtureHollywood Lanka

It’s not a surprise to see Hollywood being inspired by one of the most compelling stories of all times (which marks the change of man from Hunters to Warriors , Nomads to Farmers , Clans to Empires ) as it has inspired every generation since then.

Contents in the above blog are my views about the original version of Ramayana …Genuine comments are welcome……:)

Also read this on the amazing possibilities of using the indian epics for the good of World Cinema


CHUCK DE for hockey !!! CHAK DE for Cricket

After a series of Geeky blogs now I want to take a break and post something which many people around me (my sister and friends) really understand and are interested in.This post is about a thought that’s in my mind for quite a long time ever since India won the Twenty 20 cricket world cup.

Yes this post is on SRK, strangely the sweetest boy of India ( as per the die hard female fans of SRK).I admire him for his acting and great personality.

Just a few months back I was watching Shahrukh’s latest bollywood hit movie “Chak De – India”.The movie has few references to glorification of Hockey and sometimes sarcastic comments on the game of cricket itself when he says “….Kyunki hamaarey hockey mein CHAKEY nahi hotey ..” (because , our hockey doesn’t have chakeys [pun for Sixers in cricket and Gay]).The movie was such a hit inspite of showing few sarcastic comments on a game that the country loved so much.Still the movie was a big HIT.

Just few months later When India won the 20-20 cricket, it was SRK , who first congratulated first.Probably SRK did not know Indian Hockey team won a major title during that time 😀

hmm ... Cinema man CinemaICC VIP

Perhaps SRK himself forgot the dialogues which was for sometime thought to be the liberating words for the downtrodden Indian Hockey from the blinding halo of Cricket craze.

SRK seems to be CRICKET CRAZY and no where near the HOCKEY.I doubt if he remembers the hockey rules he learnt during the movie shoot.

My thoughts: Once again Cricket has won the battle against Hockey in India , this time it has won more comprehensively by winning the popularity along with it’s liberator SRK and the famous words ” CHAK DE” itself.

Cartoon by Satish Acharya

Cartoon by Satish Acharya

genuine comments …are welcome !!!!


What the hell is this?

Actually this blog is the result of possibly a normal Virus commonly occuring.

But I would like to get the in and out of this virus and first of all is it really a virus??

Virus - What to do with this

I am not able to clean this virus nor able to quarantine the same.I suppose if I remove this virus I will get a big error message saying “Syshost.exe not found”

Give me a Solution Guys….

Enterprise 2.0 is NOT Web 2.0

Those were the bad days of my software career when I was in a project that was having more than 45 defects open in the system testing.My lead was sitting on me “why this much defects?”.The problem was,in those days, I was NOT having the BIRD’s EYE view of the project requirements( as I call it) which is the key for becoming an important person in any software project.But still I was a devastated person without any appreciation for the stupid Hard Work I used to do.

Well this blog is not about my Stupid Hard working days but about the new Web 2.0 addiction I got into during those days.

Orkut - India’s best Social networking site

I do not smoke , nor do I drink , nor I have any girlfriend to relax with …So I got addicted to the one of the most happening Social Networking sites in India “Orkut”.I also got into “Facebook” but really did not get well with that because most of the Kendriya Vidyalaya students in India are in the Orkut.So my relationship with Orkut Tribal family grew stronger.I have borrowed the term tribalism from the site

I started loving Orkut because I found many …many of my old school friends.

The problem was Orkut was forbidden in my company and since Information security is very important for the company I work for, all the popular web 2.0 sites were a big “No”.

So I started leaving the office at 6 PM even when there was a huge defect on my name.Of course ,a huge loss for my boss who had to stay till 12 at night to fix the defects in the project.Had my company not banned the Orkut I would have stayed till night and complete my work properly and then leave.

Reasons to Worry :

Reasons Enterprises to worry about

Next Generation is a Web 2.0 generation

The point I am trying to make here is that more and more people are now getting connected to the internet and the next batch (freshmen) from college are going to be people WHO DO NOT REMEMBER ANY DAY IN THE COLLEGE(best days of their lives) WHEN THEY WERE NOT ONLINE.

Imagine if those freshmen enter into the companies for work they might feel like all the fun in their lives have gone.So we will be having an UNHAPPY workforce.And Unhappy workforce means less productivity.That’s why the Enterprises have to do something about the Impact of Web 2.0

Employee Satisfaction Infrastructure

Just like we have Table Tennis courts , Badminton courts , Swimming pools , Gym and sometimes Discotheque for the employees so that they can feel comfortable the Enterprises had to include one more thing to the list of Employee Satisfaction Infrastructure and that is Enterprise 2.o (Enterprise version of Web 2.0)

Tricky Web 2.0 – Web 2.0 Deals with Information unlike the Table Tennis
The reason why Enterprises are skeptical about allowing Web 2.0 sites to be accessed within the companies is because it deals with information.Table Tennis , Swimming pool kind of infrastructure never dealt with information.Web 2.0 , social networking sites always have a fear of Key information being leaked away.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention So what the enterprises should be doing is that instead of allowing the Web 2.0 sites to be accessed they should be creating ARTIFICIAL Web 2.0 ‘ish sites within the organizations that will have features like Blogging, Wikis , Photosharing , Q and A etc.

But what the Enterprise 2.0 Engineers and Architects in the organizations need to understand is that Enterprise 2.0 is NOT exactly Web 2.0.

Key things to be remembered for Enterprise 2.0 engineers

  • Enterprise 2.0 is about “work while you play” unlike Table tennis or Web 2.0 for that matters is only”Play”
  • Web 2.0 is only about play and there is no limit to creativity need not care about privacy and security whereas Enterprise 2.0 is a different species altogether which should have “concern for Security” in it’s DNA

The Secret which organizations should understand about Enterprise 2.0 is

Enterprise 2.0 is just an articifial Web 2.0 within the organization which will serve three purpose:

  1. Cater to the Web 2.0 Addictions of the Employees and keep them happy. statistics of Web 2.0 Addictions
  2. Use Web 2.0 addiction for company’s benefit ( Wiki model, Answer site(yahoo answers) etc are excellent models for capturing the Tacit Knowledge).
  3. Information Security