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Adobe Cs4 not compatible with Windows 7 ?

Well, my second blog this year.This really shows that my mind still has some grey matter..jus kiddin

I have been quite busy these days working on the WEB from which I took a break few months back..but I am learning that CODING comes best to me , next to Sketching and Ideation.You won’t believe,I am also trying my (never-tested-before) acting skills in one of the plays organized by yavanka stage  drama group.Well, really do not know if I can make it to the final play whose name is “Bagiya Bancharam Ki

Coming to the point what prompted me to blog after a long time.I have been tinkering with my Laptop to set up a platform from which I can re-launch my software career..well..

I was facing this problem with ubuntu OS.I can’t install Adobe CS4 on it.So I installed Windows 7 on my laptop and on top of it installed Ubuntu on a different partition,thinking  I will be installing and working on CS4 on windows and doing my ususal RAILS ,coding and browsing stuff on Ubuntu..but then I discovered this

WTF - No CS4 on Windows 7

Then I read some forums which are little hazy about this problem.I am not good with reading forums due to the random nature of the discussions going on.But what I get is CS4 is not stable on windows 7 , though it is installed after some make shift changes .Some say it is Hardware issues and some even say it is absolutely no problem installing CS4 on Windows 7…I am confused..what’s the solution ? please contact me on pkaarthikeyan@gmail.com or call me on this number 09871861699

Edit: Actually there is no problem shown when trying to install i.e. when I click on the .exe but nothing happens.And when I did the compatibility test it showed the message which I have shown in the screenshot above.


What does ‘Bikini’ blue mean for Linux Geeks

I got discharged only yesterday from the hospital and here I am on my laptop blogging and vandalizing my greatest investment of my life so far…my website hosted on Bluehost.com

Anyways,I am trying to deploy a Rails application on my webserver.While doing that I discovered how poor I am when it comes to linux.I am not good in linux though I love it.

So the following image is not for the LINUX EXTREMISTS who could go mad seeing the simplicity of the question I am posting here.It’s for those who love Linux and want the world to be baptised with linux.See the SSH terminal below and can u guys please explain me the meaning of each color.

Blue is for Folder ; Green is a File what is for that 'Twitter' Blue?

Blue is for Folder ; Green is a File what is for that 'Twitter' Blue?

BLUE is for Folder (I guess) and the GREEN is for Filenames. What does  those in ‘Twitter’ Blue or ‘Bikini’ blue colored ones mean.Also what is the meaning of @ symbol at the end of it and what does “.” (DOT) mean which are in front of the file names like (.contactemail, .my.cnf)

Linux v Windows ; suddenly there comes Google OS

Linux V Windows - Casual Chat

I met my old school buddy who happens to be working in the same company I work for but for a different client.I found his room in a shockingly Kuppaified with dust,books,movie DVDs and a whole lot of Linux OS CDs ( which came along with PC quest magazine)

He showed me his Colombo trip photographs.I got to talk to him about the Linux.Being a Semi-Geek , I have heard a lot about Open Source , Linux blah blah.My friend Mouli who happens to be A COMPLETE GEEK kind of guy was really into the Open Source.Since, in one of my recent blogs one of the readers gave me this comment “Finally, i gave up windows and turned to linux…and lived happily ever after!!! ” I started the interest to get into Linux thereafter.

Following blog is not a serious blog on Linux and Windows like this one ,nor it is a confession blog like this one , neither it is a blog by this guy who confuses Physics and History with Operating Systems(Just Kidding), but simply a conversation that happened between me(A SEMI-GEEK) and my friend Mouli(A COMPLETE GEEK)

me: Dei ! What do you think about Linux da.

Mouli: Dei ! What is this you are asking . The Whole world knows about it.It’s open source and very robust.

me: Really ! I too have heard of that ….in one of my recent blogs someone told that “after installing Linux I happily lived ever after”

Mouli:Ha ha ! Obviously.Linux is developed by the people around the world, hence the problems are immediately handled by the passionate developers spread across the world.

me: You mean to say that it’s all about “Wisdom of Crowds”

Mouli: Wisdom of Crowds ah ?? What is that buddy ?

me: Athanda ! the current phenonmenon of Web 2.0 in the internet.Wikipedia and all

Mouli : Ah yes yes !!! something similar to that.If there are so many developers , obviously a defective product can never survive yah .

me: Hmmm ….”With the Million eyeballs the defect can’t survive longer”

Mouli : Yenna da aatchi ….I am not able to get you what are you asking

me : Okay da ! As I told you One of my blog readers once said after installing Linux …he happily lived ever after … I also want to live like that.So tell me ..is it really possible with Linux

Mouli: Yes ..to some extent it’s true.Windows really sucks da !!

me: Okay ! I have experienced a lot of trouble installing Linux in my PC until I was frustrated.

Mouli : Yeah that happens if you are going for a Corporate version of Linux like the RED HAT Linux and all.Though that too is easy , but generally that is considered quite longer than the Knowpix and Ubuntu.

me: Ubuntu !! I heard that it is the most user friendlier version . Is that true ?

Mouli : Hmmmmm…yeah …but Knowpix is also cool man.And the installation is damn easy man.I can show you now itself in 15 minutes.

me : Oh Really !! then show me the installation.

[ Mouli takes the CD from the case ]

me : Dei ! tell me. Isn’t it like people love Linux just because they hate Microsoft.

Mouli: Who said ?

me: I am saying that .

Mouli : Dei …you have gone crack man

me: See ! Linux is definitely not user friendly …atleast not as user friendly as Microsoft.Is that true

Mouli: Partially true because you have to install many plugins to fully utilise the linux.But there are versions like this one [shows the Knowpix 5.1.1 CD] in which you do not have to do anything ….just a command ..and everything is taken care by the CD. You know this is a Live CD.I do not have to install it on my PC.You can work from the CD itself.

me : really ??

Mouli : Amman da !! About the userfriendliness it’s pretty good.You will fall in love with Linux.

me: ohh !! Show me it’s userfriendliness then .Let’s see if it can make me fall in love with Linux or not.[While Mouli inserts the CD to the lappy and types the command “knowpix lang=US screen=800X600 ].Also tell me a feature here , which you love the most.

Mouli: The Graphics is damn good man . I also like the Sound.

me: hmmm…that’s it ???

Mouli: Yes . That’s the only command.

me : Wow man !! Okay . I have a question for you .

Mouli : Yeah sure .

me: Do you really think that Linux is successful enough ?

Mouli: why not man ? It is

me : I don’t think so . May be it has been powering the 85 % of the supercomputers around the world and the top ten internet websites too, it has really not reached the grass levels.

Mouli: Which Grassroot levels you are talking about.

me: The Layman level.See People tend to prefer Windows to Linux ..generally ..they do not go for linux because it is quite difficult to install and also there is an X factor.

Mouli: There is no X-Factor man.You find Linux the most common among the tech people but about the Layman that too in India ..it is true that Windows is THE DEFAULT OS because Microsoft has captured the Indian market before anyone else.And generally Indians have a tendency to accept everything they get.If you go to Italy , no one uses Windows….My friend who was in Italy for somedays …said “Da ! it’s very difficult to find a Windows system here”.

me: Why ??

Mouli: People do not want to pay anything for OS and the softwares.Even in Indonesia ..Windows is an Endangered OS.

me : Ha ha ha !! Endangered OS ….that is really good.But why not in India ?

Mouli: See man !!! Indians are always ready to do anything that is mischievous.We are ready to pay for the Pirated versions of Software.Software Piracy still exists because of Windows.If you are a real Nyasthan , you would go for Linux or buy the original version of the softwares.Basically , I would say , Microsoft has capitalised in the No-Man’s lands….i.e. mostly in the Third World Coutries.

me: [Giggles] That’s true ….we are ready for anything …

Mouli: If you are a tech person you would by default prefer Linux to Windows.

me: Caught you again !! Why only the Techs ….

Mouli: You got to know the commands sometimes…[Shows the Wine application]

me: Oh Wine !! using this you can run a Windows apps in Linux right ??

Mouli: Exactly

me: Okay !! Another question is that about the Softwares.

Mouli : Yup

me: See …you know about Maya…it’s a software developed by Alias people.So if I want to use Maya in Linux OS , how will I get it. Since, Maya has been developed in a Windows based developement environment.

Mouli: Dei !!! there will be something almost like Maya in Linux version

me: How ?

Mouli : You are doing some blogging and all right . If you just shoot up some blog saying you want a Maya equivalent in Linux…within days you will get something as same as Maya.

me: You mean that will be newly developed by the Geeky Developers spread around the world.

Mouli: Yes

me : But that I am sure will not be as equal as Maya.

Mouli : Hmmm ! Yes . But if the Alias company decides to create a Linux version of Maya it will surely be as same as the Windows counterpart.

me: But only if the Alias company decides to do so, right ??

Mouli: Exactly.

me: Hey man ….it’s really an OS By the Geeks , For the Geeks”

Mouli: Hmmm…ha ha ha …true to some extent…since Linux has always been a Geeky stuff.

me: Another question …. Does Hardware comes anywhere here.

Mouli: BSD 4 ….if you have BSD4 ..I think you can run both ..but my knowledge about it is also very less. Got to do some Googling today …Wait I will try.. [ tap tap tap ] ..Oh Sorry man! I have not configured Internet with the Linux…

me: Oh

Mouli: Wait I will do it..[Tap Tap Tap]

[ I get a call from home …and …been asked to come ASAP and to get some money from the ATM]

me: Okay da !! I think I have to leave now…will see some other day.

Mouli: And another thing is if Google decides to do something on Google OS ..which I think is the talk of the Web 2.0 Geeks like you…everything will change.

me: Yes man !!! I think Linux has been a Geeky stuff all the years but never was successful to overthrow the Microsoft completly from the Personal computer market as Microsoft always reached the Masses.

Mouli: Yes

me: Linux is like Aamir Khan [Real Actor] who preferred less number of movies but the really good ones and flawless…and Microsoft is like Salman Khan[ Actually More of a Star than an Actor] who always tried to reach for the Masses and never cared about the real quality of Acting.Here comes , Google which is like SRK [ amazing mix of Reaching to the masses and also brilliant acting ].It will be possible only by Google to overthrow Microsoft and not by Linux.The key is about reaching to the masses.

Mouli: Dei …what an Analogy da!! But there is a Security , Privacy , Offline ability issues with Google.

me: Regarding the Offline Ability , Google is already working on “Google Gears”.I think Goolge is also working on GoogleOS under the banner of Google Gears for sure.And regarding the Privacy and Security…I am sure Google should have some answers though I am not able to quote some examples.

Mouli: Why not man !! I will tell u one example . Orkut was criticized a lot about the privacy issues about the Scraps , Photos and Videos.But you see now, we have protected albums , scraps feature in Orkut though I agree that there are some malicious applications to available to break the locked albums.

me: Hmmm !!! Google is all about Innovation .It has the right mix of Innovation and the Wisdom of Crowds principle.There is really a lot more good about Google…which will be my next blog…”G for Google, G for Gandhi” or “God”

Mouli : Gandhi ah ????

me: Just wait it out ….the blog will be a superhit ..just like the Ramayana blog.

Mouli: Hmmm…I just can’t wait for that blog man .. he he.By the way ..why you do Blogging ?

me: Hmmm I decided to get paid by Google AdSense ….[ Laughs ]

Mouli: yeah man …how many hits you get on an average …

me: hmmm nearly 25 everyday …and on some best days ..it’s nearing 100….98 is my maximum.

Mouli: Great man ….I too have to learn about AdSense then…ha ha

me: You give me this Knowpix CD …I will get baptised to Linux from today and will see if I will be “happy ever after” or not.

Mouli: I think …. Geeks have found the Happiness in Linux …but it will be Google that will have to come up with GoogleOS …OS in Browser itself ….. as a Messiah for the Laymen.

me: True ! you are correct.I am leaving man ….just give me the CD…I will return it tommorrow….

Mouli : Okay da ..See you then.


Also an Open question to you ……Is the message conveyed by this image (taken from here) true

Dead Penguins


One blog that compares Linux with the Bitchiness is here.Good one.