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Trance Addiction with

I have been sick for the past few weeks.Apart from the medical prescriptions the other tonic that helps me to come out of my past and sometimes also from my own spiral of negative thoughts is the musical website , modern wonder in the internet world …

I recommend .Believe me, music really cures everything.

Modern Marvels in the Virtual world

Modern Marvels in the Virtual world

It’s not only music.It’s also the huge amount of information surrounding the music that keeps you immersed in trance while listening at the same time keep your working without worrying about anything.With profiling , the site keeps track of which category of music we have loved or favourited and hence similar genre is played to us when we listen to RECOMMENDED radio.I love this Recommendations feature of the site.Ofcourse,only 30 tracks are free and after that the site asks you to pay 3 dollars per month.I bet you , you will fall in love with the site after 30 tracks 🙂