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IPL trophy is as butiphul as Mallika Sherawat’s Nose

IPL Trophy

What a waste of money and time.Probably SRK and Vijay Mallya now would have convinced themselves about the old indian proverb “Jo hota hai ache key liye hota hai” [ Whatever happens , happens for the good] after seeing the IPL trophy.

SRK’s diplomatic response after looking at the Trophy for the first time

Heyyhey !!! What a Sexy Trophy.I love the trophy but I love my Wife even more.

Mallya’s Candid reply to the media about the Trophies BEAUTY

Modi has been fooled by the Belgians , just like Dravid fooled me during the Auction.

Preeti’s (My Favourite actress) Response

Wow !!! it’s amazing ………What a Momento…..I never expected this just for reaching the semi-finals.Hey! where is the trophy you were about to show (looks around).

And for the captains who reached the finals of the IPL tournament it would be the ‘Karma’ for which they are fighting for,Dhoni for proving himself that T20 World cup victory was not a fluke and for Shane Warne it’s time to prove that Australian Board that he too could have been a good captain for Australia , certainly not for the Trophy.

It’s difficult to hold !!! man !!!

Cricket is a Men’s sport !! and Men like Curves …Smooth Curves….where are the curves in the trophy.The first time when Shashtri was describing about the trophy during the Rajasthan and the Delhi semifinal , I got excited to see the trophy.But when they were showing the trophy on Television, I literally vomitted just like the feeling I usually get on seeing Namitha’s potruding tyre shaped belly.I remember Ravi Shastri describing the trophy studded with Blue saphires.I couldn’t see any BLUE there.

Negatives in the Trophy:

The first thing I didn’t like about the India Map was it’s unfairness to the Game.IPL is a celebration of cricket by forgetting the political barriers we have during the international matches.We have seen some of the arch rivals in the game hugging each other during the matches.Putting the India map bluntly on a carved wooden board doesn’t really looks good even though the map is studded with diamonds.

Apart from that I have a personal guilt from my childhood about the Indian map.I always felt smooth structures and symmetry is the defining characteristics of any beautiful object.And also the right size.The IPL trophy is not only awkwardly huge but also has the asymmetry of our political failures of the past.I am talking about the gaps near Nepal , Bhutan and Bangladesh in the Indian map. They look like broken edges of a termite attacked bathroom door.Specially, Bangladesh reflects our political inability to retain the Original delta region of the Holy River Ganga. Pakistan is not an issue for me because , the map looks much better without pakistan. Also there is so much ambiguity in the map.We still claim parts of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan as POK. In future if any Pakistani player is a captain of any one of the Indian side and wins the trophy , there would be a huge media uproar in Pakistan , saying that the IPL has a wrong map of India , specially near the Kashmir border.

The only good feature in the Trophy that too short lived

The statue of a player smashing a ball ,square.But I think , I saw the face of the batsman in the trophy quite closely , but not for a long time.Ofcourse I tried searching for a close-up shot of the trophy on the internet but could get only the above pic with the broad smiling face of Modi behind it.I still think the facial features of the player immortalized could have been given more realistic look.

See the discussion going on the Trophy’s BUTIPHULNESS


JNR Days

Today is my last day in JNR.I am getting release from my current assignment.I am “moving on” for making my future better and more closer to the technology that reflects my passion for Art , Creativity and Innovation ( If not for the technology ) . But whatever reason I am moving for , I am really having some mixed emotions about my release.I can’t forget the days , more than two years, spent here , since the Bench days ended.


End of Long Bench Days

I still remember my very first day at JNR after the ILP.I reported to the stern faced MATC people ,along with Jose, Vinoth , Petti , Siva , Helen , Papa , Balaji and almost the complete tamil gang who got transfered to Chennai .The aloof looking MATC people directed me to Velachery where I sat on BENCH for a month , after which I was handed over to the Shollinganallur branch MATC people who thought I will be better if a Mainframes Training is given to me.They asked me to attend the Mainframes training for a month…So I did.During the end of the training period, I somehow was transfered to JNR office again , this time to attend the Insurance basics session by some lady whose name I forgot now.I used to remembered her name for a long time because her name was occupying my phone memory for a long time, though I never called her after being allocated to LFCS project.I deleted her phone number just a few days back.I don’t see her even in the admin these days.May be she got transfered or may be switched to another company.

Enthusiastic Induction Days

I was desperate to get into system and type the code and make it work…compile…making the client happier…really very desperate to work , after made to dry on bench for nearly two and half months.So as soon as I joined the project I started asking just too many questions.I was also doing heavy workouts and morning walking during those days,so I used to very fresh even till 7 PM in the evening.We were a small group of ILP freshers…Anandavalli, Thilakavathy , Kirithika , Keerthana , Suba Karthik , Sriram , Joby Johny , Shaheen,Priya darshini.We used to sit around a round table around the corner of a quadrant in the A block from where the Printer was either moved away or never placed.We were asked to study the RSM documents which we hardly understood.Sometimes there used to be classes by some project associates who are relatively(a must word)free.After reaching home , I used to read Robin Sharma books and at night used to watch English Movies , usually War Movies , Science Fiction or some Oscar classics.The next morning used to wake up at 4:30 AM and got for a walk and work out.Such was the life.

My First Project and the very first Assignment ; First Blasting from the PL

My first project was a very prestigious and long term project in Auto Insurance for one of the major client in USA.Ofcourse I am not supposed to tell the name of the client outside TCS, so I will be using the imaginary name as LFCS for the client I worked for more than two years till today.

I joined during the end of Design phase of the project so really did not understand anything about the project though I pretended a lot about my ability to understand quickly.My first assignment was writing a code for a Risk determination Module.I wrote it so badly that Brindha gave up trying to review it.The code moved to PI ( a SCM term very common in LFCS , which looked like Greek and Latin for me in those days).When the Tech Lead , Selva Kumari reviewed the code , she blasted on me and Brindha.I couldn’t forget Nigam sir who patiently taught me how to code and all.Of course, I learnt many things on ‘What to do’ and also ‘What not to do’ during the first project.The real learning started in my next project under Surendar Panuganti and Rajnikanth.

To be frank , I never felt comfortable with the Learning and Training Strategy in the project , which struck in my mind.I was about to innovate a lot in this area during the Property Insurance assignment.

Once ‘Lunch Events’ later just reduced to ‘Lunch Time’

Yes , Lunch time used to be like arranging an event.We even waited for 1 hour or so for making sure all the members of our sangam have gathered for lunch.We used to decide for nearly 15 / 20 minutes and sometimes debate on which hotel to go for, either Bhimas, HSB(Hotel Saravana Bhavan), Annapurna or Vasantha Bhavan.Obviously if no one in our group was able to convince others we took the Canteen option.Sometimes , we felt little Carnivorous , so we went to Ponnusamy or Pandyas.

At Saravana BhavanSometimes the Lunch used to be too costly

As work started flowing in , arranging huge Lunch Events became a time costly affair.So we started going to lunch with whoever was available.I used to go with Sriram most of the time, who later started bringing lunch box.Due to his decision to bring lunch box , I have to go to canteen and have lunch.But when I wanted a more tastier food , I went with Srini or Jimin or sometimes alone.

The last part of the JNR days when I was in Property Insurance project, which was the only project left in JNR whereas all the other projects including the Auto Insurance projects where all my Fresher day’s friends were working were moved to Siruseri.So I have to go alone for lunch, occasionally with I used to go with Ashutosh , Swamy and sometimes with Niloy.I really missed the days when I used to have lunch with Sriram , Srini , Shaheen and Jimin.

Favourite Hotel: Bhimas was my favourite hotel of them all

Favourite Dish: Butter Naan with Annachi (pine-apple) gravy

Tea Time Memories

Sriram and JobyThirupathi Samy - the Code Mover

Thiru will never forget the dog(bitch) that used to always look at him, but never used to eat the food that he gives to eat.

Treat Parties

The people who went to onsite often used to give Pizza party or if was to be grander , it used to be thrown at Hotel Vasantha Bhavan (opp. Ambiga Empire), where Prasanna (my second last Tech lead) threw his Marriage reception party.I once dreamt to throwing such a party if I go to onsite but alas it never happened.May be I will throw a party for onsite , but it won’t be at JNR swimming pool area or Hotel Vasantha Bhavan.

Another party that used to be quite famous was the ‘Release party’.People who were going for higher studies or getting released or resigning the job also threw the party.One of such kind was thrown by Selva Kumar(my first mentor).He is currently in Covansus.I remember giving him a trophy for getting Release from the Auto Insurance project which was considered the most difficult task in TCS.

Vasantha Bhavan Treats

The last of the Parties which I attended was given by Giridhar Ram sir during my Underwritting project at Hyderabadi Food Court.Ofcourse , I was not really doing any critical work at that time except the Applogs, because I was asking for Release from the project, but still I enjoyed the party.This was a strange party indeed because , Giri threw this party for coaxing the team to achieve more test cases.It was something like giving the reward before the work being started.

Trips and Stress Busting Activities

There were only two trips I went to , One was with the Auto Team for the Pulicate Lake and the other was with Swamy and Niloy to Thirupathi.

Pulicate Lake trip

Kapaleshwar and Thirupathi TripProperty Queensland Trip

I also greatly enjoyed the Entertainment hour that was used to be conducted by the HR buddy Lavanya Raghuraman during the ADM project days.ADM project was the biggest team I ever worked with.Team of 30 members.Unfortunately , I also share some of the terrible times of my career, due to the immature acceptance of Agile Process.

The Learning Curve

The Learning curve for me has been like a Hollywood Action movie.My learning curve was definitely on the rise from the day I joined TCS but something was missing until I joined Property , where I understood that “You Got to place yourself into the customer’s shoes to deliver Quality” and also “BIRD’S EYE VIEW” or rather “Proactiveness” is the key for making things happen.Thanks to Sathish (my last project manager and excelled in Micro-Management) , Hafiz (Tech. Architect) , Srinivasan Jagadeesan (My Second Last PL) and KP (My last PL in LFCS , admire him for straightforwardness )who were very approachable.For him your designation never mattered.To be frank,I was able rediscover myself and my abilities after a long period of crowd following.

Still Unsatisfied

Eventhough I was able to implement some of the innovative ideas (of course with the help of VijayMariappan and Thumati, without whom I would have done nothing) like the Yahoo Answers kind of discussion forum and Automation of the Interface modules, I was not able to make it part of day to day life of every LFCS’ians.What I missed was MARKETING.

So there is one more aspect for making innovations work apart from IMPLEMENTATION.The only positive I can take is that , the tool development helped me a lot in getting good appraisal H2.

Property Insurance Assignment

Property Insurance came as a boon to me.It was a project that started from scratch hence a lot of scope for learning and a vast reserve of opportunity for leadership.In many ways , I was supported by my supervisors and the Managers a lot, to express my ideas.I started opening up , after nearly one and half years of silence.

Forming unofficial Tribes for tool developement

Formed various unofficial teams of Freshers to develop tools for effective Knowledge management and did implemented the innovations I always had in my mind , ever since I joined TCS.The fact remains that eventhough the tools which I developed helped me a lot in getting above 4 in H2 appraisals , the tools never served the purpose it was meant to be.May be I succeeded in the Implementation part of Innovation but failed in the Marketing part of Innovation.

Leadership Lessons in Property Project

I learnt a lot of lessons while I was a team leader for the Interface Modules.I really implemented the leadership virtues I read in the Steve Waugh’s book “Out of My Comfort Zone”.I constantly made an effort not to repeat the mistakes my seniors have done in leadership and training a new recruit.I always concentrated on creating duplicates of myself and never allowed any dependency to be created around me.This was the key reason for getting me release.

Hard Work really pays; even though Smart work is Rewarding

I worked hard during my Property Insurance Assignment but I enjoyed those days too.Not to forget my love with the Knowledge Management Portal (Ultimatum-> Knowledge maximum) and Innovation in the last few days.I got so much involved with work that My Blogs started reflecting my passion for work.For the proof please click here , here , here and here.May be during the last days in this project , I felt that I have wasted two years of my career in a technology which I did not want to work in , but I learnt a lot of things apart from technology which will definitely be useful for me in the long run.

Some Other Moments from the Auto & Property Insurance Assignment

My Kalai Pasi

Trophy to Selva

After the Victory over Bank Team in the LFCS tournamentUmbrella Dance

PLEASE NOTE : None of the Process names and Procedure names used in the Project have been revealed in the above write-up.The names used are imaginary

Ludo Cricket

Last week I posted a blog on Book cricket inspired by this blog which is probably the first ever written evidence that book cricket was infact a reality during the end of 20 th century before the advent of Video Games.I was cleaning my room when I got the Ludo-Cricket boards which I prepared nearly ten years back, that pushed Book-Cricket to new levels.The following blog is all about the golden era of Book-Cricket that thrived in the Pinastro illam.

Even after Video Games arrived but was still inaccessible to the middle class society the Book-Cricket was alive and attained new heights until the death blow was given by drastical fall in the prices of electronic goods.

I used to play a very different form of book cricket indigenously developed by Pinasto and his Sister.It had all the elements of Modern day T20 Cricket. Quick Scores , Quick Wickets and Massive Entertainement.The game was basically a cross breed of two timeless masterpieces of Time-Pass games ; LUDO and BOOK-CRICKET.

I named it LUDO Cricket.Me and My sister used to play this Weird Form of Cricket for hours and sometimes days.The plus point was it recreated the same thrill generated out of all the action on the field like , the Commentator’s excited commentary over the huge six that goes out of the park,The crucial Third Umpire decisions,The batsman hit on the Grill, Batsman being Run out by just a few inches from the crease, the sledging wars between the players,Catch being dropped by the fielder in the Slip,No Ball, Wide,Stunning Catch by the Wicket Keeper and almost everything that used to happen during the 1990’s to 2000 in the world of cricket.

Ludo Cricket

Ludo Cricket-Book Cricket

A Different Ball-Game

The Ball used in this game was a Cube shaped , Red in color.This Cube shaped ball also known THE DICE which used to haunt many students in the Maths Mani’s , Probability class.

Red Dice

Rules of the game Ludo-Cricket

The Game is played on a board painted with images of action that happens on the ground.There are two batsmen standing on the board at a single time.

The coaches ( real players ) throw the Red Cubical shaped ball(dice).The dice shows a number.The batsmen on the Ludo cricket board move that many squares and ends up in a square.Whatever action is drawn on that particular square is the fate of the batsmen.Whenever a batsman scores a single , the next ball is faced by the other batsman.

Sometimes,when the batsman entered the square that had a small STAR at the corner.If the batsman landed on a starred corner , he is moved to a More Electrifying board that had nothing but Wickets and Boundaries and Sixers.More on the Electrifying board is explained below.

Starred Squares

Advantages over other forms of Book-Cricket

All the action that happens in the real cricket can be felt on paper.Who bowled the maiden over, who thrashed the stumps of the batsman,How many dot balls the batsman wasted in the game,how many drop catches by the team,how many run outs by the team and almost everything except the FREE HIT and the CHEER GIRLS.

Disadvantages over the other forms of Book-Cricket

Very difficult to appreciate this game if you are allergic to Mathematics.I loved calculating the run-rates, strike-rate,runs-per-over etc. ofcourse everything was manual calculations.But this disadvantage can be an advantage too, if you seriously wanted to improve your math , as this game is a fun way to learn.

Since, this game was played by only two people in the world , me and my sister, I was the person who always did the calculation part (remember manual calculation)

Efforts taken to Maximise the Entertainment generated from LUDO-Cricket

Apart from the High scoring games there is a special type of Entertainment generated by the low scoring games.For Low scoring games a special board was painted which had most of the squares as DOT BALLS.

Low Scoring pitch

Also sometimes the games tend to charged up either due to the Crowd Noise or the Sledging Wars between the Bowler and the Batsman.For this kind of Game a separate board was painted with every square having either Boundary,Six or a Wicket, in which every square is richly illustrated which is called the Electifying Cricket Board.

Electrifying Pitch 1

Electrifying Pitch - 3

Indeed Twenty Twenty was invented long back in the form of Book Cricket which was lost in the missing pages of Folklore ,due to the advent of Video Games.

Re: Book Cricket, age unknown, R.I.P

This blog wants to just add on to this amazing blog by Ashok.As he says the IPL reminds the generation that was in shcool before the period when ‘what’ became ‘wat’ and ‘colour’ became ‘color’ , about the Book Cricket.

I think Ashok is not the first person to see the similarities….Probably he is the first to write a blog on it. I remember Sherry (Navjot) telling to Sonali of NDTV about the similarities of Book Cricket with the twenty Twenty format of the game during the T20 world cup.

The similarities, I see is that the way the runs are scored are never cared for….the shot selection is never a thing to be technically discussed by the Cricket Experts sitting in the TV room.
And the most important similarity of them all ; In both forms of cricket i.e. the OMI ( One Minute International) and the Twenty Twenty ….the number of runs scored by the batsman is always greater than the number of balls faced , even if it is the most boring batsmen like Dravid,Laxman. Really nice to see Dravid scoring 38 off 31 balls.

Well, I will come to the point.I just want to show some other forms of book cricket that were prevalent in my school days …atleast in my school.


The First one was almost the same as the one mentioned by Ashok, but in that form …when the last digit of the page number is ‘0’ , the batsman was considered Out.Nobody cared , how he got out …run out , bowled, lbw …nothing.

But some of the cricket enthusiasts also listened to the expert talks by Sunil Gavaskar ,Ravi Shastri, Tony Greig and Geoffrey Boycott after the match,wanted to raise the level of Book cricket equal to the standards of the real ones,so that the book cricket can also be analysed by the (hidden) cricket expert in them.Hence, they designed a new way of playing Book Cricket.

The last digit of the page number was taken as the number of steps to go forward in the runs and wicket maze as shown below.Whenever we got ‘0’ as the last digit,we considered it as a ‘DOT BALL’. Hence, the DOT BALL in book cricket was introduced.

Expert\'s Book Cricket

It’s quite evident from the picture that the various way the batsmen got out was also introduced to Book Cricket.Experts now had loads of things to talk about the batsmen’s poor run of form.


The other form of Book cricket was perhaps born out of influence from the metro channel’s superhit game show “Metro Dhamaka”.The picture below shows why

Cricket Dhamaka

This game demanded a Safety Pin to be used as Willow.Boys didn’t have the Safety Pin.

So , the boys got some reason to talk to the girls in the first bench and ask them a safety pin for playing this form of book cricket.

Somehow , this form of book cricket never took off as it was mostly being distracted my the curious girls (owner of the Safety Pin) who come to the last bench and see what these guys are playing with the Safety Pin.Hence, the games mostly resulted in NO RESULT due to Kadalai ( putting groundnuts) sessions that lasted as long as the CCA periods ( Co-Currivular Activity periods on Thursdays).

Anyway, none of these forms of book-cricket nor the most basic form of book-Cricket now exists.Thanks to Video Games and various other factors…

Linux v Windows ; suddenly there comes Google OS

Linux V Windows - Casual Chat

I met my old school buddy who happens to be working in the same company I work for but for a different client.I found his room in a shockingly Kuppaified with dust,books,movie DVDs and a whole lot of Linux OS CDs ( which came along with PC quest magazine)

He showed me his Colombo trip photographs.I got to talk to him about the Linux.Being a Semi-Geek , I have heard a lot about Open Source , Linux blah blah.My friend Mouli who happens to be A COMPLETE GEEK kind of guy was really into the Open Source.Since, in one of my recent blogs one of the readers gave me this comment “Finally, i gave up windows and turned to linux…and lived happily ever after!!! ” I started the interest to get into Linux thereafter.

Following blog is not a serious blog on Linux and Windows like this one ,nor it is a confession blog like this one , neither it is a blog by this guy who confuses Physics and History with Operating Systems(Just Kidding), but simply a conversation that happened between me(A SEMI-GEEK) and my friend Mouli(A COMPLETE GEEK)

me: Dei ! What do you think about Linux da.

Mouli: Dei ! What is this you are asking . The Whole world knows about it.It’s open source and very robust.

me: Really ! I too have heard of that ….in one of my recent blogs someone told that “after installing Linux I happily lived ever after”

Mouli:Ha ha ! Obviously.Linux is developed by the people around the world, hence the problems are immediately handled by the passionate developers spread across the world.

me: You mean to say that it’s all about “Wisdom of Crowds”

Mouli: Wisdom of Crowds ah ?? What is that buddy ?

me: Athanda ! the current phenonmenon of Web 2.0 in the internet.Wikipedia and all

Mouli : Ah yes yes !!! something similar to that.If there are so many developers , obviously a defective product can never survive yah .

me: Hmmm ….”With the Million eyeballs the defect can’t survive longer”

Mouli : Yenna da aatchi ….I am not able to get you what are you asking

me : Okay da ! As I told you One of my blog readers once said after installing Linux …he happily lived ever after … I also want to live like that.So tell me it really possible with Linux

Mouli: Yes some extent it’s true.Windows really sucks da !!

me: Okay ! I have experienced a lot of trouble installing Linux in my PC until I was frustrated.

Mouli : Yeah that happens if you are going for a Corporate version of Linux like the RED HAT Linux and all.Though that too is easy , but generally that is considered quite longer than the Knowpix and Ubuntu.

me: Ubuntu !! I heard that it is the most user friendlier version . Is that true ?

Mouli : Hmmmmm…yeah …but Knowpix is also cool man.And the installation is damn easy man.I can show you now itself in 15 minutes.

me : Oh Really !! then show me the installation.

[ Mouli takes the CD from the case ]

me : Dei ! tell me. Isn’t it like people love Linux just because they hate Microsoft.

Mouli: Who said ?

me: I am saying that .

Mouli : Dei …you have gone crack man

me: See ! Linux is definitely not user friendly …atleast not as user friendly as Microsoft.Is that true

Mouli: Partially true because you have to install many plugins to fully utilise the linux.But there are versions like this one [shows the Knowpix 5.1.1 CD] in which you do not have to do anything ….just a command ..and everything is taken care by the CD. You know this is a Live CD.I do not have to install it on my PC.You can work from the CD itself.

me : really ??

Mouli : Amman da !! About the userfriendliness it’s pretty good.You will fall in love with Linux.

me: ohh !! Show me it’s userfriendliness then .Let’s see if it can make me fall in love with Linux or not.[While Mouli inserts the CD to the lappy and types the command “knowpix lang=US screen=800X600 ].Also tell me a feature here , which you love the most.

Mouli: The Graphics is damn good man . I also like the Sound.

me: hmmm…that’s it ???

Mouli: Yes . That’s the only command.

me : Wow man !! Okay . I have a question for you .

Mouli : Yeah sure .

me: Do you really think that Linux is successful enough ?

Mouli: why not man ? It is

me : I don’t think so . May be it has been powering the 85 % of the supercomputers around the world and the top ten internet websites too, it has really not reached the grass levels.

Mouli: Which Grassroot levels you are talking about.

me: The Layman level.See People tend to prefer Windows to Linux ..generally ..they do not go for linux because it is quite difficult to install and also there is an X factor.

Mouli: There is no X-Factor man.You find Linux the most common among the tech people but about the Layman that too in India is true that Windows is THE DEFAULT OS because Microsoft has captured the Indian market before anyone else.And generally Indians have a tendency to accept everything they get.If you go to Italy , no one uses Windows….My friend who was in Italy for somedays …said “Da ! it’s very difficult to find a Windows system here”.

me: Why ??

Mouli: People do not want to pay anything for OS and the softwares.Even in Indonesia ..Windows is an Endangered OS.

me : Ha ha ha !! Endangered OS ….that is really good.But why not in India ?

Mouli: See man !!! Indians are always ready to do anything that is mischievous.We are ready to pay for the Pirated versions of Software.Software Piracy still exists because of Windows.If you are a real Nyasthan , you would go for Linux or buy the original version of the softwares.Basically , I would say , Microsoft has capitalised in the No-Man’s lands….i.e. mostly in the Third World Coutries.

me: [Giggles] That’s true ….we are ready for anything …

Mouli: If you are a tech person you would by default prefer Linux to Windows.

me: Caught you again !! Why only the Techs ….

Mouli: You got to know the commands sometimes…[Shows the Wine application]

me: Oh Wine !! using this you can run a Windows apps in Linux right ??

Mouli: Exactly

me: Okay !! Another question is that about the Softwares.

Mouli : Yup

me: See …you know about Maya…it’s a software developed by Alias people.So if I want to use Maya in Linux OS , how will I get it. Since, Maya has been developed in a Windows based developement environment.

Mouli: Dei !!! there will be something almost like Maya in Linux version

me: How ?

Mouli : You are doing some blogging and all right . If you just shoot up some blog saying you want a Maya equivalent in Linux…within days you will get something as same as Maya.

me: You mean that will be newly developed by the Geeky Developers spread around the world.

Mouli: Yes

me : But that I am sure will not be as equal as Maya.

Mouli : Hmmm ! Yes . But if the Alias company decides to create a Linux version of Maya it will surely be as same as the Windows counterpart.

me: But only if the Alias company decides to do so, right ??

Mouli: Exactly.

me: Hey man ….it’s really an OS By the Geeks , For the Geeks”

Mouli: Hmmm…ha ha ha …true to some extent…since Linux has always been a Geeky stuff.

me: Another question …. Does Hardware comes anywhere here.

Mouli: BSD 4 ….if you have BSD4 ..I think you can run both ..but my knowledge about it is also very less. Got to do some Googling today …Wait I will try.. [ tap tap tap ] ..Oh Sorry man! I have not configured Internet with the Linux…

me: Oh

Mouli: Wait I will do it..[Tap Tap Tap]

[ I get a call from home …and …been asked to come ASAP and to get some money from the ATM]

me: Okay da !! I think I have to leave now…will see some other day.

Mouli: And another thing is if Google decides to do something on Google OS ..which I think is the talk of the Web 2.0 Geeks like you…everything will change.

me: Yes man !!! I think Linux has been a Geeky stuff all the years but never was successful to overthrow the Microsoft completly from the Personal computer market as Microsoft always reached the Masses.

Mouli: Yes

me: Linux is like Aamir Khan [Real Actor] who preferred less number of movies but the really good ones and flawless…and Microsoft is like Salman Khan[ Actually More of a Star than an Actor] who always tried to reach for the Masses and never cared about the real quality of Acting.Here comes , Google which is like SRK [ amazing mix of Reaching to the masses and also brilliant acting ].It will be possible only by Google to overthrow Microsoft and not by Linux.The key is about reaching to the masses.

Mouli: Dei …what an Analogy da!! But there is a Security , Privacy , Offline ability issues with Google.

me: Regarding the Offline Ability , Google is already working on “Google Gears”.I think Goolge is also working on GoogleOS under the banner of Google Gears for sure.And regarding the Privacy and Security…I am sure Google should have some answers though I am not able to quote some examples.

Mouli: Why not man !! I will tell u one example . Orkut was criticized a lot about the privacy issues about the Scraps , Photos and Videos.But you see now, we have protected albums , scraps feature in Orkut though I agree that there are some malicious applications to available to break the locked albums.

me: Hmmm !!! Google is all about Innovation .It has the right mix of Innovation and the Wisdom of Crowds principle.There is really a lot more good about Google…which will be my next blog…”G for Google, G for Gandhi” or “God”

Mouli : Gandhi ah ????

me: Just wait it out ….the blog will be a superhit ..just like the Ramayana blog.

Mouli: Hmmm…I just can’t wait for that blog man .. he he.By the way ..why you do Blogging ?

me: Hmmm I decided to get paid by Google AdSense ….[ Laughs ]

Mouli: yeah man …how many hits you get on an average …

me: hmmm nearly 25 everyday …and on some best days’s nearing 100….98 is my maximum.

Mouli: Great man ….I too have to learn about AdSense then…ha ha

me: You give me this Knowpix CD …I will get baptised to Linux from today and will see if I will be “happy ever after” or not.

Mouli: I think …. Geeks have found the Happiness in Linux …but it will be Google that will have to come up with GoogleOS …OS in Browser itself ….. as a Messiah for the Laymen.

me: True ! you are correct.I am leaving man ….just give me the CD…I will return it tommorrow….

Mouli : Okay da ..See you then.


Also an Open question to you ……Is the message conveyed by this image (taken from here) true

Dead Penguins


One blog that compares Linux with the Bitchiness is here.Good one.