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Forbidden mockery,a new weapon in the arsenal

Aseem Trivedi

Did you know that sometimes IIT’ians do care about their country.Trust me they do love their country.The reason why many of them (including me) aspire to work outside their country is purely because of two reasons:

(a) Poor Girl:Boy ratio at IIT’s which makes them think that they can find chicks(girls) in shores of foreign nature

(b) Futile systems that have ridiculously complex rules beyond comprehension

The first point might be an exaggerated fact because IIT guys do find good chicks in the campus,if not through the year, atleast during the Moodi fest.The second point is about how immature the systems in place are.Of course the creator of the system is not to blame because when the system was created it was created to the best of the creator’s knowledge and times and it catered to most of the problems known to have existed.The reason why great systems fail and crumble because the guardians of the systems who succeed the system administration fail to realise the importance of one crucial thing that rules every natural systems across the universe. EVOLUTION or rather CHANGE.

The guardians of the system try to protect the system in it’s original form and resist change which is why systems fail to address new problems that arise with changing times.Hence, disruption happens and the old system is destroyed and a new order is created.The new system in place runs without problems for a while and then when times change , problems change and hence the system starts to irk the people.Most of the people stay quite and silently watch the fall without realising that they are also in the sinking ship.But some people raise voice against the system and a new order is created.Like this, the cycle of creation and destruction continues.

Aseem Trivedi's cartoon against corruption

Assem Trivedi seems to be one of those who does realise that the ship is sinking and has dared to raise his voice.But he had to gone to the extent of insulting the nation by insulting the emblem(because silent prayers and humble requests doesn’t seem to be working anymore), but his intentions were purely to cleanse the dirty corruption; I do not know if going to forbidden limits will be a new norm in revolutionary’s and activist’s arsenal ; if that is so, a new world is waiting for all of us, but , before that we have to face the destruction of the current world order. Let’s get ready for the ride !!!

If CHANGE is difficult to incorporate in the making of a durable and  sustainable system atleast try to mimic the systems made by nature which have failed-to-fail even after million years of existence.

Following was one of the facebook stati of mine during my curriculum project during which I realised a fundamental difference between the way GOD and GAME DESIGN COMPANIES design their games(worlds/systems)

“God(atheists read god as  nature) created amazingly-complex world with stunningly-simple rules, but , we humans fail to beat God in creating worlds because we tend to create stupidly-simple worlds with ridiculously-complex rules”


How to walk on the Pavement : Infographics

Here is another Infographics which I did last week.It’s about “How to walk on the pavement” according to Indian Traffic Rules

How to walk on Indian Roads

The Recession is in your mindset … it’s not real

It occured  to me during the IPL season 2 when I was asking my friends in an excited mood :

“Which team you are supporting ?”

The response I got from most of the people was

“I am not interested in IPL,there are even bigger issues to be resolved like Recession”.

It is really sick that people,companies and nations tend to brood over recession and instead of coming out of it they fallback into the vicious spiral of negative thinking.


Even my bosses are uttering the word ‘Recession’ for any new proposal I suggest.What the companies are not realising is that recession is the time when world needs people to take risks…ofcourse Innovation is a child of crazy risks taken.I am getting sick of the people’s sick attitude towards life,people becoming more and more defensive and hence giving way for more recession.We will never be able to fight recession if we continue like this.

I remember a story which I read in my 11 th Grade namely “The Man who saved Pumpelsdrop”.I believe the world today needs this story to be read and understood so much.For those who don’t remember this story or have never read this story :

The story goes like this

  • The City of Pumpelsdrop was once going through a Terrible Economic Crisis
  • The people stopped celebrating their birthdays and there were no festivities.They didn’t celebrate christmas for two years.
  • One day a newbie to the town of Pumpelsdrop visited a car dealer and ordered for a pair of Rolls Royce car to be delivered on the eve of Christmas.One for her daughter and another for her wife.
  • The car dealer was elated since , it was the first time in years when a customer has visited his showroom.
  • The car dealer was so happy that he gave the part of his saved money to his wife to buy a pair of necklace.
  • The diamond merchant was so happy that he gave his wife a lumpsome money to buy furniture for the house.
  • Hence the Furniture merchant became so happy that he ordered white-washing to his old house.
  • Like this ,within two weeks the whole town came alive and was bustling with economic activity.People were now even ready for celebrating the Christmas this time.
  • On the Eve of the Christmas, the car dealer was waiting for the Man who has ordered  the Rolls-Royce car.Instead a truck from a Lunatic Asylum came to the showroom and some men from the truck said “Did you see a lunatic man, who was ordering two Rolls-Royce car”.

The Moral of the Story is If you continue to be in Negative Thoughts you will never come out of it.Start taking real calculated risks if you want to reverse the bad times.

The above story is in the context of a small town and may not be an exact analogy for the current recession(as it involves various micronomies invloved) but the point we need to understand including the companies which cribble in the name of Recession and get away from giving it’s employees promotion and various other incentives is that never live in Negative thoughts about the current or past failures, try to come out of it;Even if the risks you take sound CRAZY.JUST DO IT.

Obama was probably looking at …

I was browsing through the internet when I saw this story which caught my attention.“Where was Obama Looking?”it’s really funny juxtapose indeed.But I think,even if Obama was looking at the Mayora Tavares’s bottom,he can be forgiven.It’s a normal reaction of any straight male on seeing stunningly beautiful women 🙂

Here’s is the picture again that made all the uproar for your viewing pleasure.

Obama looking at a girl? what's wrong ?

Obama looking at a girl? what’s wrong ?

Pictures can be deceiving…so take a look at the video here

I tried searching her face in close-up on the internet but i got only her back.I even tried searching her on orkut as she is from brazil(orkut dominant country) but in vain 😦

This is what I got,hope her pics start appearing on internet soon

The Girl

The Girl

This is a trivial thing so forgive the American president,he has got a lot of other things to do.This is not the first time Obama has been associated with a girl.Remember, Obama Girl Video by Amber Lee Ettinger produced by

WHAT WOMEN WANT ? – An attempt to find Answers from Evolution

Earlier Title of this blog:“Shopping Instincts,From STAG HUNTING to GIRLFRIEND HUNTING”

Simply removed because the Title “WHAT WOMEN WANT?” definitely will fetch me more hits per day 🙂

This blog definitely is an effort to increase the Readership of my blog among the female population of the blogosphere which I have noticed to be far below the male Readership of my blog.I know nothing can be done to attract the X only chromosomes because for some reason blogosphere is more attractive to the Y chromosomes, just like Stamp Collection has failed to attract women.For some strange reason , photo sharing in social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook seem to attract more of women than men ( men are on Orkut only because of women , Intelligent Men).In a way , everyone is involved in the Web 2.0 revolution.

So ladies who are looking for real intelligent men , look at the Blogosphere not the social networking sites.

Now for the Real content…

A few days back I was with my family on a Shopping spree in T-Nagar.I saw one social phenonmenon which I saw years back in Discovery channel , in Action.



Our Forefathers were (only) HUNTERS and Out Foremothers were GATHERERS and Today’s DUDES are still the HUNTERS and GALS are still the GATHERERS

And HUNTING – GATHERING was not just the way of life , but an Attitude which is why , the HUNTING – GATHERING instincts are still visible in us ….while Shopping.Yes !! You will get a better picture if you spend a complete day in NORTH USMAN ROAD, T – Nagar , which would be a paradise for a social behaviour research scientist.There are only two kinds of people who shop here – people with the following combination of chromosomes

(A) XX and

(B) XY

Women just enjoy shopping . They do not bug their mind with what are the things to buy.It’s the shopping experience they enjoy the most.

Men come to shopping only if they are Single, either to Hunt down products from Saravana Stores or to …well understood.(CAUTION : Nothing malicious intended).But those who are Married , are just doing the job of HUSBAND..escorting to T.NAGAR

Shopping instincts

Shopping instincts


If we see clearly, we (men) have not changed over the thousand years of evolution, though our (men) needs have changed a lot.They are steadily rising on the Maslow’s pyramid , but where are women ??

Maslow's Need Pyramid

Maslow's Need Pyramid

The only change is the target for which Men used to Hunt.In Good old days men used to hunt the STAG which basically came under the category of FOOD , SHELTER and CLOTHES (roti , kapda aur makaan).In the Modern era when these basic needs have been fulfilled or gets fulfilled in earlier part of their lives and world economy also booming the second level of requirements pyramid have also been quite stabilised.

[[ Considering the American , European and the Asian economies in general, The Basic needs are still a big UNAVAILABLE in African countries.I am sure they(Africans) will also catch up ]]

So we are now, in the third level of the pyramid.Dudes want GIRLFRIENDS.Do you know Facebook revolution was a by-product of this need ? Huh ?

So we can say the current generation of men are trying to achieve the Third Level of Needs Pyramid but the Technique is the same , HUNTING.

But what the women are trying to do…They are still GATHERING ( sexy name would be SHOPPING) but what’s the target they are trying to achieve.They are the species who really live the moment unlike the male species who are built for CROSS-TIME thinking (PAST , PRESENT and FUTURE).

So , Men (collectively) are definitely moving up in the Needs Pyramid , but , What I am really not able to make out is that where are Women in the Maslow’s pyramid.

Is Maslow’s needs pyramid is a male only scale?

Is a Female version of Maslow’s Needs Pyramid yet to be defined ?

What women want exactly ?

Web 2.0 Evangelsim – 3

Wisdom of Crowds

Wisdom of Crowds

Web 2.0 Evangelism – 2

web 2.0

web 2.0

The coming generattion coming out of colleges will be a generation that doesn’t remember a day in colege life(best days of life) when they were not online or did not log into facebook.So suddenly if they are forced not to use facebook in the organizations they join…life becomes dull.Hence,orgnaizations have to adapt to the new Facebook culture that’s evident plus it also has it’s own advantages.Read more on this

1. Hippies inside organizations

2. Enterprise 2.0

3. Wild Web 2.0 needs to be tamed

Since this blog is just a sequel to “Web 2.0 Evangelism” blog , I recommend you to read it.And do read this blog which I found interesting specially the picture that explains so well “What is Web 2.0 (by the way)?”