Hollywood Ramayana

Recently I saw a fresh flick by Warner Bros. , 10,000 B.C. It was really a mind-boggling movie after a long time that really challenged my imagination. It reminded me of the days when I was in 9th grade when I used to think seriously about the coincidences of possible UFO landings in the pre-historic era and the dawn of human civilization.It was Eric Von Daniken’s book “Chariots of the Gods” that time and this time it’s the movie 10,000 B.C. by Ronald Emmerich.Though the movie got a huge amount of negative reviews , for me , it recreated the same thrill which I got reading Danikken’s book back in 1997 (A.D.)

    Shtory:D’Leh the hero of the movie who is the son of the leader of a clan somewhere in the Russian (or Mangolian) snow desert during the time when last ice age ended;10,000 B.C. He loves a refugee girl from another clan whose members were killed by “Four Legged Demons” ( invaders from Egypt) who massacered the weak and took the strong as slaves for making them work in the Atlantian’s(Stranded Aliens on Earth who claimed themselves as Gods to the Human beings on Earth) effort to build huge pyramids that will serve as signs to their own kind on the other worlds beyond the stars.

Rama and SitaIndian version of Rama and Sita Indonesian version Probably the most famous - Ramanand Sagar\'s version

    The script is about D’Leh’s journey across Asia and the middle east till the Egypt to rescue his love Evolet where the first Pyramids are being built by the early Egyptians with the help of the Aliens(or Atlantians) who have taught the mankind the extraction of metal and various other things on which human civilization transformed itself from Stone Age to the Bronze age.On the way D’Leh meets Giant Animals(now extinct Moa bird,Saber tooth tiger,Mamoth) and Naku Tribe whose men later help him to raise an army against the Egyptians ruled by the Atlantians whom they considered as Gods.

    On the way he also discovers the secret of life, that will transform his clan’s lifestyle from Nomadic Hunters to Settled Farmers ,once he returns from Egypt.For more information on the movie see here. What really thrilled me was the script’s close resemblance to the most famous epic of South Asian cultures , The Ramayana.

Induction to the Original version of Ramayana

    As an Induction to the thought process of comparing Ramayana with the 10,000 B.C. I will be using the character names in both the stories interchangeablyYes Ramanyana . D’Leh resembles Rama , Evolet is resembling Sita , and the Last Atlantian(Alien) in the movie is Obviously Ravana and the Naku Tribe who helped D’Leh (alias Rama) in rescuing Sita (er Evolet) is the Vanar Sena of the Hampi Empire somewhere in Karnataka and Nakudu himself is Hanuman , D’Leh’s (Rama’s) best friend.

    NakuduHanumanVanar Sena

    Now for the Original Version of Ramayana what might have really happened

    Rama as a Leader of a Nomadic Tribal Clan:

    Phew !!! I just couldn’t sleep for two days at the discovery of probably the most important piece in the JIGSAW puzzle of UnRecorded Pre-History.Here is my description of What might have been the original version of Ramayana which got modified by the various generation of oral story tellers of the tribal groups that descended from the Rama’s tribal.Long after that when Valmiki first thought to capture the tacit legacy of Rama into written form , it became to be known as the original Ramayana.So Valmiki’s ramayana itself was a hugely tainted version of the original Rama’s Legacy.

First Kandam


third Kandam


I am not saying Robert has portrayed Ramayana in it’s truest form, nor I am saying that Ramayana in India is the original one because we have got so many versions of Ramayana in India itself, apart from the other south asian counterparts.

Here are some points to support the fact why 10,000 B.C. looks more closer to real Ramayana

(A) Rama’s legacy dates back long before Indus Valley Civilization , may be during the end of Ice-Age.

(B) There is a strong indication that Rama brought back a lot of happiness back when he returned from his epic journey for truth(perhaps not exile).That truth is the Agriculture.Imagine the stature of a man who would have revolutionized the lives of people by the discovery of Agriculture.He is like God.

(C) Rama’s culture and costumes as represented in Valmiki’s version resembles those of Aryans which is not true; Aryan getup was given to Rama just to keep alive the legacy of Ramayana even in the Post Dasyu period.

(D) Before Valmiki tamed the tacit version of Ramayana , it was told millions of time to each generation;In each generation the Ramayana got slighly modified to suit the tastes of the changing society.

Billa/Don Analogy why remix versions change the story line

Just like our Billa.The old Billa kept a “Billa Diary of Contacts” but if the same diary is used in the 2007 version, people will simply not accept.Also there were many many many many minor changes in the very nature of Don/Billa. SRK’s version showed the cruel Don winning in the end , exactly opposite to the other versions.Similarly , Ajith’s version was suitably modified due to Anbumani Ramadoss.In Ajith’s version Billa never smoked , whereas SRK and Rajini’s version “smoking was the secret of Don’s Energy”.



Regarding the exact location where Ravana (or the Last of the three Atlantian) lived is quite debatable.There is a strong evidence that the Atlantians landed from space on the somewhere in the mediterrainean.With the time passing and the access to the west beyond the Indus became difficult , the story tellers had started refering to the island nation of Lanka instead of the Atlantis or Egypt.

Rama\'s Trail

With so many versions of Ramayana , we also have that many versions of Ayodhya and Lanka like Authuya and Langka in Thai versions.The Lankan architechture probably never belonged to Sri Lanka but Egypt.

Chinese Lankan ArchitechtureHollywood Lanka

It’s not a surprise to see Hollywood being inspired by one of the most compelling stories of all times (which marks the change of man from Hunters to Warriors , Nomads to Farmers , Clans to Empires ) as it has inspired every generation since then.

Contents in the above blog are my views about the original version of Ramayana …Genuine comments are welcome……:)

Also read this on the amazing possibilities of using the indian epics for the good of World Cinema



35 responses to “Hollywood Ramayana

  1. Great blog! I love deep thinkers and UFO stuff! Not certain what to think thou??!
    As a note, check out this blog: http://blogrdie.wordpress.com (not my blog – just found it thru another post) What is the WORLD is this blog all about? Armageddon,(the end of the world), Religions, UFO.s, time Travel, etc… Someone may be smoking something, but it is worth a read! Again good content!

  2. Its not new that hollywood has been inspired by our epics , starwars too is said to be inspired by the same.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, though lot has to be written yet.

  3. Wow!What a research and what an article!
    It was a wonderful expirience to read the article.
    This thing first came to my mind when i finished 3rd part of Harry Potter Series.THe whole book was with some charecters, events, things that i seriously thought how can this happen?
    Hogwarts where students went to learn things isn’t our “Gurukul” concept?
    I have very limited knowledge on english literature but i don’t think this concept was there before.
    Harry,Ron Harmoine can also be reffered as Ram,Sita,Laxman(Though some of my friends will find it weird) wandered around in jungles,castles and found monsters like our own “Rakshash”.
    Keeping the soul in some animals or objects by the monsters is the concept that our holy books contains and can be found in “Chandamama”(Children’s magazine).
    Lots and lots of similarity coming to my mind but don’t hve enough time to write all of them.Will discuss some more things later as i get time.

  4. yes , I agree ..there is a lot of similarity in all these stories indeed ..I saw in Discovery that JK Rowling herself was inspired by vaious mythical or rather epic characters before she clubbed everything into one series of book called “Harry Potter”.

    May be Harry Potter was an aggregation of all the human imagination/Legend everything combined.

  5. hey Guys, this blog has truly pushed me back to my school days when we used to discuss all the fantasies of past including Indus Valley and the Ramayana as it exists in India, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
    Pinastro has fired his imagination to a point where he has taken the reader to the touching and captivating vantage. Kudo to the author for having made this spellbinding and soulsearching c0mparison. It makes me think of our great epics in our languages like Abhijaatashaakuntalam, Meghadoot, kumaarasambhava, stories from Puraanas, Silappadhikaram and Vaddaradhane. They were indeed masterpieces of human conception.
    Ever hungry for more of this from Pinastro. go ever up….

  6. This was a comment given to me by ” Mr.Know it All ” in the Yahoo Answers for the question I raised about Rama’s true nature and gave this link as reference:

    “Hey Rama! You really dig deep don’t ya. YOU KNOW YOU COULD BE 50% right!

    I have no views of the hero personaly, cause, I never met him myself. What is written and rewritten, thousands of times over, is a uncertain version of tales passed on from one generation to another, as in any country or civilization. The tales often grow larger than life, and are often twisted for the benefit of a few to keep control of the masses.

    Now for the Idealism behind the hero can be understood during those times. People were simple and strightforward. They were rather more truthful, principled, at that time. Ram is considered an ideal man. He is always respectul of elders, giving, them all his loyalty and love. He went to exile when his step mom told him to and gave away his kingdom to his younger step bro. without a word of complaint. He only married once, so he was faith ful. He sent his wife in exile, in order to make sure the subjects of his kingdom, would be satisfied, that the queen was not tainted by the Ravana (Personely I think that was a BIG MISTAKE. It made men more intolorant towards women. They felt if Ram can send his wife into exile, for just being kidnapped against her will, then they have the same right, if they even see their wife talking to another man).

    He was considered perfect in every sense, because he was all good. Although many parts will find him at some fault, yet they are covered with explainations. Learned men decided to tout his goodness to ignorant people to keep them in line. Socities are formed on these bases, that man should try to live in harmoney, with all without any selfishness, wickeness towards his relatives or subjects or friends. After all if man couldn’t managed some of it even today, he would be considered a throughback to the days ofthe cave dwellers.

    As for my personal views. A very good man, son, brother, husband (????) well he could have listened to his own heart, instead of a cleaner.A good friend, and a good king. All in all a very good example to generations to come then, and to generatons to come now.

    Personaly Krishna was my favoite. Now here was a prince, who was both good and naughty. He advocated poltics, which even today stand testomoney to his genious. One of the most lovable and dashing heroes of Indian Mythology. Who even today has a very strong grip on people, cause he is more closer to being a human than a god.”

  7. @Himadri , Thanks man for finding my blog to be equal to your standards.

    Hope I make u hungry like this even in my next blogs

  8. Geez man you really went in depth to this… i was simply commenting on the movie in its own nature, not the story as a whole… i like my movies lol.

  9. Hi Pinastro,

    Thanks for inspiration…Read your blog thru Himadri..Really great one to read..

    Lot of research into Ramayan….

    Plz pay visit to sumanthagain.blogspot.com …

  10. Guys i know by all means this blog has no authenticity about the story of RAM.
    Im against people who propogate History in such a bewildered and wrong manner..creating images and maps misleading people totally.

    To know RAM – come here

    Though i agree with Pinastro that the director of 10000BC has copied the basic story of Ramayana. But RAM lived long long before 10000BC, HE lived 1million years ago and the residents of Ayodhya were not tribals. They spoke a very compact sophisticated language called “Sanskrit” which is a better verison of original first script mankind had called “Prakrit”.
    They had chariots made of gold, sophisticated weapons and performed Yagnas…means they were educated

  11. Sorry Pinastro u got it all wrong.

    RAMAYANA is all about how a king should be selfless with reference to his realtives and his subject.
    He sacrificed his Throne, His wife for whom?
    His elders and His won subjects. He didnt marry another woman and lived with another.

    He went through the pain of seperation with his love Sita for His whole life.

    The story begins when a Sage cursed GOD for mistakenly taken life of his wife. He cursed GOD so that even HE would have to live a life like a normal man and be seperated from his concert all His Life.

    Ravana the demon had boon from Brahma -(DemiGOD) that Ravana would not be killed by GOD, animal or demons. Ravan asked Brahma to grant him a boon that he would be killed by a normal man which Ravan thought was merely impossible.

    Rarely anyone would beleive that how GOD can live a life like a normal Human Being…but such strong was the curse and also the will of GOD to come down on earth as a normal man and kill the so called Lord of three worlds – Ravana a Demon

    Sairam! MAHAVISHNU SHIVA RAM KRISHNA ALLAH are all one but same GOD.

    Quran has same concept as in ISHA UPANISHAD. Very few know.

  12. Pinastro even Superman evolved as a story when the writer Alvin Schwartz lived in India during the British Times. They went through a lot of Hindu Scriptures including Ramayana.

    Superman surprisingly has all the characteristcs of Hanuman(especially the flying and no. of times faster on earth) – though Hanuman has more superpowers than Superman.

    Also the color factor as for Superman is green krypton and for Hanuman is red.

    See they were copycats from the begining

  13. Well , thanks for giving your frank opinion about my view about “what might be the Real Ramayana”.
    I also respect your view about Rama as God’s version as Human being , saying Ravana couldn’t be killed by God but only by human beings.

    Well,I am definitely not an pacca atheist but I am also not too religious person either.I pray Rama , Krishna , Murugan,Pilayar(Ganapathy) and Shiva and also Saraswathi just because I have been doing this from my childhood by imitating mom and dad.I still pray to “gods” everyday and go to temple every friday.

    I do believe that their is a spiritual force within us and that is perhaps the real good maker in this world.Other than that there is really No God and No Demons.

    And about the Four Yugas ; Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug which come in cycles…I definitely do not believe in this because I am a very practical person who believes in evidence shown by only science(That does not mean that I do not have any respect for my religious family background).And I think Bad guys always existed and will always be there.There is no increase in the number of Bad Guys as said by the “Yuga” theory

    May be Rama lived far back in 1 million BC , not during 10,000 BC.Please put on your “Scientific Reasoning” hat (if possible) and keep your “Belief Hat” aside(for some minutes) and think about it ……………….The evidence of first civilizations started appearing only around 5000 BC…..when the first Bronze Age civilization appeared only around the time of Harrappa and Mohenjadaro…it’s really quite difficult to imagine the kind of technological advancements before 10000 BC as explained by Valmiki.

    I would like to say that Valmiki’s Ramayana itself was a hugely modified version of the original legacy of Rama [ the first Stone Age innovator of human civilization who changed the lives of human beings from Nomadic to Farmers, while on the journey to find back his love (sita abducted by Aliens) from the Alien dictators who lived in Egypt ]

    Rama ;;;;; Edison of Stone Age times ;;;who became God like due to the nature of Writings which usually were a Hyped ones.

    I am saying …Ravana was perhaps the last Alien rulers on Planet Earth who tried make the human race as their slaves.The only thing is Ravana actually might have lived in some place where they tried to build huge sign posts for their cousins on other planets(which I think should have been Egypt rather than Modern Srilanka).The evidence of Pamban bridge is just a coincidence.

    There’s another way to look Valmiki’s Ramayana; about the very reason why Valmiki wrote down the orally translated versions of Ramayana.

    Aryans came from Europe and conquered the Dasyus which the latter did not like.So Valmiki (chief Rishi of the Aryan Empire) tried to make friends with the Dasyus (the original descendants of Rama) by showing an ‘Aryan’ get-up for Rama and show the dasyu population that Rama himself was an Aryan. Therefore, Ramayana by Valmiki should have been a text written to cool down the growing unrest among the Dasyu population against the Aryan rulers.

    My View about Mahabharata: It was a story of the politics of the Aryan age in India.May be it closely resembled the truth what might have really happened.Mahabharata really happened during the time when it happened.

    Coming back to Ramayana………
    I will insist that you put on your ‘belief’ hat back.I am really not propagating a false view about Ramayana but trying to tell the scientific community that Ramayana was indeed Real………………

    I do take your point that there is a huge similarities between Superman and Hanuman ; but I am really not impressed by your chavunistic statement “See they were copycats from the begining”.

    Remember Graham Bell,Edison,Baird were not the only person who invented Telephone,Bulb,Televison respectively.Only that they were first to report.

  14. Just forgot one more stark coincidence…many rulers in Egypt shared the name of Rama ….Ramseez ….

    And the Egyptian pyramids resemble those of the Hindu Temples …

    There should definitely a link between the Egypt and Ramayana.

  15. Sri grurubhyo namaha.

    Interesting though for while away some time, the story presented is quite flawed. Rama did not make a friendship with hanuman after killing vaali. Hanuman was not the king of kishkinda (the hampi kingdom). It was sugreeva who was vaalis brother that rama made an alliance with. Hanuman and rama are connected eon after eon as shiva and vishnu are connected. Has nothing to do with ‘i’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ psychology.

    The itihasas (epics) like Ramayana or the Mahabharatha are stories whose purpose was to serve as symbolic triggers to aid the memory in understanding the various natural laws in application in this world. They served as symbols to retrive many many layers of sophisticated taught and the pursuit of the truth. Whether they occured in actual histroy as is claimed is immaterial really. Perhaps like with everything a bit of reality is dressed with ample exaggeration to make the material of the story impress on the minds of the lsiteners. Their primary purpose was to aid in the spread of the subtle vedantic concepts and ideas in the world of the common man who did not have the discipline or the inclination to pursue vedanta in its true form.
    What does it matter if the events were true or not? The real meaning of the stories when understood make perfect philosophical and metaphysical sense. That was, is and will be their primary purpose.

  16. Good that you found the fundamental mistakes …
    I was waiting for someone to point it out…yes it was Kishkindha not Hampi ; but I was not aware that I made the mistake in case of sugreeva and Vaali….thanks for pointing it out.

    And yes ….the primary purpose was to propagate righteousness in the society by exaggerating the real events. Something likt about Laxmana ,as you have said , Laxmana was able to recognize only the toe rings and nothing else…..I personally believe this is just too much of exaggeration…made by the storytellers to teach the masses about the right way to live in the society…….

    Even the Deergha Ramayana ( don’t remember , who wrote it) ,where Sita was doubted for her cleaness (or virginity) after the Yudh Kanda,was perhaps written by a male chauvnist who wanted all women to be controlled within the houses.
    Again an exaggeration of real events to show the masses “What is Right , What is Wrong”.

    The epics (exagerated versions of some small but inspiring incidents) were the Constitution of old times.

  17. Srigurubhyo namaha.
    Actually I didnt say your mentioning Hampi was a mistake – todays Hampi (and more) is what was known as Kishkinda.

    To be very honest, the original puranas (the itihasas or epics are a different class) which were 18 in number were all revealed through someone known as Suta. This suta is not one person – it is a title, like say the europeans use the Bard. The suta were of the charioteer class of society but were highly respected as they studied the vedas and were highly advanced spiritually. Most importantly these sutas were under oath to speak only the truth!!This is the primary reason for the status they enjoyed. A kings personal bard would ofcourse write history that throws favourable light on his own king. He might exaggerate things here and take away things there etc to favour his king and personal agenda. The suta however was forbidden that. Like the Irish bards who opted death rather than write false stories glorifying certain kings, the sutas too have uttered only truth in their narrations.
    The errors and exaggerations creep in only through the bashyas,commentaries, lectures etc on these original texts which are quite subtle in how they convey the truth they are on about. Then more ‘populist’ versions are spawned which would obviously carry the influence of the era,the moral code then etc. But the bulk of it remains eternal – sanatana.
    If one intends to find the real meaning of these works, then a thorough grasp of the language and the subtle metaphors etc is essential. Then plenty of time and a capacity to meditate on the things mentioned to try and take the essence by transcending the outer dressing.
    regarding the story about lakshmana and the toe rings, the beauty lies in the poetry and the emotion and virtue they are trying to picture. The moral message may or may not be accepted by the masses at large (as the moral codes keep swinging like the eternal pendulum in space) at any given time. But that is not their aim – to brain wash people. They just planted these higher and finer ideals in the minds of people to at least even bring them the awareness that there is way more here than their own small worlds.
    It is relative to the feelings produced in one in the modern day when he/she sees a picture of the earth from space where his/her world looks like a tiny dust particle suspended in a sunbeam. Thats all these stories and verses go to create – humilty and perspective.

  18. I must have done some great deed to receive comments like these…….I can get your point .

    There is one thing I can see , we both have similar thoughts but the way we think are different in various aspects.

    I am not aware of your profession, but you look to be a very religious.I am into IT , web 2.0 to be precise.I think the remix of mythology and web 2.0 (computers) can be best exemplified in the following blog


  19. Sri gurubhyo namaha.
    Indeed I am familiar with krishashok’s blog and the post in question.
    Though I can completely enjoy the lighter side of things and the remix editions of old style thoughts, I still think a lot of indian people of the new generation fail to see the merit of their ancestors thought and philosophy as there are’nt many today who would have the knowledge to explain things properly (rather than say our pattis used to say this and we never questioned!).
    Though that is not my profession, I try to be as useful as possible in explaining these texts, etc.
    I am sprititual, and I dont mind the tag ‘religious’ though I am certainly not a fanatic.
    visit my blog http://www.mooligaisidhan.blogspot.com for more thoughts,views, commentaries etc.

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  22. I saw the movie a couple of days ago and have this impression that they never really crossed the Red Sea, going straight somewhere that resembles modern Sudan. Perhaps the mountain they live at in the movie was Mount Kenya? This whole Hollywood story is so crazy because Smilodons (Saber-toothed tigers) are originally from the Americas while the Moa (if that was one – the beak was a little to small) is from New Zealand. I believe that was in fact a terror bird which is also from South America (like the Smilodon).

    Regardless it was very neat to find your post. The story definitely seems inspired on Ramayana more than anything else.

  23. Nice Research. When I first saw the movie I was also thinking about similarities between 10000 BC and Ramayana. One thing that strikes me is that why Scientists havent been able to solve the mystery of the 3 great pryamids of Egypt.

    Neither do we know who built them, nor was that feature replicated. If Egyptians were good pyramid builders, then they would have mastered the skill and would have built even bigger better pyramids in latter years – they couldnt do that.

    Some people believe that the 3 pyramids were covered in Shiny metal so that it could be seen from space. (resemble the Orion Belt).

    From the Ramayana front many people believe that Lanka meant either Cambodia or Sumatra – There have been known cases of pyramids (though now they look like Stupas) there. Also There are big pyramids in Mexico which defy logic. Maybe some alien/unknown race members were wiped out at the end of the ice age and those were their last signs …

  24. I got the same feeling as pinastro while watching the movie. It seems impractical that things like huge weapons, gold chariots etc. existed a million years ago.
    The ramayana as in the literature would have never taken place. If at all something similar to ramayana really happened it would be more or less like pinastro described.
    This true ramayana would have been manipulated and exaggerated over the generations. Ramayana was then used to teach ethics and morals to people, so obviously they had to idealise the characters of main protagonists and that is what we learn today.
    One tribe taking other tribe as slaves was common in those days. So surely one man among them would have fought to get his love back and due to his success he became popular.
    The dangerous animals unknown to man were in those days described as demons.
    One more movie like this is “apocalypto”. Its a great movie and better than 10 000 BC.
    You can watch “The Man from Earth” where a 14000 year old man explains how history is only an exaggerated and fancier account of the truth.

  25. Your post inspired me to watch the movie.

    I am a strong believer of spirituality and discussions on mythology interest me. I have written a post in my blog, referring your post


    The logical part of my brain forces me to believe what pinastro has described here. But, i dont seriously care about the truth. I have enjoyed the epic, the movie and importantly your post. I have learnt from all of them.

    Like poorna commented, Apocalypto is on similar lines and is a better movie.

    I have downloaded The Man from Earth and will watch it soon.

  26. Nice research indeed..

  27. But I must ask Pinastro why is he so much inspired by a Hollywood flick that he demands that what have been portrayed in the movie are all have bases as well as have connection with the epic……It was just another movie and I think it has nothing to do with the Ramayana.

  28. hey pinastro,
    i read ur blog, various comments u got (ddnt read some long one thoroughly, yet…) its interesting, and happy to see someone thinking different…

    but i do agree with the above comment… from what u described abt the hollywod movie, i do not think it has something to do with ramayana. in fact, if you look a bit deep, you can see that most of the legends and myths seems to have somewhat a similar nature… does it strike you anything when you compare iliad and ramayana?

    anyway, i thought i’d rather offer some thoughts, that might be interesting, sometimes…

    we knw the aryans invaded indian subcontinent long ago, almost the same time that the hellenic people conquered greece… in fact i have read that both Hellenic and Aryans were same tribes, who traveled in two directions across Mediterranean, with their cattle…

    so what if, rama was indeed an aryan prince, who was sent in exile by some royal family-rows, and during his trip had some brush ups with the tribal kingdoms and local ones. kishkindha, being one of the most powerful kingdoms of south, he befriends the exiled prince Sugreeva and helps him regain the throne. thus he gets a powerful ally. and the next target could be Lanka, ruled by dravidas/local tribes now named as Asuras. (and the court-poets always sings in favour of king.)

    i dont know where you are from, but in malayalam, i had once read a story named ‘kishkindha’ which follows the story of two young vanaras and their life adventures inside kishkindha, in the backdrop of rama-ravana war. and there is a suggestion (an intelligent imagination by the writer, i say) that an Asura tradesman, who lives by selling jewels and lankan made dress materials to kishkindhan women, remarks that “the trade and everything has stopped now, due to the war; the excellent relation that kishkindha had once with lanka is now in shatters”…

    also, i saw some has remarked that weapons and technology migh not exist back then, but i think there is a fair chance. i dont think the suggestions in our myths are pure imagination, pushpak and such machines might have some base in facts… after all, even mohan jadaro and harappa were very civilized, so what if there was a very advanced civilization before a long ago, which is, due to some unknown reason, wiped out completely/somewhat??

    mahabharatha says that mayan -the architect from Indra’s kingdome, built the indraprastham fom pandavas. and recent excavations and studies shows that the Mayan culture of north america were excellent in architectural knowledge. there are lot of clues…

    anyways, thanks for writing up all those notions, it inspired my grey matter quite a bit 🙂 …

  29. Great and very informative. Keep it up

  30. Great and very informative. Keep it up. I think after a losts ore f problem we are moving towards religion. Definitely Hoolywood/world gets a lot of ideas from Indian Sprituality…and some of them convert it in money:)

  31. ya gteat one……quite similar thinking as myself….very good research u have done here

  32. After some exhaustive research, I have reached to a conclusion that versions of Ramayana exists in many languages, including Annamese, Balinese, Bengali, Cambodian, Chinese, Gujarati, Javanese, Kannada, Kashmiri, Khotanese, Laotian, Malaysian, Marathi, Oriya, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Santhali, Sinhalese, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, etc. In Sanskrit itself there are 25 different versions. According to A. K. Ramanujam, more than 300 tellings of Ramayana exist.

    Each has newer dimensions, more fascinating than the other.

    Read them in reverse order here- http://souravroy.com/?s=too+many+ramayanas

  33. hey there,
    what type of nonsense is this. Ramayana original is valmiki written dated back to atleast 500 bce. definetly Rama period is before that. First you read there and then talk. This blog seems to be written by some fool , yes literally foolish person.

  34. m k p -2 r j a k -2 8051

  35. your under standing of ramayana is worng
    in your life time it is not possible to understand life of RAMA.
    and the meaning of RAMA.
    try to find the meaning of RAMA u will defiently understand ramayan.

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